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8 Web Design Facts that Will Blow Your Mind

If you want to gain an appreciation for the art of web design, you need to look at the process, and not just the outward visual appearance. Most visitors of a website don’t think twice about what’s happening behind the scenes of a website.

But nowadays, services and platforms are widely available to anyone who’s looking to build and design their own website. Platforms such as WordPress and Wix are all widely known platforms that let you create a website in a matter of hours, even without prior experience to web designing and developing. But creating a beautiful website isn’t the only thing web design is all about. It’s also about optimization.

Quick load times, how codes work, browser compatibility, and many more. In this article, we’ll be peeling back the curtain to expose the behind the scenes of what goes into web designing – and learn some of its mind-blowing facts.

  1. Web Browsers Have Their Own Way of Rendering Your Website

This means that the browser will render your website differently. When looking at a website on Google Chrome, you might be seeing a completely different layout than what others would see on their Safari or Firefox browser. But why? Different browsers translate the website’s code differently – thus displaying it differently on your screen.

  1. Templates May Be Convenient but It Should Be Avoided

    web design template

People who like to get things done fast use a template. Templates are pre-packaged elements that would allow someone with no experience and knowledge in web developing and designing, create a website. But experts don’t advise doing so. Companies that rely too much on templates can lose credibility, which often comes with bloated codes and over-the-top elements.

Using Templates severely handicaps your ability to try and do something new – if you force it, your website would look like it was patched together. Templates are notoriously known for being inflexible.

  1. How Your Website Is Coded Will Affect SEOwriting codes and typing data

It doesn’t matter whether you have the most visually pleasing website, full of wonderful elements and all – but that will become all for nothing if you have little to no traffic on your website. Utilizing the expertise of professional web designers ensure that your websites are coded with SEO optimization in mind – which helps you rank higher on search engines, gaining you traffic.

  1. Images and Videos Can Impact Your Website

Multimedia content which includes videos and images, when done right, can be a powerful asset to your website. But it applies to the opposite when implemented in a bad way – it can severely affect your website. When your website is loaded with images and videos, it can severely affect its load times – and when your website takes a few seconds to load, that’s already enough to deter any visitors from ever coming back to your website.

An expert web designer will know what to do and optimize the images and videos for your website. This will ensure that your website will load quickly while still having engaging elements. A knowledgeable web designer also avoids using outdated plug-ins such as flash player as it’s not supported in most browsers and mobile devices already.

  1. Most Webpages Have No Call to Action Buttons

Having a call to action button is often one of the reasons why websites have high conversion rates. By having this single button, you are way ahead of your competitors already. Call To Action is a tool that’s used to encourage and create a sense of urgency from visitors with just a single phrase.

That single phrase is enough to create a huge spike in your sales and conversion rates and yet, 53% of websites on the internet don’t have one. Don’t make the same mistake and implement one now.

  1. Ad-Blockers Cost Online Businesses $22 Billion in 2015

Yes, ads popping up in your face can get annoying – but there are a few web design techniques that can help you overcome that problem. You can either restrict access to that page when someone has an ad-block on, or you could ask users to disable ad-blocks.

  1. A 2-Year-Old Website Is Already Considered Oldwebsite development

The pace of which technology is advancing is neck-breaking. Devices are constantly changing and upgrading, which means that your website should also adapt to the changes. That way, your website remains relevant and functional throughout its lifetime.

  1. 7 Million Blogs to Online

With that many contents flooding the market – finding the right mix to stand out can prove to be difficult. Try and produce content throughout different angles or perspectives rather than repeating what’s been done over and over again. This ensures that your readers and visitors are reading something fresh, as well as keeping them engaged.

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