Rank and Rent – A Basic Guide

Rank and Rent SEO is a widely used tactic today to generate more sales for local businesses.

Rank and rent is a technique wherein SEO professionals rent websites to local businesses. A website is made, and all efforts are made to rank in local search results. Once the site starts ranking, it is rented to a local business. Many local businesses are already benefiting from this technique and increasing their sales every day.

Importance of Rank and Rent websites:

  1. The money you will invest to hire an SEO professional is much more than the money you will spend to rent a website from someone.
  2. You will get a website that already ranks well on search engines. If you start from the beginning for your own website, you will have to wait for a fairly long time to get the desired results
  3. Get a site that is already optimized. You can further customize it with your company name, logo text, tagline and more.
  4. Your site already will rank on Google and thus you have a fairly good amount of leads.
  5. No pressure of a contract with any separate SEO company and regular follow-ups.

Rank and rent websites are more easy to handle since you have full control over it until it ranks good. You can make money with backlinks. You do not have to give updates to your clients whenever there even a slight drift in rank. It is totally up to you how you make the site rank.


In this blog, we will talk about the best ways to rank to rent websites to local businesses.

1. Choosing the right niche

Choosing the right niche is an important step because that will decide your future SEO tactics. Decide on a niche that is not very competitive because choosing a difficult niche may get you stuck in the middle.

Do not choose a very big city such as New York for your niche. You may have a tough time competing there. If you are a beginner in Rank and rent technique, choose a city that will be easy to tackle with. Choose a city that has a comparatively average population so that you do not have to put in a lot of efforts in the first attempt itself.

choosing right niche

Depending on the city, you can easily find out the most searched keyword or service using tools like Google Keyword Planner. You can choose any of those topics as your niche. While choosing the target market for your website, make sure you have sufficient numbers of businesses for that field. There will be no point in creating the website for which you do not get any buyers. You can also analyze the pay per click rates of different topics to decide what will you be choosing.


2. Choosing a domain name

right domain nameChoosing your keyword as your domain name can give you quick results in your search engine ranking. For example, you have a pizza store in New York, the domain name can be If any user searches for New York pizza store, chances of your site being in the top 3 search results may be more if proper SEO is done.

If you have a website already made for some other name than your keyword, you can still make it rank with the target keyword.


3. Choosing the best content management system

Choosing the right CMS (Content Management System) is important to manage all your website content efficiently. A good content management system can help you create and modify any content on your website efficiently. Multiple users can work on it making the work easier. content management systems

WordPress is the most widely used CMS today. It is free to install and deploy. It offers a wide range of plugins and schema space.

Advantages of using WordPress as your CMS:

  1. Easy to use
  2. It is browser-based and thus can be accessed from any computer.
  3. No additional HTML software is needed
  4. Easy to customize your web page design.
  5. Enhance site functionality with plugins
  6. Multiple user functionality

4. Competitor Research

Before you start with anything, it is important to analyze the competition in the niche you have chosen. You can start with the search result page for your target topic for the website. Competitor research tools such as SEMrush can give you a detailed report of the keywords your competitor is ranking for.

semrush keyword research

SEMrush: Competitor research tool

You should analyze the core services provided your competition, his target audience, his social media accounts and more. There are many backlink checker tools available that give you the exact view of the web authority of your competition.


5. Keyword research

If you are aiming at targeting your local audience, using the area name in your keyword can be a helpful way.  If you are focusing on your site, your keyword can be “cheap pizza store new york”, where cheap pizza store is your main keyword and new york is the location you are targeting on.

Google keyword planner

There are many SEO keyword tools available that can give a list of keywords you can use in your content. Google keyword planner is a free keyword research tool that you can use. Since it is backed up by Google, you can always trust its accuracy. You can also use the keywords your competitors are ranking for and focus on them. You have to be smart with your choice of keywords.

The central pages of your site like the about us or home page may not get a good rank, but it is important to keyword optimize them as well.


6. Add content to your website

While creating content for your website, try to stay away from duplicate content as much as possible. Unique content is always favored by Google. It should be a keyword rich content but not keyword spamming. If you are planning to use content from a website that ranks good, do not copy it as it is. There are many content spinning tools that can help you with this.

While creating content always use images and videos to make it interactive and user-friendly. Do not forget the use of HTML tags, alt tags, page title and more. Make sure the page title has the keyword your content focuses on. Do proper on-page of your website and include a keyword in meta tags as well. Meta tags play a great role in deciding your site rank.

Google recommends 250-300 words per page as a good SEO practice. The anchor text on your page should be relevant to the page it links to. Do not try to mislead your users by choosing a page title that is completely unrelated to the content. You may lose a fair amount of your target customers.


7. Google search console

Never forget to submit your sitemap on Google Search Console. It is a service that Google offers for free. A sitemap is a list of all the pages on your website. When you submit your sitemap, Google can easily index and crawl your pages on search results.


You can also prevent Google from showing any page on your website by submitting it under robot.txt file. Search console makes it easy for Google to access your content. You can also analyze and monitor the performance of your site on Search Console.


8. Create and verify Google My business page

If you want to get more attention from your local audience, set up and verify your Google My Business Page. A verified and complete Google Business Page can help you to rank in the Google Maps and the organic search results for your desired niche.

Google my business page

Having a Google business account is a must for every business that wishes to get a good search engine rank. Your users will easily be able to give reviews for your business. A business with good reviews is always favored by Google. Create your business page but do not forget it after then.

Regular business page posts are important to get user attention and increased site traffic. Use engaging images and post content and never forget to link your related webpage. The business page also helps your target audience to easily interact with you that gives a good user experience.


9. Get Reviews

There are 3 options available with you to generate reviews for your website-

  • Black hat ways- Message your friends on social media platforms such as Facebook asking them to drop reviews for your business. You can add the Google Maps link to your business in the message text. Prevent spamming and avoid more than 5 reviews a day.
  • Grey hat ways- Create blog posts on your website, create a YouTube channel and start publishing videos on it, and much more. Ask your followers to drop reviews for your videos or blogs.
  • White hat ways- Simply ask your customers to review your business. Avoid reviews from same IP addresses. You can fasten up the process by turning on the location extension by Google Adwords.

10. Develop content and Authority

It is one of the most important steps. It is actually even more important than link building strategy. You can develop great online authority with great unique content. Internal linking also can pass on great authority. You must focus on creating content that covers details of your niche.

For instance, if you belong to the tech niche, you can write an article on repairing a computer and title it as Top 20 tips to remove a virus from your computer.

If this content doesn’t rank well, consider editing and adding more details to it. Or you can take help from Google Search console to get the best long tail keywords you can add in your content.


11. Linking your profile

web 2.0Using Web 2.0 to link your website on the best blog submission sites such as WordPress, Tumblr, Weebly and more is a great way to increase your web authority.

Web 2.0 is a social web of websites that facilitate user participation. On these websites, the user can easily comment and interact. You can submit your blogs on such high authority sites that link your website at the right place.

In earlier times, the users can only view or download the content on any website. With the advent of Web 2.0, dynamic web pages can be made that allow user interaction and easy content sharing.  


12. Private blogging network (PBNs)

PBN is almost as same as link wheeling where different websites link to a single website. The websites create a private network and are not necessarily interlinked, but a link to one central site.

PBNs are a good way of getting some high authority links for your site.

One of the best PBN services available is Hatred’s PBN that gives really good results. PBNs are effective in enhancing your link building strategy. You can put your website link on any website thus enhancing your web authority and online presence. Most of the digital marketing tactics today involve the use of PBN as an important method.


