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How to keep SEO Simple – 3 Strategies to Keep You Cool in Tough Situations

Gone are those days when sneaky techniques are meant to deceive search engines. Nowadays Google is continuously updating its algorithms to ensure that website owners only implement good SEO practices on a daily basis. That’s why it’s crucial for any website owner to stay up-to-date on the latest in SEO techniques if they want their website to continue to rank higher on the search engines.


However, you can make some important SEO changes right away if you want to stay ahead of your competitors, but we recommend having a solid understanding of how search engines work before you make any changes. Here are three simple strategies that anyone can easily do to improve ranking on Google search.

1.     Improve your website’s loading time

Site speed is one of the most neglected SEO tricks. Website speed is not only crucial to the search engines but also the search engine users. According to several studies, 50% of web users expect a website to load in 3 seconds if it takes too long many user may abandon the site.


If it’s taking too long for your website to load, then one of the components that could be affecting your site speed is the website images. When you compress your site images, it will results in faster loading pages for your visitors. Apart from reducing your website image, below are other SEO tricks that you can use to speed up your website load times, as well as improve overall search engine rankings:

  • Utilize CDNs: Beyond the server that hosts your site, you can also use other networks of servers to enhance your website load times for your visitors. With a CDN, you cache your website on a global network of servers. When a visitor browser requests data from your site, that request is routed from the closest server.
  • Enable browser caching: When you enable browser caching, this store elements of your site pages in a cache, or temporary storage space and makes it possible for repeated guests to experience faster load times.
  • Reduce plugins. Another good way to improve site load times is deactivating or deleting any unnecessary plugins on your site and getting rid of those plugins that are slowing your site speed.

These are just a few ways to improve your website loading time. However, you can try like Google PageSpeed Insights if you’re still having issues with your site loading time. This tool will help you identify the elements that are slowing down your website and suggest ways to fix them.

2.     Optimize your pages for specific keywords


Optimizing your webpage with the right keywords is another way to keep thing simple and get better rankings on the search engine. Keywords are words the search engines use to hone your website for relevant search terms. Therefore, you need to identify and use keywords that are moderately competitive for your site.


However, keywords stuffing are not right for the search engine. It can result in negative user experience and make your webpage look spammy and unattractive for the search engine to crawl. It is good to optimize a website with one or two keywords phrase rather than numerous ones at a time. Use semantically related phrases or words to avoid repetition. After you have found the right keywords, you should use them in the following area to get the best SEO results.


  • Use keyword in the title of the page
  • Use the keyword in the URL
  • Use keywords throughout the page copy
  • Use keywords in any image file paths as well as in the images’ alt text
  • Use keyword in the Meta tags, especially the Meta description
  • Use the keyword as the anchor text in links back to your page

3.     Get high-quality, and relevant links

Link building is another essential SEO factor that has a significant impact on your website’s rankings. Link building is all about creating good relationships, not exchanging links. The more and better quality links you have to your site, the higher your chances of getting better rank and the more search traffic you’ll get.


Quality is always vital when it comes to link building and search engine optimization in general. Picking relevant and trusted websites that you’d like to get backlinks from will be a good start because only quality and trusted sites attract a high amount of traffic, which can have a good impact on your website’s rankings.


Quality link back to other websites will not only promote your content but will also let others know you exist. Search engines will start trusting your site when they see it as a good source of information; they will be willing to rank it higher in their SERPs. However, keep in mind that plenty of spammy links can harm your rankings, will not make them higher.



SEO is very complex and deserves some time and additional research on your part if you are running a website, and you are not getting enough traffic from search engines. Hopefully, this post will be a good start for making your online presence more visible.


However, you can treat the above strategies as a checklist that helps to keep your tactics relevant and effective if you already began your SEO adventure, contact us if you need any assistance.


google posts

Google Posts and its Benefits

What is google posts and how to use google posts?

Google posts are of 100-300 words that can also have an image or video along with it. Google gives the facility to create these posts for free. Using Google posts you can highlight your sales, brand or any business events. You must regularly keep posting on your GMB page because posts get expired every 7 days, apart from an event.

Any user can look at your posts in the overview section of your Google My Business page. With the help of left and right scrolling, the user can view up to 10 posts by you. To see all the posts, one simply has to click on “posts”. You can even add a “call to action” in your post.

In order to create these google business posts, you must have a Google My Business page for your business. You can easily manage your online presence with the google posts for business. When these google my business posts appear in the search results, they come up in a knowledge panel, this makes it visually appealing.

create google post

Benefits of Google posts

In the times of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, why would anyone use google as a social media platform? You can always post on social media platforms about your business. But there are some advantages that the traditional social media platforms will not give you, such as-


  • Search Friendly

When a user searches for a business, Google posts appear in the search results and Google maps. Thus when a user will search for your business, your business address and contact number will also appear on the right-hand side of search results. The address and contact details will be the primary information for your local searchers. When browsing on a mobile, 50% of users will visit the store on the same day or the next day.


  • Your reach will expand

Google is always ahead in the race of search engine results, even ahead of Facebook search queries. As per the data by Adweek, on an average, there are around 3.5 billion searches per day on Google, whereas 2 billion searches per day are an average on Facebook. Moreover, for any local needs, 82% of users trust search engines for any information.


  • Keyword Search

Through google posts, you can use your keywords to target certain specific audiences. This audience will specifically be the users that are searching for your services. These users already know what exactly are they looking for, thus they are more likely to convert into a client or customer and call you. Whereas, Facebook targets users with specific interests to attract potential customers.


