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Google Posts and its Benefits

What is google posts and how to use google posts?

Google posts are of 100-300 words that can also have an image or video along with it. Google gives the facility to create these posts for free. Using Google posts you can highlight your sales, brand or any business events. You must regularly keep posting on your GMB page because posts get expired every 7 days, apart from an event.

Any user can look at your posts in the overview section of your Google My Business page. With the help of left and right scrolling, the user can view up to 10 posts by you. To see all the posts, one simply has to click on “posts”. You can even add a “call to action” in your post.

In order to create these google business posts, you must have a Google My Business page for your business. You can easily manage your online presence with the google posts for business. When these google my business posts appear in the search results, they come up in a knowledge panel, this makes it visually appealing.

create google post

Benefits of Google posts

In the times of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, why would anyone use google as a social media platform? You can always post on social media platforms about your business. But there are some advantages that the traditional social media platforms will not give you, such as-


  • Search Friendly

When a user searches for a business, Google posts appear in the search results and Google maps. Thus when a user will search for your business, your business address and contact number will also appear on the right-hand side of search results. The address and contact details will be the primary information for your local searchers. When browsing on a mobile, 50% of users will visit the store on the same day or the next day.


  • Your reach will expand

Google is always ahead in the race of search engine results, even ahead of Facebook search queries. As per the data by Adweek, on an average, there are around 3.5 billion searches per day on Google, whereas 2 billion searches per day are an average on Facebook. Moreover, for any local needs, 82% of users trust search engines for any information.


  • Keyword Search

Through google posts, you can use your keywords to target certain specific audiences. This audience will specifically be the users that are searching for your services. These users already know what exactly are they looking for, thus they are more likely to convert into a client or customer and call you. Whereas, Facebook targets users with specific interests to attract potential customers.


  • Impact on your ranking

The ultimate goal of Google is to provide the most relevant information to its users based on the search query. When you update google posts google my business, you share a relevant content about your local business. This helps in developing your local authority. And better authority will improve your ranking on SERPs. The better rank you have, higher will you appear on Google SERP and get more site traffic.

example of cta on google posts


  • Directly connect with your customers

Including a CTA button in your google posts will help in converting users to customers. In an article by Neil Patel, the human mind looks for a call to action button. In his words, “Our minds are prepared for and are expecting an experience of being called to act and have already decided that there will be a CTA. We know that expectation affects behavior. That’s why people know to act on the CTA. They aren’t staring at the CTA button wondering what it is. They know its a button they are being asked to click.”

CTA on google posts example-

  1. Booking a reservation
  2. Newsletter signup
  3. Learn more about an offer
  4. Call now


  • Backlinks

It is a well-known fact that backlinks have a huge impact on organic search results. Good and attractive google posts content engage maximum users and provide links to your website. You can include the pages of your site in your google posts as well. This way users can easily find a page on your link.

Google posts SEO

Google posts can help to enhance your overall SEO strategy. Posting on Google will help in getting more organic clicks to your site. Let’s see how google posts help in your SEO efforts-

  1. CTA buttons help to build your page rank
  2. You can improve the traffic to different content types on your site
  3. Include a link to a form on your site to collect user details or improve traffic to pages such a blog on your website.

Keep posting fresh content on google posts so that users visit your website again and again. When users will have maximum interaction with your google posts, your rankings will improve as a “behavioral signal”. It is one of the 8 Google local search ranking factors. As the click-through rate from your GMB page will increase, the behavioral signal will improve.

Voice engine optimization

According to a study, seeing the advancement of voice search, 50% of searches will be done by voice by 2020. Thus you must not forget to include google posts in your voice search optimization. It is believed that the voice search will be done 3 times more on mobile platforms other than the other platforms. Mobile voice searches give you the option to look at the top results. Thus if you include outstanding visuals and content in your Google posts, it might be possible that your target clients might choose you over your competitors.

voice search trends

Image Source: VoiceBot

The market share of Google for smart speakers is about 26.9%. Google Assistant has the maximum percentage of correctly answered questions according to a study by Stone Temple in 2018. Google has the maximum ability to overpower its competitors and improve its market share in the field of voice assistants.

Google post services

We at Web Design Plus SEO can provide the best google post services for your local business. We offer a 30 post service that will be done on a daily basis. We write only unique content for every post so that the local relevance of your local business will boost. These posts are well-optimized so that you rank higher on google. Contact us for details.

30 days seo challenge - learn seo

30 Days SEO Marketing Challenge – Learn SEO Guide for more sales and traffic

This challenge assumes you already have some kind of website, hopefully not the free kind that does not lets you properly edit the content. WordPress is the best system to have and use (our examples will be based on this) but others like Squarespace, Wix, and Joomla are a good start. If you have an older site that doesn’t allow you to edit your site, this challenge may not be for you and contact us for a new website.