13. Niche Edits

Niche Edits are a great way to enhance your web authority. You can also develop authority by inserting niche edits. Niche edit services let you add a link of your website to a well-ranking content over the internet. An old aged article will obviously have a very good online reputation. Thus if you add your links in these articles or pages, you will be highly benefitted. You can contact us for the best and affordable niche edit services. For details, check out our niche edits service page.

14. PPC and Off-Page SEO

off page seo

Off-Page SEO for your site will make sure that your site develops a good web authority. You can submit links in a variety of ways such as documents, PPT, Video, Image, bookmark and more.  Always use good authority sites for submissions and choose the appropriate anchor text for linking.

PPC (Pay per click) is a paid service offered by Google, also known as Google Adwords, that allows you to create ads for your website. Ads are always displayed on the top as well as bottom of every search result and thus commands the instant attention of users. This online advertising service by Google allows you to advertise the services and products you offer.


15. Rent out your site

Contact the local business owners of your area and tell them about the website you just created using rank and rent technique. Tell them about the leads you have generated throughout and what advantage can their business get with it. The price of a website will depend largely on your niche and its competition. You can even run an audit of your site to make sure that you handle the site in the best possible position. There are many site audit tools available such as Cora Audit Services.

Rank and rent is one of the best ways to make money. It is favorable for both, you and the buyer. The buyer gets a website that has a good online reputation and you obviously get money for your efforts. Local business owners use this technique to increase their sales.

Once you follow the above-mentioned steps correctly, you can easily make money. You can make even more websites like this. Local advertising is an important field that you should address if you really want to increase the sales of your business. 

rank and rent

local seo

Local SEO – 2019 Guide And Benefits

Local SEO is a smart way to effectively target your local audience and boost up your sales and profits. The amount of time you give to find customers online, you can promote your products and services at the same time. Whether you have a local restaurant, clinic or a repair shop, local seo will help in attracting maximum potential clients. Local SEO helps to optimize the online presence of your business for a given location.

Local Search

Local Search is when a user searches for some service or product near him or his geographical location. Searches such as “coffee shop near me”, “furniture shop near me” and more. As per the details by Google, “46% of searches have a local intent”. It might be easy to rank for a regular query like “the best coffee shop”, but takes huge efforts to get a business ranked for “coffee shop near me”. To handle with such search queries, Local SEO is done.

Local Search Engine Result Pages

When a user searches for something locally, the search result is quite different. Google shows 3 businesses in the “3-pack” right below the Google map. Businesses must focus on their local SEO efforts to get listed in this 3-pack. Let us take a query “coffee shop near me” as an example.


You can see how Google shows 3 businesses related to the query along with the ratings, address, store timings and more basic details of the business. Every detail that comes on this 3-pack listing is fetched from the Google Business Page of a business.

Google My Business

Google My Business is the online profile of your business. It is very important to claim your Google Business Page if you want to improve your local online presence. The information you enter here will be available for 3-pack listing and Google Maps.

google business page

The GMB profile of your business contains all the necessary details of your business like the NAP (name, address, phone number), business description, category, services & products, and more. A GMB profile takes up quite a significant portion of local SEO. an updated and correct GMB profile will increase the chances of your business appearing in all the related queries in the Google 3-pack.

The Main Local SEO Services

  • Localizing the website- Make sure to use the name of your region or city in the website content in a natural way. If your business has multiple locations, you can create separate pages for each location. Get in touch with local communities and publish your articles on local websites.
  • Building citations- This means, creating profiles for your business on the top business listing websites with correct details.
  • Claim your GMB page- This will help to put your business forward on all the leading Google platforms like local search results, google maps.
  • Customer review and ratings-  Ask your customers and clients to give honest reviews on your GMB page and other business listings. This will help to improve the online presence of your business. Google also considers these while deciding the SERP rank of your business.
  • Link Building– Improve the backlink profile of your website with naturally obtained backlinks. Go for white hat link building services that will target the right audience from the right source.

Benefits Of Local SEO

  1. It is free

With some patience and continuous efforts, you can easily learn how to do local SEO for your business. You can even take help from our blog for the main steps of SEO.

  1. No need for paid campaigns

If the local SEO is done correctly, there will be no need of additionally paid campaigns to promote your business. You can get your business ranked for any related query with local SEO. For example, let us take “web design and seo services Miami”.

Local SEO - 2019 Guide And Benefits 1

In the image, the searches that appear are known as organic searches. As per Google data, the maximum number of clicks happen on the top 10 search results i.e page 1 of SERPs.

Local SEO - 2019 Guide And Benefits 2

  1. Get listed in organic searches

If all is good, Google will give your business a place in the top 3 search results for a relatable query. The sophisticated algorithms of Google will find the best possible results for any user query made so that the closest results are shown to the user. Let us, for example, consider you own a coffee shop. Now the top 3 local SEO strategies to rank in the SERPs will include-

  • Research- Users may search for “how is coffee made”.
  • Options- Users may now search for options such as “coffee shop near me”.
  • Purchase- After going through the local business on the SERP, the user will choose some coffee shop of his choice and further visit its website.

We have used the tool to get an idea of the total number of monthly searches made for “how is coffee made” and “coffee shop near me”.

Local SEO - 2019 Guide And Benefits 3

  1. Be found on Google Maps

If you adopt a well optimized local SEO strategy, Google will list your business on Google Maps as well. Google maps are more important to mobile users who want to search for any nearby service of product on the go. For any local search query made, Google shows a map with the best results on the top of SERP. On a map listing, the user will be able to click on the website of the business, call the business, go through the reviews and get directions to the business location.

  1. Google favors local businesses

Google always want the best businesses to rank higher for their location. For example, let us consider the search results of “appliance repair services new york”.

Local SEO - 2019 Guide And Benefits 4

The SERP shows the local businesses in new york that offer appliance repair services. Now let us have a look at the SERP for the query “appliance repair services”.

Local SEO - 2019 Guide And Benefits 5

As you can see, Google will always place local businesses first on the organic SERPs. Some search results even see a better ranking without the name of the city in the query.

  1. Be parallel to your customers

97% of users search for a business on a local level before they purchase the services or products. With good local SEO strategies, you can be in all the related searches by users.

  1. Long-term results

When you advertise your business, the results may last for as long as you spend money on advertising and marketing. But with local SEO, you can long-term results without investing a huge amount of money. But you should focus on building a long-running local SEO strategy so that you keep on getting the desired results in the future.

  1. Stay ahead of your competitors

According to, 56% of local business owners have not claimed a Google My Business page for their business. And the 44% percent which does have a business page is not fully taking the benefits of local SEO. Having a business page is not sufficient, you have to make sure that it appears in top 3 results for the related search queries. Local SEO can help you target the right audience before your competitor does so.

  1. Not every competitor does local SEO

You must take advantage of your competitor’s weaknesses. It is not necessary that every competitor works on local SEO strategies. You can have taken this in your favor and adopt the best of local seo practices to stay ahead of your competitor.

  1. Know exactly the intention of your customers

Google My Business allows you to keep a track of the keywords that your customers use to reach to your website. Follow the simple steps given below-

  1. Log-in to your business page
  2. Click on “Insights” on the lest of the page
  3. Scroll the page to reach “queries used to find your business” section

This was all about what is local SEO and why should you not ignore it if you want improved sales and traffic.

how much to pay for seo

How Much Should You Be Paying For SEO?