  • Impact on your ranking

The ultimate goal of Google is to provide the most relevant information to its users based on the search query. When you update google posts google my business, you share a relevant content about your local business. This helps in developing your local authority. And better authority will improve your ranking on SERPs. The better rank you have, higher will you appear on Google SERP and get more site traffic.

example of cta on google posts


  • Directly connect with your customers

Including a CTA button in your google posts will help in converting users to customers. In an article by Neil Patel, the human mind looks for a call to action button. In his words, “Our minds are prepared for and are expecting an experience of being called to act and have already decided that there will be a CTA. We know that expectation affects behavior. That’s why people know to act on the CTA. They aren’t staring at the CTA button wondering what it is. They know its a button they are being asked to click.”

CTA on google posts example-

  1. Booking a reservation
  2. Newsletter signup
  3. Learn more about an offer
  4. Call now


  • Backlinks

It is a well-known fact that backlinks have a huge impact on organic search results. Good and attractive google posts content engage maximum users and provide links to your website. You can include the pages of your site in your google posts as well. This way users can easily find a page on your link.

Google posts SEO

Google posts can help to enhance your overall SEO strategy. Posting on Google will help in getting more organic clicks to your site. Let’s see how google posts help in your SEO efforts-

  1. CTA buttons help to build your page rank
  2. You can improve the traffic to different content types on your site
  3. Include a link to a form on your site to collect user details or improve traffic to pages such a blog on your website.

Keep posting fresh content on google posts so that users visit your website again and again. When users will have maximum interaction with your google posts, your rankings will improve as a “behavioral signal”. It is one of the 8 Google local search ranking factors. As the click-through rate from your GMB page will increase, the behavioral signal will improve.

Voice engine optimization

According to a study, seeing the advancement of voice search, 50% of searches will be done by voice by 2020. Thus you must not forget to include google posts in your voice search optimization. It is believed that the voice search will be done 3 times more on mobile platforms other than the other platforms. Mobile voice searches give you the option to look at the top results. Thus if you include outstanding visuals and content in your Google posts, it might be possible that your target clients might choose you over your competitors.

voice search trends

Image Source: VoiceBot

The market share of Google for smart speakers is about 26.9%. Google Assistant has the maximum percentage of correctly answered questions according to a study by Stone Temple in 2018. Google has the maximum ability to overpower its competitors and improve its market share in the field of voice assistants.

Google post services

We at Web Design Plus SEO can provide the best google post services for your local business. We offer a 30 post service that will be done on a daily basis. We write only unique content for every post so that the local relevance of your local business will boost. These posts are well-optimized so that you rank higher on google. Contact us for details.

how much to pay for seo

How Much Should You Be Paying For SEO?

How Much Should You Be Paying For SEO?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) focuses on improving your search results to get you found on search engines, in particular, Google. SEO practices increasing traffic to your site through organic results. However, the hope is that the traffic you are getting is quality leads that turn into customers. The important question many people tend to ask themselves is how much should I be paying for SEO?

The four main goals of SEO are:

  • Improve rankings
  • Drive traffic
  • Increase awareness
  • Create relationships

Living in a digital world has turned SEO into a necessity rather than an extra. There is less print, less cold calls, and more online interactions. With that being said SEO should be an expense that is included in your ongoing marketing budget. The question then becomes how much money should you be allocating to this initiative?

Answering the cost of SEO is quite difficult for a few reasons. Different agencies charge clients differently, and experience plays an important role in how they charge. Typically SEO marketing agencies work on an hourly rate. Thanks to a poll created by Moz we know that on average the rate for SEO work ranges anywhere from $75 to $175 based on experience. Hourly rates aren’t the only way agencies work. Some agencies agree to work on performance-based or on monthly retainers. If you employ an agency based on a monthly retainer the average monthly budget is between $1500 to $3000 again based on experience.

What we do know for sure is that the saying “you get what you pay for” still plays true in the matter of SEO. Those who are willing to do the work for an unusually low price should typically be avoided as to ensure your SEO isn’t done using black hat techniques. Black hat techniques are strategies that can land you on the bad side of Google and may result in penalties. These techniques that you should look out for and avoid involve:

  • Cloaking
  • using unrelated keywords
  • gateway pages
  • spam blogs
  • duplicate content
  • hidden text
  • page swapping
  • link farms
  • domain squatting
  • cookie stuffing
  • and more

All frowned up by Google.

When allocating your SEO budget talking to a specialist will help you to better understand what your costs will look like. An agency will look thoroughly into your site and determine a plan of action. Factors that determine cost are:

  • where your site is currently in terms of design and SEO optimization. what is your current situation?
  • where you want to be: what are your goals here? Traffic, revenue, ranking.
  • how much time you have. How fast do you want to improve and reach those goals?
  • If you are looking for long-term strategies or short-term

All of these can affect the cost. How many hours is the expert going to need to get you to where you want to be and over how much time do they have to do that. SEO results take time and don’t happen overnight. It will take up to 4 months to see any results of SEO work.

If you are willing to accept a longer frame of work you can split up the cost over a longer period of time and assign a smaller monthly budget. However if your site needs a lot of work and has been minimally optimized for SEO thus far and you want to get everything done in a shorter period of time and then halt your SEO efforts you will be looking at a higher cost due to the amount of work the SEO expert will have to complete in much less time.

Although we are aware that some people only maintain an SEO budget for a few months we do not suggest that you stop working on SEO altogether. Over time if you no longer work on your SEO techniques and remain up to date with the trends you results will wither, rankings will drop, traffic will start to decrease, and new customers will stop coming in from your site. We highly suggest that, if you are considering SEO for your marketing budget, you plan to keep it as an ongoing strategy.

As a general rule data provided by SBA, small businesses with revenues less than $5 million should allocate 7-8 percent of their revenues to marketing. This budget should be split between 1) brand development costs (which includes all the channels you use to promote your brand such as your website, blogs, sales collateral, etc.), and 2) the costs of promoting your business(campaigns, advertising, events, etc.).