Stepping into the 21st century is already a challenge in itself for many businesses who fail to see the direction of marketing and how important is growth and sustainability. Younger generations are more used to certain styles of websites and navigation. Thus, sticking to old ways and thinking your business is the exception will send you to failure.

If you need any assistance with any of these steps, don’t hesitate to send us an email and we will try and help or at least point you in the right direction. Youtube has tons of videos for almost all different kinds of websites. You can also just contact us to do all the work for you as well.

To join the challenge go here:

Local Business Listing

1. Register on or claim your Google My Business Page: (Google Maps info)

2.  Claim or Register the major citations: Some popular citations are Yellow Pages, FourSquare, Yelp, Merchant Circle. There are hundreds on these but let’s start here. Fill these out as completely as possible including images of your location, products or whatever you can do describe your business.

3. Sign up for Google analytics and search console: This is how you track your traffic, progress and any possible search errors on your website.

4. Register your business on Facebook: Complete your profile with your contact info, basic services, location, and number, along with at least 2 posts.

Keyword and Competitor Research

5. Competitor research: Type in your ideal keyword or industry plus your city name in Google. The top 5 are probably going to be your biggest competition to worry about. Study their website, content, page titles, they are ranking well so they must be doing something right.

6. Keyword research: A good place to start is see what your competition is using in their titles and in their content. You can also look up Google’s Keyword Planner which gives great ideas for keywords and related keywords.

7. Edit page titles: Probably one of the most overlooked issues that can make your site rank very quickly. The basic structure of your titles should be your “keyword + city (if not already in your keyword) – (yes dash) your company name and if there is space another keyword or supplemental information to describe your business.

8. Alt tags or image tags: This basically means alternate text, this is what Google actually reads. It would be great if Google had eyes and knew exactly what our photo was about but it cant so this text tells your story. Normally you would add whatever your main keywords are in the alt tag area.

SEO Meta Tags

9. Meta tags: This is basically a short description of your pages. A homepage is a general description and other are more specific to that page. Always make sure include keywords and city if you’re trying to get local traffic.

10. Content writing: Your homepage is the most important page as that is the one that gets most of the traffic. You want to make sure it has at least 400 words which should include your keywords plus mention your city several times.

11. Be active on social media: On Instagram, add friends and potential clients. Give them some likes and comments. Add new images of your products or services. Do this also on your facebook page. Indulge in more and more social media activities to promote your business. Make sure to share your website to start getting traffic. Try to do this at least 2-3 times a week.

12. Ask clients for reviews: Send them to your Yelp and especially Google My Business Page. Everyone searches for stuff on Google, especially for local businesses, and that is where the first 3 sites show up. Business with reviews looks best.

13. Url structure: It is very important that your URLs include your keyword as that is part of what Google looks for. Make sure to change your page names to help in being found.

14. Write blogs or additional content pages: Although you may think that you are not a blogger but, content really just brings traffic. This traffic may not even lead to a sale but google will see you as an authority in your field which helps you rank.

15. Internal links: Within your content, put links to other pages, this helps pass what we call “link juice” to other pages.

Create Quality Backlinks

16. Get backlinks: If you are a part of any chamber of commerce, groups or have friends with a website, get a link from them. If your friends happen to be a competitor those are the best links, sounds crazy but that’s what they want.

17. Improve old content: Google hates “thin pages”. These are basically pages with just images and one sentence. They like to see at least 400 words per page.

18. Sitemaps: This step is very important because this basically tells Google the structure of your website. It tells that your site starts here and these are the subpages. Google will check this often to see what’s new.


Join the challenge

19. If you have not done so already, create a youtube channel: I know you may be scared now but putting a face to your business is great. It does has to be long. Things like a virtual tour, your process or even just live demos of your products are good. Share this on social media and add to your website.

20. Add social links to your website: Add logos and links to your social media profiles.

21. Mobile friendliness of your website: Although this step is hard to fix on some older sites there are ways to create mini sites that redirect to a mobile version of your site. Google prefers just having a responsive site, i.e. a site that adjusts properly to the device or screen size.

22. Site speed: Do a speed test on sites like Pingdom. Google wants your site to load in under 2 seconds. Sometimes this can be tough depending on the type of site you have but there are ways to fix this. Google Page Speed insights pretty much can tell you exactly what they want from you.

23. Speed up your website: If you’re a WordPress user, things like cache plugins reduce the need to reload all of your site’s data once stored in the browser. This reduced the reload time. Another quick fix is plugins like smush that compress image size, as that is normally one of the biggest factors in loading your site.