How Much Should You Be Paying For SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) focuses on improving your search results to get you found on search engines, in particular, Google. SEO practices increasing traffic to your site through organic results. However, the hope is that the traffic you are getting is quality leads that turn into customers. The important question many people tend to ask themselves is how much should I be paying for SEO?

The four main goals of SEO are:

  • Improve rankings
  • Drive traffic
  • Increase awareness
  • Create relationships

Living in a digital world has turned SEO into a necessity rather than an extra. There is less print, less cold calls, and more online interactions. With that being said SEO should be an expense that is included in your ongoing marketing budget. The question then becomes how much money should you be allocating to this initiative?

Answering the cost of SEO is quite difficult for a few reasons. Different agencies charge clients differently, and experience plays an important role in how they charge. Typically SEO marketing agencies work on an hourly rate. Thanks to a poll created by Moz we know that on average the rate for SEO work ranges anywhere from $75 to $175 based on experience. Hourly rates aren’t the only way agencies work. Some agencies agree to work on performance-based or on monthly retainers. If you employ an agency based on a monthly retainer the average monthly budget is between $1500 to $3000 again based on experience.

What we do know for sure is that the saying “you get what you pay for” still plays true in the matter of SEO. Those who are willing to do the work for an unusually low price should typically be avoided as to ensure your SEO isn’t done using black hat techniques. Black hat techniques are strategies that can land you on the bad side of Google and may result in penalties. These techniques that you should look out for and avoid involve:

  • Cloaking
  • using unrelated keywords
  • gateway pages
  • spam blogs
  • duplicate content
  • hidden text
  • page swapping
  • link farms
  • domain squatting
  • cookie stuffing
  • and more

All frowned up by Google.

When allocating your SEO budget talking to a specialist will help you to better understand what your costs will look like. An agency will look thoroughly into your site and determine a plan of action. Factors that determine cost are:

  • where your site is currently in terms of design and SEO optimization. what is your current situation?
  • where you want to be: what are your goals here? Traffic, revenue, ranking.
  • how much time you have. How fast do you want to improve and reach those goals?
  • If you are looking for long-term strategies or short-term

All of these can affect the cost. How many hours is the expert going to need to get you to where you want to be and over how much time do they have to do that. SEO results take time and don’t happen overnight. It will take up to 4 months to see any results of SEO work.

If you are willing to accept a longer frame of work you can split up the cost over a longer period of time and assign a smaller monthly budget. However if your site needs a lot of work and has been minimally optimized for SEO thus far and you want to get everything done in a shorter period of time and then halt your SEO efforts you will be looking at a higher cost due to the amount of work the SEO expert will have to complete in much less time.

Although we are aware that some people only maintain an SEO budget for a few months we do not suggest that you stop working on SEO altogether. Over time if you no longer work on your SEO techniques and remain up to date with the trends you results will wither, rankings will drop, traffic will start to decrease, and new customers will stop coming in from your site. We highly suggest that, if you are considering SEO for your marketing budget, you plan to keep it as an ongoing strategy.

As a general rule data provided by SBA, small businesses with revenues less than $5 million should allocate 7-8 percent of their revenues to marketing. This budget should be split between 1) brand development costs (which includes all the channels you use to promote your brand such as your website, blogs, sales collateral, etc.), and 2) the costs of promoting your business(campaigns, advertising, events, etc.).

Let’s take a quick look at the survey done by Moz that we mentioned earlier. The survey question was:

For those clients, your service with ongoing/multi-month contracts, what is the average client’s monthly billing?

Results were as follows:

  • 10% — less than $500
  • 27% — $500-1,000
  • 29% — $1,000-2,500
  • 20% — $2,500-5,000
  • 15% — $5,000-10,000

This survey wasn’t focused on specific business type or size and results are all relative, so we can assume that those who are paying less than $500 are small businesses. The level of difficulty of the project at hand and the scope of work play a role into these costs so be aware of the level of work that you are putting on the table for the SEO expert to tackle.

In conclusion, there is no set price for SEO so unfortunately, you will need to determine for yourself how much your business can afford and how much work needs to be done. Also, take into consideration competition for your industry. A highly competitive industry will take longer to rank above top competitors in so it will take some extra time and work.

So before setting a budget for SEO take the time to review your current standing, your goals, your competition, and your timeline. Then you can take the next step and get quotes from agencies based on the level of expertise and experience which suits your expectations. After speaking with an SEO expert you will have a better understanding of how much you need to set aside for these marketing efforts.

If your a small business and looking to get your website ranked in Google or interested in finding out more about SEO and digital marketing give us a call 305-677-9862 or fill out the form.

Miami, Florida Based SEO Experts.



30 days seo challenge - learn seo

30 Days SEO Marketing Challenge – Learn SEO Guide for more sales and traffic

This challenge assumes you already have some kind of website, hopefully not the free kind that does not lets you properly edit the content. WordPress is the best system to have and use (our examples will be based on this) but others like Squarespace, Wix, and Joomla are a good start. If you have an older site that doesn’t allow you to edit your site, this challenge may not be for you and contact us for a new website.

Stepping into the 21st century is already a challenge in itself for many businesses who fail to see the direction of marketing and how important is growth and sustainability. Younger generations are more used to certain styles of websites and navigation. Thus, sticking to old ways and thinking your business is the exception will send you to failure.

If you need any assistance with any of these steps, don’t hesitate to send us an email and we will try and help or at least point you in the right direction. Youtube has tons of videos for almost all different kinds of websites. You can also just contact us to do all the work for you as well.

To join the challenge go here:

Local Business Listing

1. Register on or claim your Google My Business Page: (Google Maps info)

2.  Claim or Register the major citations: Some popular citations are Yellow Pages, FourSquare, Yelp, Merchant Circle. There are hundreds on these but let’s start here. Fill these out as completely as possible including images of your location, products or whatever you can do describe your business.

3. Sign up for Google analytics and search console: This is how you track your traffic, progress and any possible search errors on your website.

4. Register your business on Facebook: Complete your profile with your contact info, basic services, location, and number, along with at least 2 posts.

Keyword and Competitor Research

5. Competitor research: Type in your ideal keyword or industry plus your city name in Google. The top 5 are probably going to be your biggest competition to worry about. Study their website, content, page titles, they are ranking well so they must be doing something right.

6. Keyword research: A good place to start is see what your competition is using in their titles and in their content. You can also look up Google’s Keyword Planner which gives great ideas for keywords and related keywords.

7. Edit page titles: Probably one of the most overlooked issues that can make your site rank very quickly. The basic structure of your titles should be your “keyword + city (if not already in your keyword) – (yes dash) your company name and if there is space another keyword or supplemental information to describe your business.

8. Alt tags or image tags: This basically means alternate text, this is what Google actually reads. It would be great if Google had eyes and knew exactly what our photo was about but it cant so this text tells your story. Normally you would add whatever your main keywords are in the alt tag area.

SEO Meta Tags

9. Meta tags: This is basically a short description of your pages. A homepage is a general description and other are more specific to that page. Always make sure include keywords and city if you’re trying to get local traffic.

10. Content writing: Your homepage is the most important page as that is the one that gets most of the traffic. You want to make sure it has at least 400 words which should include your keywords plus mention your city several times.

11. Be active on social media: On Instagram, add friends and potential clients. Give them some likes and comments. Add new images of your products or services. Do this also on your facebook page. Indulge in more and more social media activities to promote your business. Make sure to share your website to start getting traffic. Try to do this at least 2-3 times a week.