Let’s take a quick look at the survey done by Moz that we mentioned earlier. The survey question was:

For those clients, your service with ongoing/multi-month contracts, what is the average client’s monthly billing?

Results were as follows:

  • 10% — less than $500
  • 27% — $500-1,000
  • 29% — $1,000-2,500
  • 20% — $2,500-5,000
  • 15% — $5,000-10,000

This survey wasn’t focused on specific business type or size and results are all relative, so we can assume that those who are paying less than $500 are small businesses. The level of difficulty of the project at hand and the scope of work play a role into these costs so be aware of the level of work that you are putting on the table for the SEO expert to tackle.

In conclusion, there is no set price for SEO so unfortunately, you will need to determine for yourself how much your business can afford and how much work needs to be done. Also, take into consideration competition for your industry. A highly competitive industry will take longer to rank above top competitors in so it will take some extra time and work.

So before setting a budget for SEO take the time to review your current standing, your goals, your competition, and your timeline. Then you can take the next step and get quotes from agencies based on the level of expertise and experience which suits your expectations. After speaking with an SEO expert you will have a better understanding of how much you need to set aside for these marketing efforts.

If your a small business and looking to get your website ranked in Google or interested in finding out more about SEO and digital marketing give us a call 305-677-9862 or fill out the form.

Miami, Florida Based SEO Experts.



30 days seo challenge - learn seo

30 Days SEO Marketing Challenge – Learn SEO Guide for more sales and traffic

This challenge assumes you already have some kind of website, hopefully not the free kind that does not lets you properly edit the content. WordPress is the best system to have and use (our examples will be based on this) but others like Squarespace, Wix, and Joomla are a good start. If you have an older site that doesn’t allow you to edit your site, this challenge may not be for you and contact us for a new website.

Stepping into the 21st century is already a challenge in itself for many businesses who fail to see the direction of marketing and how important is growth and sustainability. Younger generations are more used to certain styles of websites and navigation. Thus, sticking to old ways and thinking your business is the exception will send you to failure.

If you need any assistance with any of these steps, don’t hesitate to send us an email and we will try and help or at least point you in the right direction. Youtube has tons of videos for almost all different kinds of websites. You can also just contact us to do all the work for you as well.

To join the challenge go here:

Local Business Listing

1. Register on or claim your Google My Business Page: (Google Maps info)

2.  Claim or Register the major citations: Some popular citations are Yellow Pages, FourSquare, Yelp, Merchant Circle. There are hundreds on these but let’s start here. Fill these out as completely as possible including images of your location, products or whatever you can do describe your business.

3. Sign up for Google analytics and search console: This is how you track your traffic, progress and any possible search errors on your website.

4. Register your business on Facebook: Complete your profile with your contact info, basic services, location, and number, along with at least 2 posts.

Keyword and Competitor Research

5. Competitor research: Type in your ideal keyword or industry plus your city name in Google. The top 5 are probably going to be your biggest competition to worry about. Study their website, content, page titles, they are ranking well so they must be doing something right.

6. Keyword research: A good place to start is see what your competition is using in their titles and in their content. You can also look up Google’s Keyword Planner which gives great ideas for keywords and related keywords.

7. Edit page titles: Probably one of the most overlooked issues that can make your site rank very quickly. The basic structure of your titles should be your “keyword + city (if not already in your keyword) – (yes dash) your company name and if there is space another keyword or supplemental information to describe your business.

8. Alt tags or image tags: This basically means alternate text, this is what Google actually reads. It would be great if Google had eyes and knew exactly what our photo was about but it cant so this text tells your story. Normally you would add whatever your main keywords are in the alt tag area.

SEO Meta Tags

9. Meta tags: This is basically a short description of your pages. A homepage is a general description and other are more specific to that page. Always make sure include keywords and city if you’re trying to get local traffic.

10. Content writing: Your homepage is the most important page as that is the one that gets most of the traffic. You want to make sure it has at least 400 words which should include your keywords plus mention your city several times.

11. Be active on social media: On Instagram, add friends and potential clients. Give them some likes and comments. Add new images of your products or services. Do this also on your facebook page. Indulge in more and more social media activities to promote your business. Make sure to share your website to start getting traffic. Try to do this at least 2-3 times a week.

12. Ask clients for reviews: Send them to your Yelp and especially Google My Business Page. Everyone searches for stuff on Google, especially for local businesses, and that is where the first 3 sites show up. Business with reviews looks best.

13. Url structure: It is very important that your URLs include your keyword as that is part of what Google looks for. Make sure to change your page names to help in being found.

14. Write blogs or additional content pages: Although you may think that you are not a blogger but, content really just brings traffic. This traffic may not even lead to a sale but google will see you as an authority in your field which helps you rank.

15. Internal links: Within your content, put links to other pages, this helps pass what we call “link juice” to other pages.

Create Quality Backlinks

16. Get backlinks: If you are a part of any chamber of commerce, groups or have friends with a website, get a link from them. If your friends happen to be a competitor those are the best links, sounds crazy but that’s what they want.

17. Improve old content: Google hates “thin pages”. These are basically pages with just images and one sentence. They like to see at least 400 words per page.

18. Sitemaps: This step is very important because this basically tells Google the structure of your website. It tells that your site starts here and these are the subpages. Google will check this often to see what’s new.


Join the challenge

19. If you have not done so already, create a youtube channel: I know you may be scared now but putting a face to your business is great. It does has to be long. Things like a virtual tour, your process or even just live demos of your products are good. Share this on social media and add to your website.

20. Add social links to your website: Add logos and links to your social media profiles.

21. Mobile friendliness of your website: Although this step is hard to fix on some older sites there are ways to create mini sites that redirect to a mobile version of your site. Google prefers just having a responsive site, i.e. a site that adjusts properly to the device or screen size.

