Google Plus For Business, Top 4 Reasons Why You Should Use It 1

Google Plus For Business, Top 4 Reasons Why You Should Use It

Infographic: Top 4 Reasons Why You Should Use Google Plus For Your Business

Google Plus for business is a very important part of SEO for a business’ web development. If your business does not have a Google Plus business page you must create one today. A Google Plus page for business is the most important platform for SEO (search engine optimization) because it is owned by Google. This page will help you rank higher in the search engines.

Google Plus For Business

Here are the top 4 reasons why you should use Google Plus for business:

Owned by Google

Google owns Google Plus for Business

Your business page gets indexed by search engines because Google owns Google Plus. This page is very important for your business SEO.


Very easy and inexpensive

Your Google Plus business page allows your customers and prospects to find you locally through Google search. Most searches on Google Plus are for local physical addresses, reviews, and telephone number. This makes it great for local SEO as well.


Shows you are trustworthy

Having Google Plus reviews sets you apart from the competition when you come up in searches. As a result, it shows clients and prospects you are a real business and trustworthy to work with.  Hence, this will allow you to close more deals.

Increase SEO

Generate more data

Google owns Google plus. Thus, it crawls your  Google Plus Page more. So the more data available on Google Plus, the more SEO exposure you can get. Therefore, create your Google Plus business page and stay active on the platform.

In conclusion, Google Plus for business is a must and creating a Google Plus business page is important but it is also a small part of your business SEO and web development efforts. If you are not sure how to appropriately set up your Google Plus business page feel free to contact us and we will be happy to help.

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Top 9 best social media platforms for your business 2

Top 9 best social media platforms for your business

social media platforms

Top 9 best social media platforms for your business

Social media platforms are no longer for personal use only. Now, businesses and brands use social media as a part of their customer nurturing, client acquisition, marketing, and branding. A business, whether a small business or big corporation cannot afford to not be on social media platforms. [easy-tweet tweet=”SEO, search engine optimization now highly ranks social.” user=”WebDesignNseo” hashtags=”socialmediaplatforms”]. Hence, the more engaged you are on your social media platforms, the better your social proof and ranking. So, here are the 9 best social media platforms to use for your business or brand:


Facebook Fan PageUndoubtedly, Facebook is by far the biggest social media platforms. It is not only popular for personal use but for business as well. also, Facebook allows you to create a Facebook business page. They have also introduced a “Facebook local” option which is great for local businesses and local SEO. Thus, Every business should use their Facebook business page to engage with clients and prospects. So, use your page to share company news, valuable industry related information, behind the scenes pictures, new product launch, and more. Therefore, your business must have an updated Facebook business page and is not an option but mandatory.


Twitter PageTwitter allows you to connect with your clients and prospects in 140 characters. It is the platform for businesses to communicate live with their followers; like texting. Using Twitter for business gives your company or brand a personal interaction. You can also use Twitter to advertise specials, events, company news, and more.


Google Plus PageAlthough Google+ is not so much used as a social media platform it cannot be ignored by businesses due to SEO ranking. The platform is owned by Google, the biggest online search engine. For a business, especially local business not to have an updated business Google+ page is just an SEO no, no. Share professional information on this platform; videos are also great here.


Business on PinterestYes, Pinterest is not just for clothes and food recipes. Pinterest is actually one of the biggest growing social media platforms and underused by businesses and brands. Pinterest can be utilized by any type of business, not only because it now allows direct shopping options but for its SEO power. If you don’t have a business Pinterest page, get one today.


Business with SnapchatOkay, Snapchat is a tricky one, but it has grown greatly in 2016. Businesses and brands use it for behind the scenes updates, quick look at new product launches and just checking in videos. Snapchat does have a millennial audience so if that is your target, open an account immediately.


LinkedIn is the social media platform for professionals. You need to have a personal page and a business LinkedIn page. It is the place for more professional content and serious conversations. Your personal page should be current and your business page should be updated with fresh content. The SEO power of LinkedIn is also big, so don’t miss out.


Instagram for BusinessInstagram is all about images so get creative and share breathtaking pictures. You could share product images, people interacting with your products, behind the scenes, and more. Instagram is very visual and all about the hashtags. Your business should connect with influencers, connect with their followers, and use geotagging for local SEO.


Youtube for businessYouTube is all about videos and people have even created TV channels for their brands and business on it. Think about it, you can create hundreds of videos and host them for free. Also, let’s not forget Google, the biggest online search engine owns the platforms, making it an SEO must. You can record mini “how to” videos, commercials, etc. Thus, every business needs to have a YouTube channel and create some quality videos for it.


