Social media marketing for your business in 2018 is a must

Why your business needs a social media marketing in 2018

Stuck in the past

Some business owners, usually older businesses are reluctant about social media marketing use for their business and believe it to be non-important. Well they are dead wrong for two very important reasons. Reason number one, that’s where your clients and prospects are spending a majority of their time. Reason number two is simply because Google says so and Google rules internet searches.

Older companies tend to believe that the way they have done business has worked for decades and will continue to. Unfortunately, that is not true, and the new generation of buyers now are millennials. Millennials are technology savvy and want brand transparency. The way of doing business has changed and evolved, and if your business doesn’t adapt, your competition will outrank you and you will find your business struggling.

How does social media marketing benefit my business?

By using various social media marketing avenue, you target a variety of prospects that you may not reach otherwise. On LinkedIn you will reach an older decision maker, but on Instagram you will connect with a millennial lead. Either way, both leads may be equally important to your bottom line.

Social media platforms not only allow you to connect with your audience, clients and prospects, on a more personal level but they also allow you to show your authority in your niche. Social media marketing engagement is a long-term endeavor and is best achieved with high quality content.

Look at Facebook for example, a leading company worldwide. A social media platform like Facebook will allow you to rank higher in searches because their website is so well high ranked as a power house online. However, it is not that simple, and it does require you to have some basic details done correctly such as claiming your business page with your business name showing properly. Once you have your page correctly set up, what will your clients and leads see on the page? Do you have content you have shared about industry relevant information? Have you shared past work? Behind the scenes?

Social media marketing for social proof

Social media marketing does not only helps you with online search rankings, but also provides social proof. When a millennial search online for their next potential vendor, you, they will Google your business to check your website but also see if you have social proof. Do you have a social media presence and what are people saying about you? All these little details matter in deciding on whether they will consider you as an option or not.

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So, the next time you think that social media marketing is irrelevant to your business and your bottom line, think again. Social media marketing is a crucial part of a business’ marketing plan and is not going anywhere. If you do not know how to properly set up your social media pages for full optimization, contact us and we will be happy to help. We also offer social media management if you do not have the knowledge or time to handle it.

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