22. Site speed: Do a speed test on sites like Pingdom. Google wants your site to load in under 2 seconds. Sometimes this can be tough depending on the type of site you have but there are ways to fix this. Google Page Speed insights pretty much can tell you exactly what they want from you.

23. Speed up your website: If you’re a WordPress user, things like cache plugins reduce the need to reload all of your site’s data once stored in the browser. This reduced the reload time. Another quick fix is plugins like smush that compress image size, as that is normally one of the biggest factors in loading your site.

24. UI or design of your site: I know you may not be a designer but try and use appealing and quality images that relate to your business. The basic home page should be like the following: Menu, nice image header, call to action (what you want them to do, like a call, fill out a form), services, products and in the footer area your address, links, faq, policies etc.

25. Email marketing: Put together a quick newsletter and push them to your website and ask for referrals. Include blog topics, social media icons.

26. Get more citations: This is something that you started on day 2 but this is very powerful to help rank and get more traffic from all the major directories. You can find a list here of more sites where you can put your information. Remember Google likes links and this is free backlinks to your website.

27. Google Adwords: This is a great way to get instant traffic. You basically create some ads which are just text page, basically, a short description of your company, enter some keywords, set your monthly budget and when someone clicks on your add google takes a cut.

28. Facebook ads: This is same as above but with a twist. It targets more on a specific type of audience vs someone who is looking for a specific item.

29. SSL protect your website: This makes your website safer for people and browsers. Browsers like Chrome actually penalize you and tell people your site is not secure which scares people away. SSL also gives your website a boost in rankings partially due to above reasons.

30. Review your google analytics and search console: This part may be a bit confusing but there are many videos to help with this.

Hopefully, if you have done these works correctly, you should already start to see more traffic. It is important to see how you are doing. This not only makes you sure that you’re improving but also gives you an insight into how people are finding you, what terms they are finding you for and also their demographic info like mac, pc, desktop, and mobile.

Above is the basic break down of what you will be learning, to sign up go here: 30 Days SEO Challenge


google penguin update

All About Google Penguin Update 2012-2019

What is Google Penguin Update?

Google Penguin was launched in 2012 with the motive of stopping spammy links find their way top the SERP top. The algorithm mainly focuses on link buying and links gained through link networks. It is one of the worst nightmares for black hat SEO practices.

Google is the most powerful search engine. It determines how a website will rank for a given keyword. The Google Penguin update analyses the link farm of your website to see if it is manipulative or genuine.

In order to gain quick SERP ranks, people follow the link spam technique. Here, the website links are placed on other web places that are usually of low quality. These places generally include blog comments or posts.

When Google penguin gets hold of any such site, it makes sure that the site does not rank by any unfair means

Before Google Penguin

Before Google Penguin came into action, black hat SEO tactics were widely used to gain quick ranks. Ranks were gained for a particular keyword by spamming the web with backlinks. Automated tools were used to place backlinks on other websites. The articles or blogs that had a good online score were re-written with tools to get a good quality blog post for their sites.

This whole process was completely unfair for the people who used genuine ways to get SERP ranks. This also affected the user experience of Google.

How it all started

Google Penguin came into existence on April 24, 2012.

Sites that used false means for getting backlinks, started seeing a decline in their ranking. The sites that were earlier ruling the SERP now got to a very low rank. Since then, many Google Penguin updates have come out.

google penguin


Update 1.1 (March 2012)

The update was nothing but a data refresh. The sites that were affected by the algorithm initially but later on improved their backlinks, saw better ranks. On the other hand, cheating sites that were left untouched in the first saw major rank drops.


Update 1.2 (October 2012)

The update affected the English as well as other language search results.

The then Google’s anti-webspam leader Matt Cuts stated in his tweet:


Update 2.0 (May, 2013)

This was a big change in the algorithm.

The algorithm started taking more aspects into considerations other than the website home page and other major category pages to check link spam.

2.3% of English queries were affected mainly.


Update 2.1 (October 2013)
The new update in the Google Penguin led it to crawl the sites deeper to check for link spams.


Update 3.0 (October 2014)

It was nothing but just another data refresh. It has 2 major motives:

  1. Allow the websites to recover from the last updates
  2. To penalize the fraud websites that could not be caught in the earlier updates.

Less than 1% of English search queries were affected.


Update 4.0 (September 2016)

The Google Penguin algorithm now became a part of the core Google algorithm.

The webmasters which removed their spammy links now could see the actual situation of their website. Now instead of punishing any faulty side, Google would simply ignore it while giving positive feedbacks.


Webmasters recovered from Google Penguin Updates

After the release of Google Penguin, some webmasters began cleaning their backlink profile to make it good in the eyes of Google.

how to disavow links

The webmasters would do it by disavowing bad backlinks. They would simply upload the list of such harmful backlinks to the Search Console.

The google would not crawl the listed links while determining the rank for the website. And the site would hopefully get a better position in SERP.

After the update 4.0, sites did not have to make efforts to recover because they did not need it. As stated above, Google would simply disregard the spammy backlinks while deciding a site rank.

How to keep your site safe from Google Penguin affects?

  • Less but good quality links-

To have fewer good links from good quality sites is far better than having a huge number of links from poor sources. Do not choose adult or foreign sites to place your links. There is no point getting backlinks from such sites. If you want to check the quality of a site, you can always use Majestic tool for that.

The tool shows “trust flow” and “citation flow”. Not the values of these metrics for the sites you want to compare on a scale of 0 to 100. Single digit value of these metrics for any website means that the website is of poor quality. A score of at least 20 or more is considerable for any website.


  • Do not overuse keywords as anchor text-

Google Penguin is all about keeping a check on link spams. Black hat SEO practices use keywords repeatedly as the anchor text to a page link.

