simple seo tips

How to keep SEO Simple – 3 Strategies to Keep You Cool in Tough Situations

Gone are those days when sneaky techniques are meant to deceive search engines. Nowadays Google is continuously updating its algorithms to ensure that


google posts

Google Posts and its Benefits

What is google posts and how to use google posts? Google posts are of 100-300 words that can also have an image or



Rank and Rent – A Basic Guide

Rank and Rent SEO is a widely used tactic today to generate more sales for local businesses. Rank and rent is a technique


local seo

Local SEO – 2019 Guide And Benefits

Local SEO is a smart way to effectively target your local audience and boost up your sales and profits. The amount of time


how much to pay for seo

How Much Should You Be Paying For SEO?

How Much Should You Be Paying For SEO? Search Engine Optimization (SEO) focuses on improving your search results to get you found on


hire a seo consultant

How to hire a seo consultant – 8 Basic steps

When you hire a SEO consultant for your business, there might be many questions running in your mind like: Who to hire? Where


30 days seo challenge - learn seo

30 Days SEO Marketing Challenge – Learn SEO Guide for more sales and traffic

This challenge assumes you already have some kind of website, hopefully not the free kind that does not lets you properly edit the


google penguin update

All About Google Penguin Update 2012-2019

What is Google Penguin Update? Google Penguin was launched in 2012 with the motive of stopping spammy links find their way top the


voice search

The Guide For Voice Search SEO 2019

If Google has a voice search option, it must be for some reason! No doubt many people prefer writing their query in the


niche review sites

Best Niche Review Sites For Every Business Category

Online reviews always help in boosting up your business, You also get to know what more your customers expect from you. Good reviews