24. UI or design of your site: I know you may not be a designer but try and use appealing and quality images that relate to your business. The basic home page should be like the following: Menu, nice image header, call to action (what you want them to do, like a call, fill out a form), services, products and in the footer area your address, links, faq, policies etc.

25. Email marketing: Put together a quick newsletter and push them to your website and ask for referrals. Include blog topics, social media icons.

26. Get more citations: This is something that you started on day 2 but this is very powerful to help rank and get more traffic from all the major directories. You can find a list here of more sites where you can put your information. Remember Google likes links and this is free backlinks to your website.

27. Google Adwords: This is a great way to get instant traffic. You basically create some ads which are just text page, basically, a short description of your company, enter some keywords, set your monthly budget and when someone clicks on your add google takes a cut.

28. Facebook ads: This is same as above but with a twist. It targets more on a specific type of audience vs someone who is looking for a specific item.

29. SSL protect your website: This makes your website safer for people and browsers. Browsers like Chrome actually penalize you and tell people your site is not secure which scares people away. SSL also gives your website a boost in rankings partially due to above reasons.

30. Review your google analytics and search console: This part may be a bit confusing but there are many videos to help with this.

Hopefully, if you have done these works correctly, you should already start to see more traffic. It is important to see how you are doing. This not only makes you sure that you’re improving but also gives you an insight into how people are finding you, what terms they are finding you for and also their demographic info like mac, pc, desktop, and mobile.

Above is the basic break down of what you will be learning, to sign up go here: 30 Days SEO Challenge


150+ 2018 Google Ranking Factors to get to #1 spot! 1

150+ 2018 Google Ranking Factors to get to #1 spot!

If your a serious marketer, SEO Agency or handle your own website, here is a long list of 150+ 2018 Google Ranking factors to help your website get to the top of the Google SERPs.

Getting a website made is not enough to get you noticed by your target audience. You also have to work towards making your site noticed and ranked by Google. When your site will start appearing in SERPs, then only will you get your desired site traffic.


If you do not work towards enhancing your site visibility on SERPs, your competitors may go even more ahead of you and you might have to put in double the efforts in covering the gap. There might be many negative impacts on your business as well, like:

  1. Not many people may know about your business. Thus your users may not increase.
  2. Your goal of getting increased sales may not be fulfilled because when a user will search for something on Google, your site will not appear.
  3. If your site is not being ranked, you will not be in the competition. Thus your business may stand still at the same place for a long time.
  4. No matter how good offers or discounts you are willing to give in your business if your website doesn’t rank it will all go to waste because no one will know about it.
  5. If this situation continues and you are not getting any sale increase, you may have to shut down your business.

There’s no point getting a website made and just sitting back and waiting for users to come to you own their own.
You also have to work towards increasing the visibility of your site. You have to work on the following factors to get your site on the top of the Google search page ranking:

  • Site Level Factors
  • Backlink Factors
  • Brand Signals
  • Page-Level Factors
  • Domain Factors
  • User Interaction
  • Special Algorithm Rules
  • Social Signals
  • On-Site WebSpam Factors
  • Off Page WebSpam Factors

We will be discussing more about these factors in our article in detail.

Site Level Factors

  1. Domain Trust/TrustRank: The closer your site is to a highly-trusted seed site, the better your page ranking.
  2. Server Location: Depending on where the site is viewed, server location may influence page rankings. Especially true for geo-specific searches.
  3. Site Architecture: Google can better organize content category and theme of a well-built website.
  4. (more…)

Blogging and content writing for your business website

Blogging and content writing for your business website

Blogging and content writing for your business website is a concept too often overlooked. You have a great responsive website, mobile friendly, and now you think people will find you. If you think your job is done, well, think again! You need a blog and content, and you need it on a regular basis. Blogging and content writing are important for various reasons.

Blogging and content writing for expertise


Social media marketing for your business in 2018 is a must

Why your business needs a social media marketing in 2018

Stuck in the past

Some business owners, usually older businesses are reluctant about social media marketing use for their business and believe it to be non-important. Well they are dead wrong for two very important reasons. Reason number one, that’s where your clients and prospects are spending a majority of their time. Reason number two is simply because Google says so and Google rules internet searches. (more…)

The Power of Social Media Marketing Web Design and SEO

The Power of Social Media Marketing

1: Defining social media marketing
2: Understanding why you need social media for your business
3: The 8 steps to creating a social media strategy plan
4: How can you track ROI with social media marketing
Firstly, social media is not going anywhere. So, the only decision you need to make is to embrace it. Therefore, accept all that it can offer your business or dismiss it. Also, it can let your competition run you out of business while they increase their social media presence. However, understand that you do need a social media marketing plan. Furthermore, Posting pictures on your personal page and handling a business social media pages are far from being the same.
Probably, consumers are already online shopping and interacting with brands. So, why not yours!
Power of Social Media Marketing
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Social Media Marketing is a form of marketing that delivers promotional marketing messages to the consumers with the help of internet. Also, Social Media Marketing involves the use of web-based channels to promote company’s brand, products, or services to its potential customers. Hence, The methods and techniques used for online marketing include email, social media, display advertising, search engine optimization, and more. Thus, Social Media Marketing helps in taking your business to great heights.