It is acceptable up to some extent. But if every time the anchor text for a particular page link is the same, it is a clear case of link spam. This is done to get good site rank in SERP. If you are still not sure what an anchor text is, read ahead.

Anchor text is the clickable part in any content that links to some web page. From SEO point of view, keywords are widely used to put as anchor text linking to some related page.

To take action against such blackhatters, Google brought an update in its algorithm. It was done to punish the sites that use one specific keyword in almost every backlinks.

To avoid such punishment, use variations of your keywords as anchor texts.


  • Use curated links-

You can find some good quality content from your niche from the web that has some good rank. Reach out to the content owner to allow you to put your page link in their content. The process is also now as niche edits. Simply because you try to edit a good quality content from your niche with your page link.


Adding links to some existing content gives you a genuine backlink profile. Niche edits or curated links are safe means of getting links for your site. Google considers such links as genuine and thus no link spam risk.

You can buy such links from a good company that will find the best content for you to give you curated links. Buying backlinks are not harmful unless it is a genuine backlink profile. You can even put links to your old content that is of very good quality. Simply updating your old good content to place your link is also a part of niche edits.


  • Do not use automation tools

Getting backlinks with automation tools is a bad idea. The sites and tools available online that claim to generate backlinks for your website are a waste of time and money.

Such tools will give you backlinks from a site that has absolutely no relation with your site. These low-quality backlinks can degrade your link farm. Moreover, such poor quality links will be quickly noticed by Google Penguin.

The time and money you invest in such tricks can be used in developing healthy backlinks for your site.


In conclusion, let us quickly rewind some white hat SEO tricks to get backlinks:

  1. Post content on some good sites
  2. Get backlinks from healthy and high profile websites
  3. Interact with influential people that can give you links for your site from their blogs
  4. Add related links on some good online forums.
voice search

The Guide For Voice Search SEO 2019

If Google has a voice search option, it must be for some reason!

No doubt many people prefer writing their query in the search box. But there are many people who prefer using voice search to search on Google.


Siri for Apple products, Google voice search for Android devices and Cortana for windows devices are some great examples of voice search tools.

While optimizing your site for search engines, you should also know that how will voice search affect SEO.

This guide is all about what is voice search and how to optimize your site for voice search to keep up with the latest voice search trends.

Chapter 1: The rise of voice search

According to a blog by Google, 55% of teens and 41% of adults use Google voice search daily to search for something. This is mainly to avoid the effort of typing on their phones.

voice search patterns

Image Source: Google Blog

If you still do not realize the increasing trend of voice search, you will be surprised to know that 20% of search queries made from mobile are voice searches.

It is a common assumption that voice searches are only prevalent in mobile phones. Well, it is reported that 25% of searches made from Windows 10 Desktop taskbar are voice search.

50% of all searches will be voice searches by 2020 Comscore states!!

Smart Speakers, such as Alexa by Amazon are now a polar trend. These speakers also operate by voice command.

What are the reasons behind the growth of Voice Search SEO recently?

We will be discussing it in 3 points mentioned below:


  • Speaking out something is obviously faster than typing it!

As reported by Bruce Clay, voice search is 3.7 times faster than typing the same query. It is not much of a surprise if people are using voice search more than typing because it reduces their efforts.


  • Voice Search is the best for mobile phones

According to a survey by Stone Temple,  60% of people using mobile phones have used voice search at some or the other point. The survey was done keeping in mind the trend of using mobiles at different locations and situations.

voice search seo

Image Source: Stone Temple

  • Convenient

As stated above, Stone Temple survey covered a lot of questions and scenarios. One of the questions was “What are the reasons you use voice command”. Most of the people voted for “It is fast”. This means users find it more convenient than typing.

Speaking on your Google voice search app is way more fast and convenient than typing it.

Because if it increasing use and demand, voice search is making a strong impact on the SEO trends.

Chapter 2: Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for Voice Search

1. As people are getting more inclined towards voice search, the search patterns are also changing-

Searches are more long and descriptive now. And also conversational.

According to Bing engineers, keywords for voice search are longer than normally written searches. This is because all you have to do is speak, so there you can be more expressive and clear with your query.

Going by a blog by Google, users prefer natural language to engage with their Google assistant. 70% of such requests have been recorded. These shows that users are now engaging in natural flow conversation with their Google Assistant.

natural language keywords

Image Source: Google Blog

For example, you want to know how to make pancakes. In a text, you would have probably written: “make pancakes”. But if you search the same for voice search, your voice command may be something like, “Hi Google, tell me how do I make pancakes at home”.

Here the natural flow of language can be seen clearly.


2. The location for voice searches is getting diversified-

The observations by Google show that the query for something “near me” have increased by 150% for the past two years.

For example, if your car or scooter suddenly runs out of petrol, the easiest way to find a petrol pump will be a voice search. You can easily speak “Where is the closest petrol pump near me right now”, instead of typing “petrol pump near me”. This is less time consuming and convenient.


3. The way of search results display changes-

Google is now shifting towards giving direct answers to users for any query.

To understand this better, let us assume a user searches for “the longest river in the world”.

voice search snippets

There may be a huge number of search results for this. But thanks to the rich snippet feature by Google, the exact answer can be found at the top of SERPs.

Because of this, the click rate for organic results has reduced.

reduced click through rate

Image Source: WordStream

Similarly, the same applies to voice search. When you put the same query by voice search, the output may be in the form of a voice output by voice assistant. There are many voice app for PC that can also be used for this.
This means that the SEO professionals should try to write their content as direct answers to questions. Google featured snippet is an important point to focus on. User experience will increase only if users get quick answers to any questions.

Chapter 3: Keyword Research for voice search

Now that you know the importance and popularity of voice search, keyword research has also become important.


