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How Much Should You Be Paying For SEO?

How Much Should You Be Paying For SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) focuses on improving your search results to get you found on search engines, in particular, Google. SEO practices increasing traffic to your site through organic results. However, the hope is that the traffic you are getting is quality leads that turn into customers. The important question many people tend to ask themselves is how much should I be paying for SEO?

The four main goals of SEO are:

  • Improve rankings
  • Drive traffic
  • Increase awareness
  • Create relationships

Living in a digital world has turned SEO into a necessity rather than an extra. There is less print, less cold calls, and more online interactions. With that being said SEO should be an expense that is included in your ongoing marketing budget. The question then becomes how much money should you be allocating to this initiative?

Answering the cost of SEO is quite difficult for a few reasons. Different agencies charge clients differently, and experience plays an important role in how they charge. Typically SEO marketing agencies work on an hourly rate. Thanks to a poll created by Moz we know that on average the rate for SEO work ranges anywhere from $75 to $175 based on experience. Hourly rates aren’t the only way agencies work. Some agencies agree to work on performance-based or on monthly retainers. If you employ an agency based on a monthly retainer the average monthly budget is between $1500 to $3000 again based on experience.

What we do know for sure is that the saying “you get what you pay for” still plays true in the matter of SEO. Those who are willing to do the work for an unusually low price should typically be avoided as to ensure your SEO isn’t done using black hat techniques. Black hat techniques are strategies that can land you on the bad side of Google and may result in penalties. These techniques that you should look out for and avoid involve:

  • Cloaking
  • using unrelated keywords
  • gateway pages
  • spam blogs
  • duplicate content
  • hidden text
  • page swapping
  • link farms
  • domain squatting
  • cookie stuffing
  • and more

All frowned up by Google.

When allocating your SEO budget talking to a specialist will help you to better understand what your costs will look like. An agency will look thoroughly into your site and determine a plan of action. Factors that determine cost are:

  • where your site is currently in terms of design and SEO optimization. what is your current situation?
  • where you want to be: what are your goals here? Traffic, revenue, ranking.
  • how much time you have. How fast do you want to improve and reach those goals?
  • If you are looking for long-term strategies or short-term

All of these can affect the cost. How many hours is the expert going to need to get you to where you want to be and over how much time do they have to do that. SEO results take time and don’t happen overnight. It will take up to 4 months to see any results of SEO work.

If you are willing to accept a longer frame of work you can split up the cost over a longer period of time and assign a smaller monthly budget. However if your site needs a lot of work and has been minimally optimized for SEO thus far and you want to get everything done in a shorter period of time and then halt your SEO efforts you will be looking at a higher cost due to the amount of work the SEO expert will have to complete in much less time.

Although we are aware that some people only maintain an SEO budget for a few months we do not suggest that you stop working on SEO altogether. Over time if you no longer work on your SEO techniques and remain up to date with the trends you results will wither, rankings will drop, traffic will start to decrease, and new customers will stop coming in from your site. We highly suggest that, if you are considering SEO for your marketing budget, you plan to keep it as an ongoing strategy.

As a general rule data provided by SBA, small businesses with revenues less than $5 million should allocate 7-8 percent of their revenues to marketing. This budget should be split between 1) brand development costs (which includes all the channels you use to promote your brand such as your website, blogs, sales collateral, etc.), and 2) the costs of promoting your business(campaigns, advertising, events, etc.).

Let’s take a quick look at the survey done by Moz that we mentioned earlier. The survey question was:

For those clients, your service with ongoing/multi-month contracts, what is the average client’s monthly billing?

Results were as follows:

  • 10% — less than $500
  • 27% — $500-1,000
  • 29% — $1,000-2,500
  • 20% — $2,500-5,000
  • 15% — $5,000-10,000

This survey wasn’t focused on specific business type or size and results are all relative, so we can assume that those who are paying less than $500 are small businesses. The level of difficulty of the project at hand and the scope of work play a role into these costs so be aware of the level of work that you are putting on the table for the SEO expert to tackle.

In conclusion, there is no set price for SEO so unfortunately, you will need to determine for yourself how much your business can afford and how much work needs to be done. Also, take into consideration competition for your industry. A highly competitive industry will take longer to rank above top competitors in so it will take some extra time and work.

So before setting a budget for SEO take the time to review your current standing, your goals, your competition, and your timeline. Then you can take the next step and get quotes from agencies based on the level of expertise and experience which suits your expectations. After speaking with an SEO expert you will have a better understanding of how much you need to set aside for these marketing efforts.