The Power of Social Media Marketing lies in the following benefits-

  • Increases brand awareness

Since Social Media has an immense reach, marketing on social media will help you address a larger audience base and attract your potential customer base.

  • Drives more traffic to your website

As you create a social media profile, you instantly enter within the range of your potential users. Furthermore, Social Media Marketing is all about adopting promotional strategies that directly help in driving more traffic to your website.

  • Your ranking increases on the search engines

When you hire a skilled SEO Service provider, they make all possible efforts in increasing your ranking in the search engines. Hence, Once your ranking increases you automatically start getting more customers.

  • More users become your customers

When a user visits your Social Media page and gets to know about your services, he will visit your website as well. Thus, This needs a proper Social Media Marketing Strategy to promote your brand.

  • A loyal customer base

People these days use Social Media to give their reviews or compliments on your brand. Therefore, The more your brand will be talked about the more customer base will get attracted to you.

  • Social media marketing is inexpensive

Since Creating an account on any social media platform is absolutely free. Also, It takes hardly 10 minutes to create a profile. So, When your profile starts engaging users, you can use the paid services of various platforms to reach a vast audience. Furthermore, It is comparatively cheaper than print media.

Why Do I Need SEO 2

Why Do I Need SEO

Good SEO services are just like the cherry on the cake when used with web design. Nicely done seo will make sure your site drives maximum traffic and has maximum visibility on all leading search engines. No matter how good the design on your website is if your site is not noticed, it is a waste. 

Web design also is important for your site. The motive for web design and seo may conflict at times. The prime focus of web design is to use clear and user-engaging text. Whereas SEO services focus on the use of proper keywords on your website. 

In web design, interactive and creative media like images and videos are used to attract users. While SEO services focus on the excellent use of words in your website content.

Just creating a website will not bring your site visitors. Marketing and advertising is important to make your site in the limelight. SEO services are the best way to do this!

How much to spend on marketing and advertising?

You can set up a separate percentage of your gross revenue for marketing. This way you can easily adjust your budget as per your revenue. The U.S. Small Business Administration gives the recommendation to use 7 to 8 percent of your gross revenue for marketing and advertising. If you have a startup, a budget of 2 to 3% of your revenue will also do. Seo services

Many of us know what SEO is but hardly thought about why we need SEO Services. So, I did the analysis and found that Search Engine Optimization brings online success to my company. SEO helps me in the following ways:

1) To Keep Up With Industry of Search Engines

SEO keeps my company updated with the search engine industry. It is important that my website gets listed on Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Thus, SEO will work on various algorithms and rules of different search engines to get my company at the top of searches. Accordingly, SEO Company takes care of Content Management Services and Website Designing of my Company to improve the ranking. This is a continuous process. For example, if SEO Company knows that Google looks for the actual textual content of a web page and link popularity then it recommends the required changes in my website.

2) SEO Submits My Website Professionally

SEO Company manually submits my website, professionally and wisely. Search engines do not properly recognize automated submission. The SEO runs ranking reports to show where my website is positioned in different search engines. It makes necessary changes to the site and resubmits as per the need, to improve my website ranking.

3) SEO Gives Traffic Analysis

traffic analysis

SEO provides me the detailed site traffic report. The report tells my company the quality of the traffic and where it comes from. This is key information that lets my company effectively calculate Return on Investment (ROI). With online search and sales increasing every year, my company needs an SEO for work efficiency.

4) SEO Services Save My Time and Money

Doing SEO sounds and means doing a lot of work, round the clock. Can we do that? Even when my company hires staff for SEO work, the expenses incurred on the staff including health benefits, vacation, retirement plans, etc are much more than what my company pays an SEO Services provider company for search engine promotion. I would rather save than spend more and buy peace of mind. Moreover, the increased traffic and exposure and, thereby the income generated by the SEO compensate the investment manifold.


You should keep in mind some important points when you decide to go for seo services for your site: 

web design and SEO Services

  1. Good keyword selection is a crucial part. Use keywords in the main sections of your page like the page title, headings, and metadata. Keyword analysis lets you know the best keywords your competitor is ranking for. Choose good keywords because users will find your site with these keywords.
  2. Always use alt tags for all your images. Search engines and blind site visitors can “read” your images with such tags.
  3. Use letters and words in your url instead of any random number to make it user-friendly.