1. Natural sounding keywords should be used more-

We have already discussed the use of natural language by users in voice search. Keeping that in mind, natural keywords should be used more for voice search SEO.


2. Do not avoid using long-tail keywords anymore-

Earlier it was thought that very few people search with long and lengthy queries. But now since voice search hype is increasing, it is advised it use more of long and conversational keywords.

Using 5+ words in your keyword is not a big deal anymore.

This does not mean you use only long keywords throughout your content. Use it along with normal length keywords. Keep the balance between these two. You do now wish to ignore the users who prefer typing their query right?


3. Focus on question keywords- 

The use of question keywords is increasing by 61% every year.  

question keywords

Image Source: Search Engine Watch

This means you should also focus on question keywords as well for your voice search optimization. For example; “which is the longest river in the world”

Chapter 4: Content Optimisation for voice search

1. Make use of short answers in your content-

Google answers to voice search queries made with short answers. The length of these answers is around 29 words. Thus, make sure to create your content in a way that it can answer a query within the given word limit.


2. Voice Search FAQ Pages-

FAQ pages are the best to optimize for voice search. Therefore, the maximum number of question keywords come from there.

While answering any question on voice search, most of the results are taken from related FAQ pages. The search results voice search have more FAQ pages than desktop results.

For example, if you search for “how do car insurance claims work”. 

faq pages

“how do car insurance claims work”- Voice search example

The answer to this voice search query has been taken from an FAQ page of a good site, Obrella.

The Guide For Voice Search SEO 2019 1

FAQ Page result from Obrella

3. Featured Snippets-

Google takes 40.7% of voice search results from the Featured Snippet.

If you use Google Home or Alexa, getting in the featured snippet is important for voice search. This is because Google Home and Alexa search results give you only one answer for your query.


4. Write Content in natural language-

As discussed above, voice searches come more in natural language. And thus, your content should also be written in natural language if you want to rank in voice search results.

Chapter 5: Tips for Voice search strategy

1. Include “fillers” in question keywords-

Filler words such as the, I, on, of, it, etc should be used with question keywords.

The reason for this is explained by Purna Vij form Bing, “ The more matches you have, the more likely your ad will show on a voice search that includes words like “a” and “me” and “for.”

using fillers in voice search keywords

2. Write according to 9th-grade reading level-

Write as if your content will be read by a 9th-grade student or even smaller. Write your content to make it easy to read and understand it. Avoid using jargons or any fancy words within your content.


3. Work on your site speed-

The load speed of voice search results is 3.8 times faster than the average website.

voice search site speed

Image Source: Backlinko

Not just for voice search, site speed is an important issue for overall site SEO. Sites with poor site speed have more bounce rates.


4. Increase your Domain Authority-

To increase site domain authority, try to have more links to it. A site with better domain authority ranks more in voice search. The Ahref Domain Rating for voice search results is 76.8 (approx 77).

There is just one search result for any voice query most of the times. Therefore, Google will want to put forward the best result from a trusted web source. As you know, Google considers sites with high domain authority as a trusted source. Thus, you should on increasing your site domain authority.

Domain authority is of more significance to Google than the page rank.


5. Longer Content means more voice search traffic-

As you already know, voice search queries are usually done in a natural language. And these queries are also longer. Thus, a page content with longer content has more chances of matching the voice search query.

The word limit per page is approx 1900 words by Google. But the pages for voice search query must have at least 2300 words to match the maximum number of voice search queries.

page content word limit

Image Source: SERPIQ

6. Focus on “Near Me” Searches-

Suppose you want to find an appliance repair service closest to you. Your voice search input will be “Appliance repair service near me”. This will give you the search results closest to your location.

Had it been a scenario a few years ago, the same query would have been “Appliance repair services in New York” (if you are from New York, obviously). This query would have given a big list of repair service providers. You would then have to choose the one closest to you.

So, optimize your content for these “near me searches” as well is you want to rank for voice search results.


7. The video featured snippets-

Google has started including Youtube videos in featured snippets.

Videos in featured snippets are a great way to boost your site rank. Video search snippets are mostly shown for queries in natural language.

video featured snippet

For example, if you search for how to “how to cover a book”, the featured snippet will show a video.

Thus, if you have a video on your site, optimize it for voice search by using natural language keywords.

Chapter 6: Case Study

What’s the Best Way to Peel Garlic?

If we put the same query in Google, the first result will be from a site called Life Hacker.

The Guide For Voice Search SEO 2019 2


The search result is not like any traditional one. Google Voice search will start it by saying “This came back from a search”.

What made this site rank for the voice search? the answer is- it’s domain authority!


The Guide For Voice Search SEO 2019 3

DA checked from-

The load speed for the page is also very high.


The Guide For Voice Search SEO 2019 4

When we put the same query through desktop, the answer from this site is in the featured snippet. This fact also increases the chances for any site to come up in the voice search results.


The Guide For Voice Search SEO 2019 5

rank fast on google

How to Rank #1 in Google: Step-by-Step Case Study for 2018

Looking for effective ways to increase visibility in the Search Engine Result Pages (SERP) and boost the conversion rate of your website visitors?

This step by step guide on how to rank in Google first page has the full lowdown of what matters and what doesn’t in today’s world of SEO.


My name is Chris and I’m a Miami SEO expert that has helped many businesses increase their SEO ranking using certain tried and tested strategies. Getting your website to the top of Google is no easy feat, but it has been done time and time again.


Knowing what SEO methods work and which ones don’t is the key to success. Focusing your energies on the right strategies can help you rank a single content faster than other websites with more backlinks than yours.