12. Ask clients for reviews: Send them to your Yelp and especially Google My Business Page. Everyone searches for stuff on Google, especially for local businesses, and that is where the first 3 sites show up. Business with reviews looks best.

13. Url structure: It is very important that your URLs include your keyword as that is part of what Google looks for. Make sure to change your page names to help in being found.

14. Write blogs or additional content pages: Although you may think that you are not a blogger but, content really just brings traffic. This traffic may not even lead to a sale but google will see you as an authority in your field which helps you rank.

15. Internal links: Within your content, put links to other pages, this helps pass what we call “link juice” to other pages.

Create Quality Backlinks

16. Get backlinks: If you are a part of any chamber of commerce, groups or have friends with a website, get a link from them. If your friends happen to be a competitor those are the best links, sounds crazy but that’s what they want.

17. Improve old content: Google hates “thin pages”. These are basically pages with just images and one sentence. They like to see at least 400 words per page.

18. Sitemaps: This step is very important because this basically tells Google the structure of your website. It tells that your site starts here and these are the subpages. Google will check this often to see what’s new.


Join the challenge

19. If you have not done so already, create a youtube channel: I know you may be scared now but putting a face to your business is great. It does has to be long. Things like a virtual tour, your process or even just live demos of your products are good. Share this on social media and add to your website.

20. Add social links to your website: Add logos and links to your social media profiles.

21. Mobile friendliness of your website: Although this step is hard to fix on some older sites there are ways to create mini sites that redirect to a mobile version of your site. Google prefers just having a responsive site, i.e. a site that adjusts properly to the device or screen size.

22. Site speed: Do a speed test on sites like Pingdom. Google wants your site to load in under 2 seconds. Sometimes this can be tough depending on the type of site you have but there are ways to fix this. Google Page Speed insights pretty much can tell you exactly what they want from you.

23. Speed up your website: If you’re a WordPress user, things like cache plugins reduce the need to reload all of your site’s data once stored in the browser. This reduced the reload time. Another quick fix is plugins like smush that compress image size, as that is normally one of the biggest factors in loading your site.

24. UI or design of your site: I know you may not be a designer but try and use appealing and quality images that relate to your business. The basic home page should be like the following: Menu, nice image header, call to action (what you want them to do, like a call, fill out a form), services, products and in the footer area your address, links, faq, policies etc.

25. Email marketing: Put together a quick newsletter and push them to your website and ask for referrals. Include blog topics, social media icons.

26. Get more citations: This is something that you started on day 2 but this is very powerful to help rank and get more traffic from all the major directories. You can find a list here of more sites where you can put your information. Remember Google likes links and this is free backlinks to your website.

27. Google Adwords: This is a great way to get instant traffic. You basically create some ads which are just text page, basically, a short description of your company, enter some keywords, set your monthly budget and when someone clicks on your add google takes a cut.

28. Facebook ads: This is same as above but with a twist. It targets more on a specific type of audience vs someone who is looking for a specific item.

29. SSL protect your website: This makes your website safer for people and browsers. Browsers like Chrome actually penalize you and tell people your site is not secure which scares people away. SSL also gives your website a boost in rankings partially due to above reasons.

30. Review your google analytics and search console: This part may be a bit confusing but there are many videos to help with this.

Hopefully, if you have done these works correctly, you should already start to see more traffic. It is important to see how you are doing. This not only makes you sure that you’re improving but also gives you an insight into how people are finding you, what terms they are finding you for and also their demographic info like mac, pc, desktop, and mobile.

Above is the basic break down of what you will be learning, to sign up go here: 30 Days SEO Challenge


niche review sites

Best Niche Review Sites For Every Business Category

Online reviews always help in boosting up your business, You also get to know what more your customers expect from you. Good reviews improve the rank of a site in Google’s 3-pack and organic search results. There are many good niche review sites available for every business.


The importance of niche reviews lies in the following points:

1. Reviews are the best advertisements for your business. More people read about your company and products. More than other media sources, online reviews give you more exposure because of their online nature. Small businesses get the most out of it.

2. Google always gives those businesses a priority which has more reviews. Thus your chances of getting better search engine rank increases. More the number of mentions of your website online, better is your site rank.

3. Users usually give suggestions on how a business can better their service. That can be a good way to know about user expectations and know about user end issues. Moreover, you can directly interact with the user about their problems or complains. Who knows a user suggestion might help you improve your service quality.

4. More positive reviews will give more sales to your business.

5. You can find more important keywords for your business. The language that the user uses will give you a better idea of how a user searches for your service online. Thus you can use it as keywords to boost up your business.


niche review sites


According to the online review survey done by reviewtrackers, Google leads in the field of online reviews.

  • 63.6% of users go through online reviews on Google before visiting a business
  • 53% of users expect businesses to reply to negative reviews within a week
  • 80 % of users trust 4.0, 4.5, and 5-star ratings the most.
  • 94% of users avoided a business because of poor online reviews

Industry-focused niche reviews sites give more exposure to a business

Niche reviews sites are available for every business category. But you have to be cautious while choosing a good review site. Choose only good quality review sites to register your business on. Low-quality sites will bring no or least benefit to you. This may negatively affect your site rank.

Niche review sites give your business a good platform to grow your business. Users visit these sites to find the best business that can fulfill their needs and requirements.

Best review sites for more than 30 business categories

We have compiled a list of the best niche review sites for almost every business category. We have paid major attention to the Domain Authority (DA), Trust Flow and Citation Flow to give the best list to you. We have listed the sites in different business categories so that you can easily find your niche review sites. You can click on the links given below to go directly to your business category.



Business categories

Click on the categories below to directly go to there section.

 MechanicsCleaning ServicesRestaurants 
 Salon & Beauty Real Estate Travel & Hospitality
 IT & Computer RepairLandscaping Property-rentals
Alternative Medicine / Therapy Nursing & Care Sport & Leisure
 Removals PlumbersPet Services 
 Car DealersFinance (Accountants / Insurance)Home Services & Contractors 
 Catering Wedding Services Storage
 Electrical & HVAC Marketing Agencies Medical
 Schools & EducationSecurity Software 
Dentists Legal  Pest Control




The list of sites given below cover reviews for the mechanics industry. If you are looking for car dealers niche review sites, we have a separate section for that.

Review SiteDATFCFCountryFree/Paid
AutoBody Review402432USAFree
Mechanic Advisor504350USAFree



Salon & Beauty

This section contains less but the best and high-quality sites

Review SiteDATFCTCountryFree/Paid



IT and Computer Repair

If you have a web hosting firm or deal in PC repair services, this list of sites is for you.

Review SiteDATFCFCountryFree/Paid
Computer Repair Companies UK433134UKPaid
Computer Repair Expert432328USAPaid
Computer Repair Maintenance UK272021UKFree
Host Advice492339AllFree
Top Computer Shops201719USAPaid
Web Hosting Top404036AllFree



Alternative Medicine / Therapy

This section deals with the list of quality niche review sites for businesses dealing in alternative medicines or therapy. For sites related to the traditional medical field, please refer our separate section “medical”.

Review SiteDATFCFCountryFree/Paid
All Therapist502437USAFree
Alternative Medicine Practices242221USAPaid
US Massage Therapist221819USAFree




The list given below covers the list of niche review sites for removal firms. To get the review sites for “storage” have a look at our other section.