If your a small business and looking to get your website ranked in Google or interested in finding out more about SEO and digital marketing give us a call 305-677-9862 or fill out the form.

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How much should I pay for SEO services: SEO prices

The seo prices for SEO Services vary according to the project even for the best SEO agencies. SEO isn’t necessarily a one package fit for all. The factors that determine seo prices largely depend on the client budget. The cost of SEO allotted by the client determines what steps should be taken for their SEO Strategies. If you are looking for average SEO costs keep reading below.

When you allocate your SEO cost, talk to a seo specialist. This way you will better understand what your costs will look like. The seo top firms will analyze your site and decide on a plan of action.

Some main aspects that determine SEO Prices are: 

seo cost

1. Current Situation– If your company is new in its field, your SEO planner will have to start from the beginning. It will obviously cost you more since the SEO work will start from scratch. If you have an established company which has already undergone some SEO then it might cost less comparatively.
2. Objectives– You will have to make clear that why do you need SEO. You may either want to rank on top or get site traffic, or you just want to get user calls or emails. Your objectives also determine your SEO pricing.
3. Time Given– The time you want to give to SEO also determines SEO pricing. It is pretty obvious that a service that is given for long will demand more charges than the service which is given for a short duration.


All of these can affect the cost. How many hours is the expert going to need to get you to where you want to be and over how much time do they have to do that. SEO results take time and don’t happen overnight. It will take up to 4 months to see any results of SEO work.

Before you set a budget for monthly seo packages, review your current standing, goals, competitors, and timeline. Then you can ask for quotes from seo agencies regarding their seo packages based on their experience and skills. Hire a seo company that gives affordable seo services with the best results. Get in touch with an SEO expert for a better understanding of how much you need to set aside as seo consultant rates.

When you hire an SEO agency, try to keep trust in them from the beginning. Do not keep negative thoughts in mind that it will take more than sufficient money from you. Hire an agency that you can trust or have heard of. Do not keep any second thoughts in your mind.

How much should I pay for SEO services: SEO prices 1About your SEO Needs


Any SEO agency will keep in mind the following points while deciding the SEO prices for your company:

1. No matter how much you have spent on your website development. If your domain authority is not good, nothing is good. If your website is a new one, its domain authority will obviously be 0. Then the SEO agency will have to work from the beginning to enhance it. A website that has been published for a long time will have better domain authority and hence will require comparatively less time.

SEO prices
2. The number of backlinks your website has online also plays an important role. If there are sufficient and good backlinks available, Google will rank you better than your competitors. Thus, SEO work needed will not be very hectic.

3. It is important to check the site Domain authority. Any site that has a good reputation with Google will have a better Domain authority.

4. The content on your page is good enough or not, will be a challenge in SEO. Your website should have good and well-written content pages. Having a blog page on your website also is important in SEO.

5. You first have to whether you want an SEO plan for a national level or just at the local level. If your goal is the rank better nationally. then prices will obviously get hire because then your competition is also increased.

6. Your current website situation decides the time it will take to get the desired results. Some websites may start seeing the difference in a week while the others may take a couple of months.

7. You have to make your goals clear to the SEO company you hire. You want to get more customers or just increased site traffic, make it clear. Then only the SEO can be planned.


SEO Pricing includes many action plans. Some of them being like your whole website may need a redesign to become optimized, your website may need a lot of backlinks, quality content may need to be added to your website, etc. All these things need a lot of time and planning to give the best outcome.

average seo costs

SEO prices on an average in the US:

The SEO prices may vary depending on the company. But if we talk about an average SEO pricing, this chart may help you understand it better.

monthly seo packages

SEO pricing on an average in the US

When you plan to hire an SEO Agency for your business, they will make all sorts of promises of taking you to the top. Those promises might be made to build your trust in them. But you should always be cautious with some over the top promises like:

1. Do not believe them when they say that they can guarantee you 100% success. SEO is a constantly changing field. Google keeps on changing its algorithms in rules. So there is no fixed way to give you a guarantee. All they can do this try their best to give the best possible results.

2. You can not get instant results in SEO. You will at least need one week to see some significant results. There are certainly ways to get instant results, but those are considered to be wrong practices and against webmaster guidelines.