Before I dive in, here’s a brief summary of what you’ll need to do enhance your Google search results ranking:

  • Create valuable content
  • Use relevant keywords
  • Build backlinks
  • Optimize the content
  • Take design into consideration
  • Get social
  • Promote your content


In this guide, I’ll show you how to use strategies like the OBP formula, Click-to-tweet buttons, internal links and more to get higher rankings in Google.

how to rank in googleA Miami SEO Expert Guide on How to rank in Google

Many digital marketers want to know how to rank higher on google 2018 for free. I don’t blame them. The best keywords are insanely competitive and cost money. In some cases, the cost may not even balance out with the returns.

What experienced marketers want is to rank in the search listings and get free traffic plus conversions at $0!!

Is this possible? Yes, it is!

For years, I’ve run a Miami SEO agency that’s handled many unique cases. From simple blogs to more complex apps. All of these businesses have one thing in common – they wanted an SEO and Miami web design company that could show them how to rank on Google.


No matter what your business model is, there ranking can get you the below benefits:

  • Rank high in the SERPs
  • Increase visibility in Google local search
  • Generate more business
  • Increase engagement
  • Convert prospects to paying customers

How to Rank in Google: Step by step

I use tons of data from industry-leading SEO tools such as Moz and SemRush to help unravel the great mystery that is Google’s algorithm. On top of that, to supercharge my efforts and rank pages easily, I now apply the below steps.

Step 1 –  Create valuable content

how to create good content for seo


Valuable content services can grow your audience and help you rank on Google. The quality and length of the content are important factors to take into considerations, but not the only ones. 


  • Make your content actionable – If users like your content, Google will increase your ranking. If not, they’ll drop you like dead weight. I’ve done several SEO experiments and discovered that most Google searchers want the same thing – actionable content.

So instead of narratives, try offering solutions. For example, this article isn’t focused on the benefits of ranking, but rather how to rank in Google.


  • Create content that increases your Click Through Rate (CTR) – It takes only about 0.05 seconds for users to make up their mind about your website. So you want to ensure that you make good use of that time by creating a lasting impression. Consider Google’s RankBrain when structuring your content.


RankBrain measures how Google searchers interact with your website in the search listings. It is a machine learning algorithm that helps Google sort its result pages. google rankbrain


Basically, if users search for a keyword on Google and click through to a website, RankBrain takes note of the clicks. The time the users spends on the website is also another factor that RankBrain measures.


So your content must be relevant to increase CTR and reduce bounce rate. If users leave the website after a few seconds, it tells RankBrain that the content isn’t relevant to the keyword. Brilliant isn’t it?


Using another strategy like the OBP formula will help you reduce your bounce rate. You can do this by structuring your content in a way that will encourage users to stay on longer.


  • Start your intro off with the outcome- This way, the information needed will be at the top of your article. For example, you’re reading this article because you want to know how to rank in Google search result pages. So I started off by listing the steps and then two paragraphs later, the benefits.


  • Show them the benefits early- Attention spans are shorter and the information is now readily available. Reduce our websites’ bounce rate by offering the benefits early.


  • Finally, a preview and content- By now, the user is either interested or not. But you’ve succeeded in keeping them on your website far longer than would have been possible without this formula. So now you can tease them with a preview of the content or just dive in and dish out the goods.


Generously use visuals like images and videos in the content -Adding interactive visuals and other multimedia can help reduce bounce and increase engagement. Importance of visual content cannot be undermined. You know that saying that a picture speaks a thousand words? Well, it’s so true!


Let’s try a simple experiment on visuals. Assuming you have two pieces of content, add images to one and leave the other bare with no images or video. Make sure the content is essentially the same though. I’ll like to know your results. Which post does better after a few weeks? Please leave your comments below on how your experiment went.


I bet the post with images outperformed the other one. According to several industry studies, the content with visuals would have done better.


people judge the site design more

People will judge a website based on its design first- Stanford University Research

In fact, Stanford Credibility Research revealed that people will judge a website design layout first. After that, they size up the actual written content and if it is just a chunk of text, Google users will instantly bounce. However, if the content uses lots of images, charts, visualizations, videos, infographics, and quizzes, they will stick around and this can help your ranking in Google.


Don’t overdo this tip of visual content marketing. It’s easy to get carried away and add too many visuals. Keep it simple, relevant, engaging and tasteful. Even if you decide to use only one image, you will do better than if you used none at all.


Step 2 – Relevant keywords

The right SEO keywords will get you visibility that is why keyword research is the first task most digital marketers undertake before putting a single word down.


If you want to rank on Google, you first have to decide what keyword you want to rank for. Some key words are very competitive because of the potential search traffic they can throw your way, and others are so poor that they get only a few searches monthly.


Google Keyword Planner

Use Google Keyword Planner for Keyword Research

Use Google’s keyword planner during your research as a free keyword tool and make sure that the content you plan to create will make the keyword topically relevant.


The days of keyword stuffing are over. So relevance is what Google looks at to rank a piece of content.


Another keyword strategy that has become really popular recently is LSI keywords. LSI keywords inSEOo
are words and phrases that are strongly linked to your topic. LSI keywords full form is Latent Semantic Indexing.


Fora LSI keywords example, let’s say that you write a post on The Ketogenic Diet. LSI keywords like high protein diet, fat bombs, keto breath, ketosis and more will be sprinkled throughout the article. These LSI keywords show Google that the content covers the topic well.


Step 3 – Build quality external and internal links

Incoming backlinks are one of the most difficult issues faced by SEOs. Many digital marketers dread this, but it is a MUST. Google’s algorithm views websites with high quality backlinks as authority sites and rewards these websites by ranking them higher.


There are different types of quality backlinks: internal, external and incoming links. Building incoming links is a different guide all on its own. Right now, let’s talk about internal and external links.


In 2017, an SEO agency in the UK ran an experiment to see if backlinks helped improve Google rankings. They discovered that pages with external backlinks outranked those that didn’t link out.