Review SiteDATFCFCountryFree/Paid
Transport Reviews473242USAFree
Transport Ratings421216USAFree
Removal Storage Company24840UKPaid
Removal Reviews392422UKFree
My Moving Reviews542324AllFree
Moving Guardian32611USAFree
Moving Company Reviews432431USAFree
Mover Rankings37827USAFree



Car Dealers

One of the most popular business sectors is the car dealership. There are quite a number of sites for online reviews for car dealers. The list is given below.

Review SiteDATFCFCountryFree/Paid
Car Gurus605658USAFree
Car Folks251120USA, CANFree
Auto Car Dealers231719UKPaid




This section contains comparatively less but the best catering business review sites.

Review SiteDATFCFCountryFree/Paid
Gig Salad583142USA, CANFree



Electrical & HVAC

The list given below consists of online review sites for Electrical & HVAC business.



Schools & Education

Schools and institutions with a strong reputation are always in more demand. The list below contains the best review sites for schools.

Review SiteDATFCFCountryFree/Paid
Private School Review603859USAFree
Course Report463040USA, UK, CANFree
Camp Navigator401128USAFree
Activity Hero472734USAFree




The sites given below focus on the dental industry. These can hugely help you in driving more clients.

Review SiteDATFCFCountryFree/Paid
1-800 Dentist585344USAFree
Dentistry in World232120AllPaid
Dr. Oogle372152USAFree
Rate a Dentist452023USAFree
Select Braces221624USAFree



Cleaning Services

The number of local cleaning service businesses are increasing and so is the competition. It is important to go through the reviews on the sites given below to get the best company for cleaning.

Review SiteDATFCFCountryFree/Paid
Angie’s List917055USAFree/Paid
Green Building Canada461628CANFree
Home Advisor886071USAFree
UK Cleaning Company242319UKPaid



Real Estate

It is important for real estate firms to develop a good online reputation to get more success.

Review SiteDATFCFCountryFree/Paid
Apartment Guide796254USAFree
Apartment Ratings594333USAFree
IBS Team422429USAFree
Homeowners Circle36826AllFree
Estate Property Agents271919UKPaid




The given list consists of one of the best online review sites for landscaping companies.

Review SiteDATFCFCountryFree/Paid
1-800 Contractor371622USAFree
Angie’s List924853USAFree/Paid
Landscaping Companies281820USAFree



Nursing & Care

The list of sites given below focus on the business that deals in daycare and senior care services.

Review SiteDATFCFCountryFree/Paid
A Place for Mom615746USAFree
Care Homes573848UKFree
Senior Homes522440USAFree
Health Grove511826USAFree
Where to Find Care391421USAFree
Nursing Home Ratings371712USAFree
Metro Daycare311831USAFree
Care Compare291827USAFree
Golden Reviews201424USAFree




For online review sites for plumbers, have a look at the list given below.

Review SiteDATFCFCountryFree/Paid
Best Plumbers561743USAFree
Angie’s List924853USAFree/Paid



Finance (Accountants / Insurance)

The sites given below provide online reviews for accountants and insurance firms.

Review SiteDATFCFCountryFree/Paid
Lending Tree676051USAFree
Credit Karma694355USAFree
CPA Directory422342USAFree
UK Accounting Firms272638UKPaid



Wedding Services

Weddings are once in a lifetime event and thus everybody wants them to be perfect. While looking for firms that give wedding services or do wedding planning, people want to hire the best. Thus online reviews can help them a great deal.

Review SiteDATFCFCountryFree/Paid
Wedding Wire904255USAFree
The Knot897063USAFree
One Wed692334USAFree
My Wedding684454USAFree
Wedding Bee612642USAFree
Equally Wed572638USAFree
Guides for Brides502639UKFree
The Wedding Planner461243UKFree
Eventective442543USA, CANFree
Wedding Planner442942UKFree
Party Wedding391220USAFree
Find A Wedding Venue361337UKFree
Net Weddings342411UKFree
Your Wedding Pro262120UKFree
Wedding Service Companies221022USAFree



Marketing Agencies

We have included sites for firms that offer online marketing services or have a physical location.

Review SiteDATFCFCountryFree/Paid
Sales Vantage422418USAFree




Any business that deals in a range of services from security equipment to private detectives and investigators must go through this list of sites for online reviews.

Review SiteDATFCFCountryFree/Paid
UK Security Company28723UKFree
Quote Security202127AUSFree




The given list covers firms like local attorneys, solicitors and legal fees financing.

Review SiteDATFCFCountryFree/Paid
Path Legal371023AllFree
Legal Match564947USAFree
Lawyers DB261027USAFree
Lawyer Ratingz442519USA, CANFree
Law Link492239AllFree
Law Firm Directory/402216AllPaid
Find a Family Attorney/291831USAPaid
Find a Bankruptcy Lawyer241023USAPaid




A restaurant is a place where everybody likes to go. Its popularity needs no discussion. People always want the best restaurant and cafe to go to. Online reviews thus become very crucial for such people.

Review SiteDATFCFCountryFree/Paid
Beer Advocate766054USA, Can, UKFree
Bed and Breakfast686852AllFree
Happy Cow663038AllFree
Food Pages583540CANFree
Foodio 54552148USA, CANFree
Menupix552043USA, CANFree
Best Restaurants514242AUSFree
Local Eats492730USAFree
Find Me Gluten Free462337USAFree
Fyood433146USA, CANFree
Active Diner431832USAFree
The Food Place401613UKFree



Travel & Hospitality

People usually like to check the reviews of any city or country before planning a visit there. Niche review sites are of most importance in this field. This is because people want the best value for their money. We have prepared the list of best review sites for travel to ensure you get the best travel experience.

Review SiteDATFCFCountryFree/Paid
Trip Advisor938878AllFree
Hotels Combined814354AllFree
Smarter Travel684161AllFree
BedAndBreakfast.com686656USA, EuropeFree
Trekaroo574335USA, UKFree
Vacation Home Rentals543241AllFree
Hotels and Travel512641AllFree
Bed and Breakfast Worldwide441032AllFree
Lodging World432229AllFree
Apartment Reviews412026AllFree
Book Cottages392953AllFree
Pets Can Stay332762USA, CANFree




The list of sites given below deal in niche review sites for the business that offer property on rent.

Review SiteDATFCFCountryFree/Paid



Sport & Leisure

If your business deals in any sports activities or provide sports grounds, then the below niche review sites are for you.

Review SiteDATFCFCountryFree/Paid
Golf Link625248USA, CANFree
Yoga Trail502836USAFree
Golf Course Ranking43831USAFree
Public Golf Courses3398USAFree



Pet Services

The business in this sector involves pet grooming, pet sitting, veterinarians, and other services for pet animals.

Review SiteDATFCFCountryFree/Paid
Pet Insurance Review482539USA, UK, CANFree
PetSitter422356USA, CANFree
Dog Boarding372227USA, CANFree
Pet Grooming Info351519USAFree
Find Pet Boarding312032UKFree
USA Veterinarians292221USAFree
Precious Pet Services25816USAFree



Home Services & Contractors

Home services here mean local businesses like home builders, carpenters, interior stylists, kitchen and bathroom fitters, painters and decorators, and more. If you belong to any of these fields, then the given list of niche review sites is for you.

Review SiteDATFCFCountryFree/Paid
Angie’s List917659USAFree/Paid
Home Advisor805353USAFree
Pro Referral495951USAFree
My Hammer341832UKFree
Go Smith442230USAFree
Trusted Pros392136USA, CANFree




The review sites given below let users give reviews for any storage firm around their area.