Business with PeriscopePeriscope is a live stream channel that allows you to connect instantly with your audience. Think about Periscope as your business’ free TV channel. The live streaming is great for Q&A platforms and fun behind the scenes videos. In 2016 your business must have a Periscope channel as live streaming social media platforms have become very powerful.

It is clear that social media engagement on social media platforms is no longer optional for businesses and brands. Some small business and medium size business have failed to realize that. Social media is a part of big corporate’s business and marketing plan and budget because it works. [easy-tweet tweet=”Is your business using social media effectively for social proof and SEO?” user=”WebDesignNseo” hashtags=”socialmediaplatforms”]

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If you’re in Miami or Doral area stop into our office for a social media or web design consultation.

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5 Best SEO Tips for your Facebook Business Fan Page 3

5 Best SEO Tips for your Facebook Business Fan Page

5 Best SEO Tips for your Facebook Business Fan PageCreating a Facebook business fan page might seem simple, but there is more to it then hitting the “create page” button and filling out spaces. Your Facebook business fan page represents your business online. It is an extension of your online marketing, and it counts greatly towards your online ranking. You Facebook business page is important and so treat it accordingly.

1/ Pick the best name for your Facebook page

Choosing your name for your Facebook page may sound simple and like a no-brainer but there is a science to it. Your Facebook name is a part of your SEO and should be relevant to your business name and also try to include a keyword in it. What you should keep in mind is, avoid making it too spammy. It should be an organic extension to your online marketing.

2/ Claim your Facebook business fan page URL

Claim your Facebook URL because it is heavily weighted in search engines algorithms. It is best to have it same as your company name if possible. But if not, use the same concept with your company name and a keyword. Many people do not think of claiming their Facebook’s page name and lose increase in search engine’s ranking because of it.

3/ Optimize your Facebook page

Just like any online marketing efforts, optimize your Facebook page also. Add your keywords to your Facebook business fan page in the description, about section, mission, and services. These sections are searched as SEO components so write it accordingly.

4/ Backlink your Facebook page

Use backlinks to navigate back to your Facebook business fan page by adding your URL online. You can simply do it with basics such as, on your website, your other business social media channels, your business blog, and anywhere else you can. Creating backlink for your Facebook page works the same as for your website. It creates organic links and increases your SEO efforts, ranking you higher.

5/ Optimize your Facebook’s page status

Facebook for Business

Just like on your blog and any marketing efforts, the beginning of your Facebook status updates must contain keywords. These are the first words to be crawled by the search engines and being used as your Meta words. For instance, if you share a blog post, always use your SEO friendly title and link it back to your blog with a backlink. For example, Quick blog preview with a read more “your website URL” sending the reader back to your blog. Bonus: The more people click on the link, the more organic credibility it gives your website.

Optimize all your online marketing efforts and include SEO practices. Keep your keywords consistent and do your research. It should seem natural and not spammy. Don’t seem like you are trying too hard to throw in keywords in random places. If you have any questions or comments share them with us on our Facebook business fan page: //

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Search Engine Optimization and Security tips for Wordpress Users 4

Search Engine Optimization and Security tips for WordPress Users

WordPress runs 4.5 percent of the entire Internet. It is a platform that hosts between 50 and 60 percent of the global content management system market. Hence, it makes it the most popular CMS service. Even though WordPress is popular, there are still some people who may not know how to properly utilize it or how to protect their content. They’re many ways that your content and even your privacy may be in jeopardy if you do not use WordPress appropriately. Here, we have the best WordPress Security tips for all WP users.

wordpress seo tips

Viruses, Trojan horses, and keyloggers are one of the most popular ways that a third party can have access to the information posted on your website. It’s an opportunity for you to lose all of your hard work and your search engine optimization efforts. With more than a 15 million websites using WordPress, many incredulous groups target WordPress users. Here is how to reinforce and protect your online presence through these WordPress security tips.

WordPress Security Tips:

  • Back to the basics –  Make sure you regularly update your WordPress and your plugins.

WordPress Security tipsWordPress is well aware of its platform and how it is a target for many viruses and Trojans. WordPress is a platform self-sufficient platform. It releases regular updates to patch up any potential holes that a third party can leverage. Something as simple as regularly updating your WordPress account and its associated plugins can be effective at preventing opportunistic hackers. Whenever you log into your WordPress dashboard, you will see an “Update Available” banner at the top. It is best to click on the prompt and update your website as soon as possible. You will also be notified whenever there is a newer version of your plugins. Always make sure that you are downloading plugins from an authorized source. Stay away from software from third-party websites or those who do not have reliable reviews.

  • Don’t Forget to change your username and password.

