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What are Niche Edits Backlinks?

Niche Edits, Niche Edit or also known Curated Links are basically a contextual anchor link inserted into a quality aged guest post, blog post or page that already exists which means it has already been indexed by Google. Being already ranked by Google is what makes this one of the strongest links you can buy/get via manual outreach and as white hat and clean as you can get.

Niche Links – Niche Edits offer much better link juice because Google loves good quality aged articles with nice traffic and naturally built authority.

Unlike Guest Posts which is the closest to real links as it gets, guest posts you get a link from a new post or page that has zero authority or internal power, niche edits have juice already which sends back to your site.

We don’t use any kind of PBN’s or sites that we own or work from a predetermined list. Every link will be manual outreach, from real websites, real owners and real content written for a real person. Buy niche edits links today! It may seem like a new terminology but it has been around for a long time at least the process but it is surely one of the most popular link building strategies for 2019.


Real Websites

Niche edit links are placed on genuine websites that are created by genuine people and not SEO.

Free Website Traffic

Real Traffic

Backlinks are placed on good old websites that have genuine organic site traffic.

rankings increase

Real Rankings

Authority links give long term and better search engine rankings.

Do these curated links really give good results?

Of course, they do! let us discuss why!


Creating links on Authority Websites will give you genuine and natural organic site traffic.

The main goal of off-page SEO should be to acquire links from the sites of your niche. Getting these links from aged sites is a good idea which is why contextual backlinks from niches is important. But it will be even better if you place your links on authority sites that are aged and relevant to your niche. This is because such links rank already better on the search engines and have good organic traffic!!

Niche edits are the most natural and curated links you can get. Such sites are already indexed and crawled by search engines which means they trust it and not fake or hidden like PBN links. Because of their age, search engines trust them more. Get these curated links today and help you move up in the serps with real niche curated backlinks. We do 100% real manual outreach link building each time and not charge you a big price like serpninja or outreach kins which means lots of people will get that same link.

hmm…Not sure how to get genuine backlinks?

We will tell you how!

Choose Your Package

  • Chose the number of outreach links you need.
  • For local SEO campaigns,  5 or 10 packs are great.
  • If it is for an affiliate site the 20+ packages are the best option.

Select The Details

  • All you have to do is just fill the form on our site
  • Enter the URLs and keywords for them
  • Click on submit

Processing Of Your Order

  • Our team will get the best sites and content for your keywords
  • Out of them, our team will select the best sites to create natural links
  • Once we place all the URLs, we will provide you a report with your natural links

You want to see metrics,  don’t you?

The metric we focus the most on is referring domain. Optimum trust flow ranges from 5 to 50. In the examples given below, you can see the power of niche edits. This may vary for different niches although.

The images shown above are just an example of what authority links are capable of doing. 

What are you waiting for?

Sample Packages Below

The Tester
1x Backlink Insertion DA 10-20

1 anchor text, 1 URL each link

  • You get one niche relevant link with a minimum of 20-50 referring domains

$ 35 / link
one time payment


Lil punch!
4x Backlink Niche Insertions DA 10-40

1 anchor text, 1 URL each link

  • 2x DA 10-20
  • 1x DA 10-30
  • 1x DA 20-40

$ 49.75 / link
one time payment


Lets get some JUICE!
6x Backlink Insertions DA 10-60

1 anchor text, 1 URL each link

  • 2x DA 10-20
  • 2x DA 10-30
  • 1x DA 20-40
  • 1x DA 30-60

$ 58 / link
one time payment


Click above to see more bulk buy packages and best prices.

Want to know more about what we can do for you? 

Select from the topics below to know about them in detail!


Our inventory for link placements is created by hobby bloggers and good authority sites from your niche. These are not just any random guest posts people sell. The content that we use is already indexed and crawled by search engines. We furthermore edit it to place your links which is why they are called niche edit links on authority sites.

One of the most important factors in SEO are referring domains, more than any third party metrics probably. Thus, the inventory for each site is divided into different categories depending on the referring domain, such as:

  • DA 10-20 | 20-100 Referring Domains
  • DA 10-30 | 100-250 Referring Domains
  • DA 20-40 250-500 Referring Domains
  • DA 30+ | 500+ Referring Domains

Each site has genuine natural traffic!

Since authority edits are of better quality than the PBNs, they may cost a little more.

The payment mode is one-time payment and links are placed permanently.

We offer a 3 month guarantee that if any of your links drop off for any reason we will replace it.

Each package has limitations on the number of keywords and URLs to be used.

This is because it involves manual work like finding the right site for your niche.

In comparison to PBNs, niche edits are much safer. These are genuine sites built for a genuine purpose. These are not just any random blogging sites or guest post submission sites. The best part is that these are all white hat links and thus there is the least risk of any Google penalty.

Google bots consider these sites as natural sites!

We are open to provide our services for any type of niches.

We take a 20-30 business day turnaround time. We try to finish our orders as soon as possible!

We can not provide refunds once our work starts. We wait for 24 hours after your order is placed. If we are not able to process your order due to any reason, we can refund you your money!

We can replace a link if it is lost within 3 months.

Not sure if this works? See our 5star reviews on Legiit.

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