Review SiteDATFCFCountryFree/Paid
US SelfStorage502056USAFree
Self Storage Finders502243USAFree
Moving Guardian321214USAFree




Medical review sites are the best for medical practitioners who want to enhance their online reputation. The list of sites given below is for doctors, clinics, and general wellness.

Review SiteDATFCFCountryFree/Paid
Healthy Hearing545446USAFree
Treat Well525048UKFree
eHealth Scores441931USAFree
Doctors Dig431617USAFree
Hearing Tracker411747USA, UK, CAN, AUS, NZ, IEFree
Where is my Doctor39924AllFree
Real Patient Ratings363036USAFree
Lotus Guide282427USAFree
Clinic Search261923USAFree
Doctor Canada16919CANFree




People usually go through online reviews before purchasing any software or using any. The user reviews help a great deal to decide which software is reliable.

Review SiteDATFCFCountryFree/Paid
G2 Crowd654449AllFree
Web Retailer483242AllFree



Pest control

Pest control services are needed by probably everyone. If you provide pest control services, then your must go through the given list of niche review sites.

Review SiteDATFCFCountryFree/Paid
Angie’s List924853USAFree/Paid
Find Pest Control22613USAFree
Local Pest Controllers16612USAFree

SEO Basics for beginners to rank your website in 2018 – 22 tips

a website without seo is like a billboard in the desertWhat’s SEO and is it needed to rank your website in 2018?

Search engine optimization can be regarded as an umbrella term describing all the methods of increasing your website’s visibility and ensure the contents of the site are easily found on the search engine results pages (SERPs). It involves on-page SEO activities like technically making adjustments to the website behind the scenes to make it more visible. The other methods are the off-page promotional activities used to raise the visibility of your websites like social media marketing and link-building. Visibility, in this case, means how high your site ranks in the SERPs for certain search terms in the organic results section rather than the paid sections. Professional SEO services Miami can help you achieve very high organic SERPs to drive more traffic to your site. The paid results also form part of search engine marketing and play a significant role in generating traffic to your website.

Why you need SEO

When you build a simple yet robust site with easy navigation, search engines will index your site very fast without a struggle. This site also provides users with a pleasant experience when using it hence repeat visits. User experience is gaining importance since Google now considers it as a factor in its site ranking algorithms. SEO has played a significant role in driving traffic to sites that have employed its use indicating its importance in today’s website ranking. A study done in 2014 suggested that 64% of all traffic originated from organic searches whereas 2% came from social media, 6% from the paid searches, 12% from direct searches while the remaining 15% came from other sources. In general, between 70 to 75% of website traffic come from organic searches.
As at 2015, Google accounted for 90% of all organic traffic globally hence the need to have a strong SERPs on Google. To achieve this, professional social media management services are required to help you design a strategy that can result in increased traffic organically. Those websites that dominate the internet appear between position 1 to 5 in the SERPs on Google and account for 67.6% of all clicks with those from six to ten accounts for only 3.73%. This means your site should be found in the top five results for you to dominate Google.

Search engines look for the following:

SEO Tips Visualized1. Relevance
When a user keys in a search query, the search engine tries to look for the most relevant result to display no matter how simple the query, like “who is Ryan Gosling?” to the more complex ones like “what is the closest steak restaurant from me?” using their own unique algorithms search engines decipher your search terms and provide the results. These algorithms are designed differently to consider particular factor among them relevancy in the page and content of your website. This means your web content should be created to solve specific user problem in a specific way for it to be found by Google.


google wants quality content

Google doesn’t care about fancy images, they want well written, updated content.

2. Content quality
When you regularly publish useful and helpful articles, and other popular media meant for regular people not just for search engine bots then your site will rank high. Google is moving more towards content that helps a visitor rather than just keywords that lead to poor materials. Google is moving deeper towards longer-form content in its ranking. Keywords need not worry you so much, instead focus on user experience since the quality content is getting more weight in 2018 over keywords.






user experience for SEO3. User experience
Providing excellent user experience is a sure way to encourage more visits and a better SERPs ranking. A searchable site with internal linking relevant to the user can keep the visitor longer on your site and makes them hungry for more. Miami web design services can help you achieve this success with your current or new website making it very navigable and exciting to use.


page speed is important for seo4. Site speed
Search engines are becoming more interested in how fast your web pages load. Very soon Google will start labeling search results from Accelerated Mobile Page hosts. This may spell a death knell for a slow website which may not see rankings anywhere near the top 100 pages in searches due to slow loading.


Mobile-friendly-or-not-mobile-friendly-for-seo5. Compatibility across devices
Optimizing your website contents across all devices is an excellent way to improve your site ranking. When the site is compatible with any screen size, it is referred to ass mobile optimized, and Google is supporting the responsive designs as a preference to the non-responsive sites. With professional Miami web design services, your website will be designed in a way that both users and the search engines will like.


internal linking for seo

Internal linking passes power or “juice” for page to page boostering the overal power of your website and intern helps google rankings.

6. Internal Linking
To gain more trust, you need to build linkages with other relevant sites. In addition to designing an easy-to-navigate site, you need to have internal linkages can help bring more traffic and have Google trust your site more. This has advantages including:
– providing your visitors with further reading that are relevant and easy to click and follow to.
– Help improve your site ranking for specific keywords. Linking an article from other posts will tell Google that whatever content you have is helpful to users as long as you use different anchor texts.
– Helps in crawling and indexing of your site. The Google bots that are sent every so often will find your content to be helpful to users, therefore, marking your site as trustworthy the more your internal links are crawled.


search engine ranking factors pie chart7. Authority
When users, search engines, and other websites trust your website, it becomes and authority in the area it specializes in or in the industry. And when your site has a link from a reliable internet site, you have their vote of confidence, and the more of such links you have and the more the high-quality content you publish, the higher the chances your site will be viewed as an authority.
Things are however changing, and each year something shifts in the search algorithm Google uses and these backlinks may not be as relevant as they have been. However, it is still a good practice for improved rankings.



8. Title tags and meta descriptions
Our Miami SEO Services focus on all aspects including meta descriptions to make your website rank better in SERPs. It may not improve the rankings but will definitely increase the chances of a user clicking on your results. The Meta tags appear below the URL in the search results and can help the user to find what they are searching for.
Something under 156 characters will be enough as long as it is clear and relevant to the content and the headline. It tells the visitors and search engine that your site is the right one with the desired content in the shortest way possible. When you place keywords in the title tags and meta tags they will show up in search results highlighted, this means your site has higher chances of being clicked. Write the tags with keywords for the search engine as well are ensuring relevance to the user.

meta-description and title tags for seo 9. Schema markup
Adding schema markups to the pages HTML makes your search results appear attractive. This helps turn the search results into a vibrant media campaign with images, customer ratings, and star-ratings among other valuable information to entice the user. Schema is a straight forward method to markup for Google search engine.

what is schema markup

Above examples show how schema markup can help your listings stand out.

Use alt text to describe images10. tag images accurately
Social media packages from a good firm should include the services of tagging all your pictures and adding alt attributes as they are uploaded. Google does not see the images you upload though it reads the alt text to include. This text should, therefore, be as accurate as possible to increase the chances of the images appearing in search results. This can also help those using screen reader applications as the images have been described properly.


long-tern-seo-content-which-is-evergreen-content11. Evergreen content
When you publish advice based articles instead of quick win news, your site will benefit from the long-term success that drives traffic for a long time and makes the site visible in SERPs. Content that helps people solve their problems will earn you more trust and high-ranking more than the gossip or perishable news articles.