When you first create a website with WordPress, you will be given a default username of “admin”. This is a default username that is shared with anyone who creates a website on WordPress. It is essential that you change it as soon as you install WordPress. You can alter login credentials on PHPMyAdmin page.

  • Vulnerabilities also exist on your computer.

Make sure that your computer is free of viruses, and infections that can potentially gain access to your WordPress. Regardless of how reinforced your WordPress login credentials may be, viruses on your computer can still compromise your website. Make sure that you regularly run an antivirus and anti-spyware scan, also making sure that your software and the operating system is regularly updated, especially your web browser as it is a direct link to you and your website. Also get here Local SEO Services.

Implementing Search Engine Optimization

  • It’s about being social. Major search engines like Google has put an emphasis on “social” websites. These are websites that are intuitive, with a fluid web design that can easily be shared on smartphones and tablets. Long gone are the days of injecting WordPress sites with many advertisements and codes – the major search engines will penalize you.
  • Exchange backlinks that are relevant to your topic. You want backlinks from authoritative websites that share similar interests. This will ensure that the transfer of web traffic is one that can relate to your web properties and call to action. You can also backlink from webpage to webpage, improving click-through rates and conversions.
  • Stay away from black hat techniques. Over the years, Google has released algorithm changes that have penalized bloggers and website owners that have tried to use black hat techniques. Stay away from these methods.

Our Miami website design firm will ensure there are no security issues with your website after using these WordPress Security tips. We specialize in SEO marketing services and web design for small business. Contact us to learn more.

Why Do I Need SEO 5

Why Do I Need SEO

Good SEO services are just like the cherry on the cake when used with web design. Nicely done seo will make sure your site drives maximum traffic and has maximum visibility on all leading search engines. No matter how good the design on your website is if your site is not noticed, it is a waste. 

Web design also is important for your site. The motive for web design and seo may conflict at times. The prime focus of web design is to use clear and user-engaging text. Whereas SEO services focus on the use of proper keywords on your website. 

In web design, interactive and creative media like images and videos are used to attract users. While SEO services focus on the excellent use of words in your website content.

Just creating a website will not bring your site visitors. Marketing and advertising is important to make your site in the limelight. SEO services are the best way to do this!

How much to spend on marketing and advertising?

You can set up a separate percentage of your gross revenue for marketing. This way you can easily adjust your budget as per your revenue. The U.S. Small Business Administration gives the recommendation to use 7 to 8 percent of your gross revenue for marketing and advertising. If you have a startup, a budget of 2 to 3% of your revenue will also do. Seo services

Many of us know what SEO is but hardly thought about why we need SEO Services. So, I did the analysis and found that Search Engine Optimization brings online success to my company. SEO helps me in the following ways:

1) To Keep Up With Industry of Search Engines

SEO keeps my company updated with the search engine industry. It is important that my website gets listed on Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Thus, SEO will work on various algorithms and rules of different search engines to get my company at the top of searches. Accordingly, SEO Company takes care of Content Management Services and Website Designing of my Company to improve the ranking. This is a continuous process. For example, if SEO Company knows that Google looks for the actual textual content of a web page and link popularity then it recommends the required changes in my website.

2) SEO Submits My Website Professionally

SEO Company manually submits my website, professionally and wisely. Search engines do not properly recognize automated submission. The SEO runs ranking reports to show where my website is positioned in different search engines. It makes necessary changes to the site and resubmits as per the need, to improve my website ranking.

3) SEO Gives Traffic Analysis

traffic analysis

SEO provides me the detailed site traffic report. The report tells my company the quality of the traffic and where it comes from. This is key information that lets my company effectively calculate Return on Investment (ROI). With online search and sales increasing every year, my company needs an SEO for work efficiency.

4) SEO Services Save My Time and Money

Doing SEO sounds and means doing a lot of work, round the clock. Can we do that? Even when my company hires staff for SEO work, the expenses incurred on the staff including health benefits, vacation, retirement plans, etc are much more than what my company pays an SEO Services provider company for search engine promotion. I would rather save than spend more and buy peace of mind. Moreover, the increased traffic and exposure and, thereby the income generated by the SEO compensate the investment manifold.


You should keep in mind some important points when you decide to go for seo services for your site: 

web design and SEO Services

  1. Good keyword selection is a crucial part. Use keywords in the main sections of your page like the page title, headings, and metadata. Keyword analysis lets you know the best keywords your competitor is ranking for. Choose good keywords because users will find your site with these keywords.
  2. Always use alt tags for all your images. Search engines and blind site visitors can “read” your images with such tags.
  3. Use letters and words in your url instead of any random number to make it user-friendly.