3. It is everybody’s wish to be on number one on Google. You sure can get there someday with continuous SEO efforts. But it becomes suspicious when someone says they guarantee you the number one spot.

4. When someone offers you way too much discount on their services, beware of them. They might give you way too much cheap services, but low prices usually give low-quality output.

5. When you plan to take link building services, make sure they are doing it in an ethical manner. Feel free to ask them that which platform do they use to get links related to your industry.


Typically SEO marketing agencies work on an hourly rate. Thanks to a poll created by Moz we know that on average the rate for SEO work ranges anywhere from $75 to $175 based on experience. If you employ an agency based on a monthly retainer the average monthly budget is between $1500 to $3000 again based on experience. 

The survey question was: “For those clients, your service with ongoing/multi-month contracts, what is the average client’s monthly billing?”

Results were as follows:

  • 10% — less than $500
  • 27% — $500-1,000
  • 29% — $1,000-2,500
  • 20% — $2,500-5,000
  • 15% — $5,000-10,000
How much should I pay for SEO services: SEO prices 2

Image source:

This survey wasn’t focused on specific business type or size and results are all relative, so we can assume that those who are paying less than $500 are small businesses.


We at Web Design Plus SEO take up the best and most suitable strategy for your website. Our seo prices range from $600 per month and up to $10,000+. Most of our plans fall in around $1500 fees. We work with all big or small clients and we understand that not everyone can’t afford big budgets, we work with you within your budget. Keeping this in mind, we rather work with you than against you. Once your business shows results, you will happily take more services from us. Many people seem to realize that SEO is basically an extension of your marketing department and you have to invest to grow.

Contact us for any details on our services.

SEO Basics- The 5 Simple Fixes for your SEO

SEO Basics- How to Quickly Optimize Your Website for Search Engines

What is SEO to begin with? SEO, search engine optimization, according to Wikipedia, is the process of affecting the online visibility of a website or a web page in a web search engine’s unpaid results—often referred to as “natural”, “organic”, or “earned” results.

SEO, has many aspects to it from the words used on your website to the links off your website. Search engine optimization is the language search engines use to read your website. It is also about creating a user-friendly experience for your web visitors.

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The right SEO can gain you thousands of visits, turning into potential customers and sales. However, the wrong SEO can bury you past page 4, and leave you unfindable.

The top 5 basics to your search engine optimization:

  • Page titles are probably one of the most overlooked issues that can make your website rank very quickly.
  • Links- You should be add them within your content. Add links to other pages to help you pass what the industry calls “link juice” to other pages.
  • Keywords are the main part of your SEO and need be done strategically. You want easy and relevant keywords to your business and industry. Your keywords shouldn’t be too popular either because they will become too hard to rank for.
  • Site maps is very important because this basically tells Google the structure of your website. It says your site starts here and these are the sub-pages. Google will check this often to see what’s new on your website.
  • URL structures– It is very important that your URLs include your keyword as that is part of what google looks for.

Search engine optimization is very complex. It is your job to help search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo crawl, search, your website. For example, a search engine cannot read an image, so it will read whatever label you have given that image.

It is true that you can do it on your own by searching information online, but the rules are constantly changing. Therefore, a professional agency like Web Design Plus SEO stays educated in these changes. For an evaluation of your website, please feel free to contact us.

Citations for local SEO- why you need them

What are the citations in SEO and why you need them to rank in Google

In SEO, citations are the references online to a business’s name, address, and phone number, also known as NAP. They are important because Google uses them to evaluate the authority of your website online. However, they are different from links because they do not need to be linked back to your website for your business to be accredited for them. (more…)

Blogging and content writing for your business website

Blogging and content writing for your business website

Blogging and content writing for your business website is a concept too often overlooked. You have a great responsive website, mobile friendly, and now you think people will find you. If you think your job is done, well, think again! You need a blog and content, and you need it on a regular basis. Blogging and content writing are important for various reasons.