12. Domain names
Miami web design services usually advise their clients on the best and affordable ways to increase rankings. Among these is choosing the correct domain name. Using sub-directory root domains like for your website design is better in accessibility and overall site architecture compared to using sub-domains like category.seo.mysite. com. Also, avoid hyphenating your website domain like If possible, stay away from the top-level domain names such as .info, .name and .biz as they are considered spammy.
Google can closely scrutinize a domain name with keywords for quality and relevant content. Using keywords in the domain name is beneficial, but the scrutiny may result in your site being de-prioritized therefore suffer negatively. Using a site without the www prefix may lead to Google assuming that the when the user types the prefix then that means a different website. Make sure it redirects even when the user types the prefix to prevent your site visibility being compromised.

seo url optimization perma links13. Using headlines and permalinks
To ensure your headlines are completely visible in the SERPs, they should be under 55 characters in length. Snappy and attractive headlines that completely describes the contents will give you more traffic. Stay away from click baits; headlines that are so attractive but do not deliver what they promise regarding content. There are social media management services to take you through 2018 ensuring your site ranks high on the search engine results.
The URL or permalinks can always be altered even after it has been automatically set. They don’t have to match the headline and Google allow three to four keywords to be used in the permalinks with the most important one coming first. It is time you maximize on every available option to push your website to the top and dominate Google without spending much.


Use Comments Section in your posts14. Comments
Have your comment system turned on to encourage your community to engage and dialogue with you under each post. This is another way of creating new content for Google. It also shows that visitors care enough for the content and value the quality. Google will regard the article as helpful depending on the engagement it generates, and you can actively remove spam comments that pass through the filter and add a nofollow value to the comments that are no helpful to your article so that Google will ignore it.


local seo services in Miami15. Local SEO
Google is increasingly serving users as per their location especially when it comes to businesses. When you register your business locally with Google My Business, use an accurate and updated information to catch the user’s attention. Include details like opening and closing times, working days, customer reviews, contact information and the correct business category.






social media marketing services16. Social
Social media marketing plays a very significant role in increasing your site’s visibility in SERPs. Having social media packages that work for your website can improve significantly on the results page through these non-technical SEO methods. An effective social media strategy includes being present in all the relevant social media channels. Use the content as a customer service opportunity and interact with your audience genuinely in an entertaining yet helpful manner.



What to look out for to avoid search engine penalties on your site and wastage of resources that may not elicit any response from Google search engine ranking:


keyword stuffing is harmful for the website1. keyword stuffing
When you overuse keywords on your pages and article, it affects the readability, and no one knows if Google still uses keywords as a tool to rank sites.

2. Link buying
Excessive linking to sites may not earn you any benefit after all. So spending on buying links may be a waste of money. The best links are those from authority sites in your industry or niche.

3. Annoying ads
Too many ads that keep popping up when a user is reading something can be so boring. They also slow down your site speed resulting in low repeat visits.

4. Mobile App
When you present your mobile visitors with the option to download your app to read the content, then Google will not consider your site as mobile-friendly hence lower preference since Google prefers hosting from accelerated mobile pages.

5. Duplicate contents
Google will index only one page from several similar contents in different websites. Some sites scrap your site content and republish them, therefore, stealing your traffic. Ensure your content is original to contribute to your better ranking on Google SERPs.

hidden-seo-links6. Hidden links and texts
Some people hide links in a single character like a comma or hide text by using white font against a white background, positioning texts off screen or using a zero font size. These can be used to manipulate rankings but can results in Google punishing you for these tricks. SEO services Miami have all the skills and expertise to help you strategize for and develop a practical SEO plan that can be effective in 2018.

Getting ranked in the Local Google Maps 2018 SEO Guide 6

Getting ranked in the Local Google Maps 2018 SEO Guide

When you start a business, the first approach you always think of is how to get more and more clients and customers and how to increase user satisfaction and comfort. Your clients should be able to easily locate you and reach out to you. When a user will look out for your business on Google and come across a map for your business, he might want to come to you. A lot of people today rely on Google maps for an easy direction to their destination. Not many people realize the importance of Google Maps SEO. You can utilize this opportunity to make a mark for yourself. You must submit all the necessary details in Google Maps.

Google has made some changes for local listings in SERPs. Google now displays only top 3 businesses when a user searches for any local service providers. It is called a city’s 3-pack. It is very difficult yet important to get your business in your city’s 3-pack. It is very important to put your address correctly on your business page. If not, your listing will appear for some location around your city.

Google Maps Ranking Local SEO

Google 3-pack listing example


Let us have a look at the 10 most valuable Google Maps ranking factors to keep in mind to get a good and high Google map ranking:

1. Use the main keywords in your Google My Business Name:
Using relevant keywords in your business name can help attract your local user traffic. When you use your main service keyword along with your location, there are more chances that Google might index you. For example, a Miami user is looking the best pizza outlets around him and your company(say your company name is ABC) does the same, you can consider having your Google My Business Name as “ABC PIzza Joint in Miami”.

If you have a high ranking keyword in your business name, Google considers you a business with good web authority and your ranking may gradually increase.It is one of the Google My Business secrets now everyone knows about. You can even change your name, address and phone number on the major platforms based on these keywords to get better ranking.

2. Chose maximum and correct categories for your business:
Chose as many relevant categories as possible so that if not one, then the other may help you rank better.

local seo guide 2018

Chose the best and relevant business categories

Google My Business categories are not always an exact match for all the businesses. You might have to choose something close to yours. The best way to do this is to type your main keywords in Google along with the major cities and see what categories come up. Choose those categories as your primary business category. Also, choose as many secondary relatable categories as possible so that your chance of getting a good ranking may increase.

3. Register on local citations:
Your local SEO depends largely on your presence on all the major local citations. Registering your business on local citations results in increased local traffic. Register on your local chamber of commerce website. Some good citation sites are:

  •, can i improve my google maps ranking

Make sure to register on the citation sites that have a good web reputation and are indexed by Google.

4. Fix your on-page issues:
Make sure you regularly keep fixing your on-site issues that come up so that you do not lag behind. Keep your website user interface updated and user-friendly. Make it easy for your user to use and navigate your website. Make your website mobile friendly. The maximum number of people today use mobile for any local search on Google. The web page you link to your Google map listing should have sufficient and relevant content. Make sure your page content has your keywords and images with alt tags and geo-tag. Put links to an authoritative website at the right and relevant keywords. Your major on-page issues may include-

  • meta tags
  • proper use of keywords
  • page url, etc.
    fix on page issues for google maps ranking


There are many tools that can help you analyze your on page issues and fix them. Here will be taking Semrush as an example.

The name, address and phone number(NAP) of your site should be correct at all places throughout the web.  Make sure it is consistent throughout. One way of improving your site ranking on Google map listing is avoiding pages with duplicate content. If there are two pages that link to the same page, just copy the content from the page that is not linked to your map listing to the content that is linked. Then you can 301 redirect the old page to the new page. This trick brings in a lot of traffic.



