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Top 5 reasons why fresh content is important for your website

Your website is a unique identity over the internet just like any other website. Each fresh content update or amount of change that you make on your “live” website plays a deciding role in its interaction with users and search engines. 

However, a static website does not has such frequent changes and is considered as a dead entity over the internet by search engines. When you frequently update your website with fresh content, it acts as a source of new information by search engines for any user search query. Search engines will love you if you regularly update your website with fresh content.

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Reasons why fresh content and regularly update are important


Frequent Indexing

This does not mean that your website will have higher indexing with regular fresh content. But, if your content will be fresh more often and there will be more article postings and downloads on your website, search engines will index your site more frequently. With frequent indexing, your chances of getting higher indexing will automatically increase. 

Web crawlers are used by search engines to scan the whole database of websites over the internet. The indexing is done by these web crawlers depending on the Google algorithms changes. For example, some factors that determine the indexing of a website can be-

  1. Incoming fresh links to the website
  2. Quality and quantity of keywords used
  3. Frequency of update on your site, etc

Each time you update your site with fresh content, the ranking of your website is impacted by the freshness of the added content. Therefore, frequent updates with fresh content on your website can also increase your chances of getting better ranking on search engines.

Remember that updating plenty of new content is not the key. The key here is to update good quality content is critical for your website. Stuffing your website with plenty of content all at once can penalize your website.

Google favors frequent updates in content

It is nothing new to say that Google is the most used search engine. Google has a huge impact on how websites are made and designed. Google has always loved the sites that keep on updating their site with fresh content. So you must update your website as often as possible.

Frequent changes, changes, however, do not mean that you keep on making unnecessary changes or posts at every hour of the day. You can update your site once a day or at least 2 to 3 times a week.

google loves content

Googlebot always looks for new or updated web pages and then indexes the fresh content on the Google search results. When your content is reliable and fresh, your chances of better Google ranking increase with each update.

In order to get noticed, you can make changes to your content, or add an image or video. The best way is to add a blog section on your website and keep on updating it with a fresh blog post that your viewers notice. Even a user comment on your blog is considered as updates to your page. Therefore, you should focus on writing content that gets user attention.

More content means more keywords

Fresh content means more usage of keywords on your website. The Google search engine algorithms for indexing and rank boosts give priority to keywords. Fresh content in blogs or articles gives more opportunities to optimize your website to attract visitors.

Suppose you have an insurance quote website. Twice or thrice a week, you can post fresh content in the form of custom blogging and articles based on different topics of insurance. With every new content, you introduce more and better keywords in your website. This will improve your website in the eyes of search engines.

Remember that every Google update does not see how many keywords your content has. It focuses on targeted keywords quality rather than keyword quantity. Keywords are an important part of SEO strategy. But your whole search engine optimization activities can not be dependent on keywords completely. Your content must have your keywords bt should be placed naturally in your content. There should be no keyword stuffing. You can write fresh content that answers a question, explains how to do something or provides information on something they want.

Improves your online authority

Every website owner wants to become a top authority in his niche for Google. The best seo tactics for this can be to understand that “content is king”. Add informative, valuable content on your website related to your industry and your website will enjoy greater authority potential. content is king

You can analyze your competitor website. You will observe that the best sites of your niche have plenty of relevant content that Google has indexed. Your chances of becoming a high authority site website in your niche can increase if you have valuable content on your website on a particular subject.

As a smart digital marketing strategy, you can update the latest industry news on your news sites. With every update of a news story on your website, another page is created and also indexed by Google.

When you write great content on a given hot topic, your online authority becomes stronger and the trust of your website also enhances. When users start to trust your website, they are likely to purchase more from you. You can begin to enhance your website trust with social media and social shares. Social signals are important to monitor your seo results. Answer relatable questions on forums, post great content on your website blog, or comment on good blogs from your industry.

Your audience is informed and updated

When you update your website with fresh content frequently, your current subscribers are always up to date. Also, your new visitors have the chance of converting into customers. With the help of an RSS feed, you can update your subscribers each time fresh content is posted on your website. Audience engagement helps in developing long term relationship with users and also get more returning traffic adding value to your site.

keep your audience updated with content

If you have a small business and give any services or products, then posting fresh content on your website can improve your site traffic and revenue. If a user is coming to your site through a link building on a search engine, then you must make sure that your page content is able to convince them that your products and services are the best choices for their requirements. Have some articles on customer satisfaction and feedback. Tell them why should they use your services. The more information you will provide to your potential clients, they more easily will he be able to take any decision.

Fresh content on a regular basis also eliminates the duplicate content error that is a great concern in onpage seo. Give your website the deserved freshness through updated content or modifying existing content or post new content on your website. Importance of fresh content and updating old content is directly related to your site authority and trust. Publishing new content is critical in deciding the number of returning users to your website for the user searches relevant to your content.

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