Blogging and content writing for expertise


Social media marketing for your business in 2018 is a must

Why your business needs a social media marketing in 2018

Stuck in the past

Some business owners, usually older businesses are reluctant about social media marketing use for their business and believe it to be non-important. Well they are dead wrong for two very important reasons. Reason number one, that’s where your clients and prospects are spending a majority of their time. Reason number two is simply because Google says so and Google rules internet searches. (more…)

The Power of Social Media Marketing Web Design and SEO

The Power of Social Media Marketing

1: Defining social media marketing
2: Understanding why you need social media for your business
3: The 8 steps to creating a social media strategy plan
4: How can you track ROI with social media marketing
Firstly, social media is not going anywhere. So, the only decision you need to make is to embrace it. Therefore, accept all that it can offer your business or dismiss it. Also, it can let your competition run you out of business while they increase their social media presence. However, understand that you do need a social media marketing plan. Furthermore, Posting pictures on your personal page and handling a business social media pages are far from being the same.
Probably, consumers are already online shopping and interacting with brands. So, why not yours!
Power of Social Media Marketing
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Social Media Marketing is a form of marketing that delivers promotional marketing messages to the consumers with the help of internet. Also, Social Media Marketing involves the use of web-based channels to promote company’s brand, products, or services to its potential customers. Hence, The methods and techniques used for online marketing include email, social media, display advertising, search engine optimization, and more. Thus, Social Media Marketing helps in taking your business to great heights.

The Power of Social Media Marketing lies in the following benefits-

  • Increases brand awareness

Since Social Media has an immense reach, marketing on social media will help you address a larger audience base and attract your potential customer base.

  • Drives more traffic to your website

As you create a social media profile, you instantly enter within the range of your potential users. Furthermore, Social Media Marketing is all about adopting promotional strategies that directly help in driving more traffic to your website.

  • Your ranking increases on the search engines

When you hire a skilled SEO Service provider, they make all possible efforts in increasing your ranking in the search engines. Hence, Once your ranking increases you automatically start getting more customers.

  • More users become your customers

When a user visits your Social Media page and gets to know about your services, he will visit your website as well. Thus, This needs a proper Social Media Marketing Strategy to promote your brand.

  • A loyal customer base

People these days use Social Media to give their reviews or compliments on your brand. Therefore, The more your brand will be talked about the more customer base will get attracted to you.

  • Social media marketing is inexpensive

Since Creating an account on any social media platform is absolutely free. Also, It takes hardly 10 minutes to create a profile. So, When your profile starts engaging users, you can use the paid services of various platforms to reach a vast audience. Furthermore, It is comparatively cheaper than print media.

Top 9 best social media platforms for your business 3

Top 9 best social media platforms for your business

social media platforms

Top 9 best social media platforms for your business

Social media platforms are no longer for personal use only. Now, businesses and brands use social media as a part of their customer nurturing, client acquisition, marketing, and branding. A business, whether a small business or big corporation cannot afford to not be on social media platforms. [easy-tweet tweet=”SEO, search engine optimization now highly ranks social.” user=”WebDesignNseo” hashtags=”socialmediaplatforms”]. Hence, the more engaged you are on your social media platforms, the better your social proof and ranking. So, here are the 9 best social media platforms to use for your business or brand:


Facebook Fan PageUndoubtedly, Facebook is by far the biggest social media platforms. It is not only popular for personal use but for business as well. also, Facebook allows you to create a Facebook business page. They have also introduced a “Facebook local” option which is great for local businesses and local SEO. Thus, Every business should use their Facebook business page to engage with clients and prospects. So, use your page to share company news, valuable industry related information, behind the scenes pictures, new product launch, and more. Therefore, your business must have an updated Facebook business page and is not an option but mandatory.


Twitter PageTwitter allows you to connect with your clients and prospects in 140 characters. It is the platform for businesses to communicate live with their followers; like texting. Using Twitter for business gives your company or brand a personal interaction. You can also use Twitter to advertise specials, events, company news, and more.


Google Plus PageAlthough Google+ is not so much used as a social media platform it cannot be ignored by businesses due to SEO ranking. The platform is owned by Google, the biggest online search engine. For a business, especially local business not to have an updated business Google+ page is just an SEO no, no. Share professional information on this platform; videos are also great here.


Business on PinterestYes, Pinterest is not just for clothes and food recipes. Pinterest is actually one of the biggest growing social media platforms and underused by businesses and brands. Pinterest can be utilized by any type of business, not only because it now allows direct shopping options but for its SEO power. If you don’t have a business Pinterest page, get one today.


Business with SnapchatOkay, Snapchat is a tricky one, but it has grown greatly in 2016. Businesses and brands use it for behind the scenes updates, quick look at new product launches and just checking in videos. Snapchat does have a millennial audience so if that is your target, open an account immediately.


LinkedIn is the social media platform for professionals. You need to have a personal page and a business LinkedIn page. It is the place for more professional content and serious conversations. Your personal page should be current and your business page should be updated with fresh content. The SEO power of LinkedIn is also big, so don’t miss out.