5. Improve your site’s social reputation:
Focus on how to get more and more likes, shares and comments on your social platforms. From the search engine point of view, the site that has more social media presence is better than others. Improve site reputation for better rankingYou can hire a good and reputed SEO company that will handle your social media presence. You can also get also get increased site traffic with this trick. Some good social media platforms to use are-

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Tumblr, etc


6. Get customer reviews:
A site with good customer reviews is always put at the top of SERPs by Google. The more people click on your website, the more will your web authority increase. Put the link to your Google map listing in your business card, email signatures and other necessary points for your business so that people may visit and reviews your business there. Do not try getting a lot of reviews all at once. Try doing it slowly and naturally so that Google does not consider it my business secrets


7. Get press releases for your website:
This way you not only get backlinks but also increased web exposure. When users will see our business name and links in various places, it will develop a good impression on them and you may gradually develop a loyal, satisfied and dedicated customer base.

8. Write guest posts:
Publish guest posts on good websites that have a strong web reputation and put your website links in it. The more your website links will be on the web, more will be your ranking on google. Do not do it too much and too quick because Google might consider it spamming. First go with the initial steps, like submitting your videos, images etc and then do guest posts. Use high ranking keywords in your posts and do not forget to share your posts on various social media platforms.local seo strategy 2018

9. Google domain authority stack:
You can use the backlinks you have put up on various authority pages without getting penalized. This can be done with the help of the Google domain authority stack. This can largely influence your Google maps and organic ranking on Google.

10. Be patient throughout the process:
Nothing good happens overnight. Keep doing your work and using the relevant methods and let the Google ranking come in naturally. There are many off-page and on-page techniques that need to be done to get a good Google reputation and ranking. Keep adding your guest posts on good sites and you will see the outcome gradually.

You can hire a good and experienced SEO company that may help you do all this with a professional approach. This way you may see better results in your site ranking.

Citations for local SEO- why you need them

What are the citations in SEO and why you need them to rank in Google

In SEO, citations are the references online to a business’s name, address, and phone number, also known as NAP. They are important because Google uses them to evaluate the authority of your website online. However, they are different from links because they do not need to be linked back to your website for your business to be accredited for them. (more…)

Web Design and SEO Services

Doral Web Design and SEO Services

link building strategies in 2018

5 SEO link building strategies in 2018

No matter how advanced your SEO training or expertise is, online success will depend on the content you put out and the links that point to your website for link building strategies in 2018. We all work hard to create high-quality content, but without high-quality backlinks, our websites will simply not rank.


Can a website rank high without backlinks?

We are 110% sure that the answer is no! Below is why:

  • Backlinks are Google’s key ranking factor;
  • They connect the internet;
  • It refers to great content that deserves to rank high;
  • They are a symbol of trust;
  • Use of Backlinks helps Google discover authoritative websites.

We’re almost entering the year 2018 and many digital marketers can’t help but wonder how to get backlinks and what changes to expect moving forward. What SEO techniques will work and what won’t? Keep reading how we can help with your SEO Services in Miami for local rankings.

When it comes to link building strategies in 2018, there are some full-proof methods that you need to stay ahead in today’s competitive digital marketing landscape. Below are 5 strategies:

1. Invest in original data and research

Link buildingOriginal data and research are valuable and one of the best ways to build high-quality links. Most digital marketers know that this is the most efficient way to ensure that their content ranks as authoritative and trustworthy.


When you have creative rights to your original content, the number of links to your website and blog will be higher than those with unoriginal content. This type of asset is a Cornerstone article.

The word “Cornerstone” is key because the data and research help to build several other posts. Many online marketers and bloggers can create infographics, shareable posts and so much more just from a single Cornerstone article.

Tips on creating a Cornerstone asset as part of Link Building Strategies:

• Choose a topic that your audience will value and want to read about.

• Research and compile your findings. Your research should be original and the structure must stand out from all others on the same topic. Basically, you want to look at the same topic from a different perspective.

• Publish your work but remember to add elements like graphics, videos, and share it with the world.

• Develop new content from your research and create a series of posts, videos, and much more.
• Promote and share all content of your research.

2. Paid and sponsored links

Most whitehat SEO practitioners will tell you that getting paid backlinks are a really bad idea. This is because if done wrong, you could get banned from Google and the penalty might take years to recover from. However, there are some paid links techniques that are legitimate.

Paid and sponsored links

Don’t just go out and pay a company to give you a backlink, rather use methods like customer reviews, event sponsorship, guest posting etc.

Using the above methods will earn you some valuable links depending on the referrers credibility. Paid links are illegal in Google’s books, so if you decide to try it, bear in mind that it is a high-risk venture. Only those who know how should attempt it.

In some situations, your links can seem spammy even when you have done everything right. This generally happens if you rush the link building process. It is best to slowly build your backlinks and keep it between 1-20 every month. But, if you are just starting out with building links for your website, you should keep it between 1 or 2 and increase the links over time.

Also, the websites you choose are important. Some domains and web content are low quality and when you are linked to these websites, the link juice you receive will generally be low quality. If the website has a lot of spammy outbound links, it may not be the best choice for your website. Keep reading for tips on link building strategies in 2018.

3. Brand mentions and social networking

Shareable content on social media is the newest way to promote your links. The more people that like the content you post and share it, the faster it will be to grow your brand.

Social Networking

Because content sharing is what people do on social media, great and valuable content will usually get you the attention you deserve. There are some strategies that will help you with link building strategies in 2018:

Monitoring and analytics

These tools will help you know when you are mentioned when your content is shared, and when you get new followers. Keeping an eye on your social metrics will point out the content that is doing well.

Research shareable content

The best content for your social media campaign is the one that is shareable and engaging. Always create high-quality content that is tailored to your audience and keep it authoritative.

Publish share and spread the word

The great thing about social media is that you don’t have to wait for others to share your content. You can simply publish, share and generally toot your own horn!


This is a great way to share your content on multiple social networks. Because you posted it last month does not mean that you can’t post it again. Measure the engagement of every post and reuse those that worked well. You can change things around a bit, but remember they did well the first time for a reason.

4. Video marketing

Many Miami SEO agencies now understand the value and importance of videos. Link Building Strategies in 2018 involved video marketing and the same method will be even more effective in 2018.

Many digital marketers have jumped on the bandwagon. Granted that many of our links are attributed to YouTube, but you can still create valuable links with brand mentions and from posting videos directly on your website.

Video Marketing

It’s easy to get started video marketing with self-hosted videos on social media. Simply create the content and post it on your website before sharing. Remember to always mention your website URL in your videos and request for comments and feedback.

5. Industry-specific interviews

This might not be a popular strategy or even plausible in your industry. But, if you are a brand who is claiming authoritativeness and expertise, then an industry-specific interview will help promote your business and build links.

It is a great Cornerstone asset that many will help you create more content, increase user-generated content (UGC), and increase engagement.

As long as it is original, people will link back to the interview just make sure you have valuable things to say on the topic.

First though, research the topic, make sure you are being interviewed by the right person (like an influencer or a major customer), and provide insightful, engaging and valuable answers to their questions. Providing people with new insights on a topic is a great way to rank your content.


Not all backlinks are equal, so you need to be very careful when building links to your website. Make sure that your links are relevant and that people will want to share or create UGC. Most importantly, associate your links with great content. Your website users will be happy and Google will reward you by placing you higher in the search results and your business will grow.

If you need help in creating Link Building Strategies in 2018, contact us here. We are a Miami SEO firm that can make sure that the links you build are natural. You don’t want Google to conclude that you’re trying to manipulate its search algorithm, so unless you are skilled at link building, SEO help from an experienced internet marketing services company is the best strategy.

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