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Top 7 Reasons SEO Web Design is Important

Digital marketing calls for investment for your strategy to work. Most of the time, business owners make the mistake of overseeing the importance of investing in SEO web design.

Your website design plays a crucial role in search engine optimization for a higher conversion rate. The reason why marketers often oversee the impact of SEO web design in their business because the margins aren’t scalable.

While it’s true that this SEO technique is intangible and takes a lot of effort to make it work, professional marketers swear it’s worth the investment.

We’re going to talk about why web design is important for your business.

7 Reasons Why SEO Web Design is Important

Higher Conversion Rates

higher conversion rate and salesHaving an SEO friendly website means your website is also conversion rate optimized. It does not only attract people to your website, but it also helps close the sale. It turns your organic traffic into sales.

When you’re website is sporting an SEO web design, it means your audience can efficiently navigate themselves through your site. This makes it easier for your customers to make an action, such as schedule a call or purchase your product.

Good Attention

Referrals are everything in marketing, and 44% of your audience will tell about their website experience to their friend. Taking into account, user experience is extremely important, or else your visitors won’t go back to the website.

80% of visitors check out a business or product reviews before making a purchase. In other words, any tinge of bad reputation will cost your business’s sales.

Social Media Traffic

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An SEO website design does not only make your website visible on search engines, but it maximizes your visibility in every online aspect, including social media. Your site needs to have strategically positioned social media widgets, so it’s easier for your readers to share.

When your audience shares an article or a post from your website, its impact is more powerful than a paid advertisement as it’s a personal recommendation.

This does not directly help you rank better in search engines, like Google, but it aids you in building brand awareness. In addition, it increases website traffic as well.

Attracts Clients

Your SEO web design gives you an edge in attracting new and returning clients to the website. Ultimately, you become more visible in the eyes of your target audience.

Optimizing your site design means it loads faster than average. If it takes five seconds for your website to completely open, you’re losing to the competition every second.

Visitors are the people who found your site from other websites, and if you aren’t providing them visuals in the second they click your link, you may have probably lost them forever.

It goes without saying, speed is one of the major factors that affect your business’s sales and revenue.

Customer experience

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When someone opens your website, you’re giving them a customer experience. Depending on how you’re building the site, it could be a good one or a bad one.

Optimized website design has consistency, one page is connected to the other. Overall, it gives a pleasant user experience.

If your site isn’t optimized, it makes users distracted. The text, color scheme, and font size should have uniformity. Or else your navigation becomes ineffective.

Lead the users through your site’s content, product features, prices, and samples. You’re feeding them valuable information without your audience aimlessly wandering around the page.

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Organic search traffic

These are results from search engines that aren’t paid advertisements. Organic search contributes to over fifty percent of the traffic on the internet.

A lot of people trust websites from organic results than paid ones. Websites that are at the top of the page means it provides value to the searcher.

Maximizes Ad results

If you plan on subscribing to Facebook ads or Ad Words, you need to have an SEO web design ready to back it up. These ads direct visitors to your website, and having an optimized website seals the deal.

Maximizing your ad ROI gives you a big win in the marketing game, and it reduces client acquisition costs. Paying for ads that don’t give you conversion just because your website isn’t user-friendly is a waste of resources.

Redesign Your Website With Us

We’re a team of specialized digital marketing experts with over a decade of individual experience. We want to help you build a website that ranks and sells.

Our team understands the importance of SEO web design, and we want to use of marketing strategy for your business. If you’re looking for a team of professionals to redesign your website for higher conversion rates, you’re in the right place.

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