Instagram for BusinessInstagram is all about images so get creative and share breathtaking pictures. You could share product images, people interacting with your products, behind the scenes, and more. Instagram is very visual and all about the hashtags. Your business should connect with influencers, connect with their followers, and use geotagging for local SEO.


Youtube for businessYouTube is all about videos and people have even created TV channels for their brands and business on it. Think about it, you can create hundreds of videos and host them for free. Also, let’s not forget Google, the biggest online search engine owns the platforms, making it an SEO must. You can record mini “how to” videos, commercials, etc. Thus, every business needs to have a YouTube channel and create some quality videos for it.


Business with PeriscopePeriscope is a live stream channel that allows you to connect instantly with your audience. Think about Periscope as your business’ free TV channel. The live streaming is great for Q&A platforms and fun behind the scenes videos. In 2016 your business must have a Periscope channel as live streaming social media platforms have become very powerful.

It is clear that social media engagement on social media platforms is no longer optional for businesses and brands. Some small business and medium size business have failed to realize that. Social media is a part of big corporate’s business and marketing plan and budget because it works. [easy-tweet tweet=”Is your business using social media effectively for social proof and SEO?” user=”WebDesignNseo” hashtags=”socialmediaplatforms”]

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If you’re in Miami or Doral area stop into our office for a social media or web design consultation.

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5 Best SEO Tips for your Facebook Business Fan Page 4

5 Best SEO Tips for your Facebook Business Fan Page

5 Best SEO Tips for your Facebook Business Fan PageCreating a Facebook business fan page might seem simple, but there is more to it then hitting the “create page” button and filling out spaces. Your Facebook business fan page represents your business online. It is an extension of your online marketing, and it counts greatly towards your online ranking. You Facebook business page is important and so treat it accordingly.

1/ Pick the best name for your Facebook page

Choosing your name for your Facebook page may sound simple and like a no-brainer but there is a science to it. Your Facebook name is a part of your SEO and should be relevant to your business name and also try to include a keyword in it. What you should keep in mind is, avoid making it too spammy. It should be an organic extension to your online marketing.

2/ Claim your Facebook business fan page URL

Claim your Facebook URL because it is heavily weighted in search engines algorithms. It is best to have it same as your company name if possible. But if not, use the same concept with your company name and a keyword. Many people do not think of claiming their Facebook’s page name and lose increase in search engine’s ranking because of it.

3/ Optimize your Facebook page

Just like any online marketing efforts, optimize your Facebook page also. Add your keywords to your Facebook business fan page in the description, about section, mission, and services. These sections are searched as SEO components so write it accordingly.

4/ Backlink your Facebook page

Use backlinks to navigate back to your Facebook business fan page by adding your URL online. You can simply do it with basics such as, on your website, your other business social media channels, your business blog, and anywhere else you can. Creating backlink for your Facebook page works the same as for your website. It creates organic links and increases your SEO efforts, ranking you higher.

5/ Optimize your Facebook’s page status

Facebook for Business

Just like on your blog and any marketing efforts, the beginning of your Facebook status updates must contain keywords. These are the first words to be crawled by the search engines and being used as your Meta words. For instance, if you share a blog post, always use your SEO friendly title and link it back to your blog with a backlink. For example, Quick blog preview with a read more “your website URL” sending the reader back to your blog. Bonus: The more people click on the link, the more organic credibility it gives your website.

Optimize all your online marketing efforts and include SEO practices. Keep your keywords consistent and do your research. It should seem natural and not spammy. Don’t seem like you are trying too hard to throw in keywords in random places. If you have any questions or comments share them with us on our Facebook business fan page: //

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Can Your Business Be Found Online 5

Can Your Business Be Found Online

web design ServicesIt is important to mark the presence of your business on various online platforms. Not only does it contribute in increasing the traffic on your website, but also helps in increasing your ranking on various search engines. More and more people get to know about the existence of your business thus increasing your profitability. We will. help you with how to make an online presence for your business.

Create and connect…this is the tip to be successfully found online.

Go to Social Networking Sites

To build visibility and credibility to your business and profession, you need an organized approach. Therefore, create an ID on professional social networking sites like LinkedIn. Also, stay in touch with other businessmen. Search engines easily recognize LinkedIn profiles. You get publicity. Thus, it gives you the feel of having your own website.  (more…)