Now that you’ve added external links, it’s time to get internal links. These real backlinks will point to the page that you want to rank. In other words, create a link network from other pages on your site to your new post. These internal links will send link juice to your post, which can help your Google rankings.

Build quality external and internal links

Basically, I funnel link juice from other posts to this one and provide authority sites with backlinks from this post including websites like Moz and even Google.


These links cost you nothing and will help improve the quality of your content. In this article alone, I’ve linked out to 10 different websites and created internal links to some posts on this website. Do you see where I’m going with this?


The pages I’m linking to are on topic too. Just don’t link to unrelated content as this might end up hurting you rather than help. You can use a Google ranking tool like Ahrefs to monitor your backlinks and although it’s not free, Ahrefs is worth every dollar.


Step 4 – Optimize your title and content

Optimizing your content is one of the easiest steps to improve your Google search ranking. Follow semantic SEO rules by simply mentioning your main and related keywords several times in the content. For example, I mentioned my keyword a handful of times throughout this post. Now. I tried not to keyword-stuff the content and so I used variations instead.


These related words will help Google understand my content. You can get related keywords from the suggested keywords at the bottom of a Google search result page. You can also use Google Suggest to get some related terms.


Another important task is to CTR-optimize your page title. This is necessary because Google pays attention to how users interact with your title in the SERP.


If users click on your page title in the search results, it’s the first sign that people really want to see your content. Now whether they stay or not will depend on the content.


To get them through the door, first CTR-optimize your title. If you can successfully reduce the bounce rate on the page, then you will rank higher. This is known as organic click-through rate and is an SEO ranking factor that has become very important.

Here’s how to do it:


  • Make the webpage title actionable. So instead of “A Guide on How to rank in Google”, I have “7 Quick Steps on How to rank in Google”. The title tag SEO of the content is an answer to a question.


  • Using SEO page title with number, I did this with my page title. Several industry studies show that page titles with numbers have astronomical click-through-rates. Go on Twitter and Facebook, at a glance you will see what I mean.


  • Odd numbers also have a 20% higher CTR says The Content Marketing Institute. Odd numbers in page title perform slightly better than even numbers, so I made sure to include the odd number 7 in this title just to see how well it does in the SERP. 
    Optimize your title and content

    According to The Content Marketing Institute


Step 5 – Social media

Get social and network with your customers on social media. Your users can become ambassadors of your brand, but they have to know you on a personal level. There is no better way to create this connection than building a social community. 

website plugin that will encourage social share

Website plugin that will encourage social share – Click to Tweet



Twitter is one of the best social media for SEO. You can also use tools like a Click-to-tweet button. This is a nice website plugin that will encourage social share. It’s especially useful for tweeting parts of your post and not the entire article. Click-to-tweet button and many other social tools will get you more social shares and traffic and social effect on SEO.

Social media and SEO are a perfect match. Social shares will bring your content more traffic, and the more traffic you get, the better your chances ton ranking on Google.


Step 6 – Boost comments and User Generated Content (UGC)

Generating lots of comments on your blog posts will show that your content is not only relevant but also engaging. Moreover, blog SEO comment can also help your content rank better on Google. Blog commenting for traffic is a good strategy for ranking competitive keywords.


The dilemma is how to actually get people to comment on your content. Here are two tips that work great every time.


First, reply to every single comment you receive. You will be surprised how many bloggers leave blog comments unapproved for weeks or even months. And some don’t even bother responding to questions asked by readers.

Generating user comments on blogs

To show people that you respect their take on the topic, ensure that you reply to almost every SEO comment that is posted on your site. After a while, your website will start to look like a community with massive amounts of UGC – which is something Google will reward you for.


Secondly, Make sure your conclusion or call to action includes a question or direct solicitation for comments. Let’s face it, most people’s conclusions are boring summaries of their post, but what they should really aim for is a conclusion that will spark conversation.


Step 7 – Content promotion

To rank on Google today, you must be aware of what is content promotion. You must strategically promote every piece of content that you publish on your website. Since competition is fierce and if you want people to actually see the content that you publish, promotion is a MUST. So how do you promote your content? Here are some free methods:


  • Content Roadshow – Send out emails to bloggers and influencers in your niche and simply let them know you love their work and would like their opinion on your article.


  • Reciprocal promotion This is an excellent content marketing strategy that works. Mention influencers in your social posts and get some love back with free promotion of your content.Content promotion
  • Post your content on LinkedIn – Thought leaders and people who are authorities in subject matters know that posting on LinkedIn is the easiest way to promote valuable content. Moreover, if your niche is a professional one, you can get many people to read and share your posts.


  • Press releases – This is not totally free. But there are some free press release sites that you can leverage. An optimized press release will not only help promote your content but could be picked up by other press release agencies.




So that’s how to rank in Google!


Now I want to turn it over to you: Are there any steps in this guide that you think is irrelevant? Or do you have any strategies that work for you?


Let me know by leaving a quick comment below right now.


Also, if you’re stuck in unseen SERP pages and want help ranking your website, contact me and I can help you come out of the Google trenches.

black hat seo techniques to avoid

Black Hat SEO Techniques You Should Avoid When Doing SEO

SEO is a way of appearing in the SERPs by optimizing your website according to search engines. SEO is a slow process and takes time to show the desired results. 

Some impatient website owners and SEO practitioners start adopting techniques that will, in the end, lead your site to get penalized. These techniques are- Black Hat SEO Techniques! Black Hat basically means anything that Google deems as “unethical” or “against their guidelines” that can manipulate rankings to boost your website.

We will discuss the following widely used black hat SEO techniques that you should strictly avoid!

  1. Keyword Stuffing
  2. Overwritten Alt Tags
  3. Overusing keywords in anchor text for internal pages
  4. Unnecessary keywords
  5. Excessive use of inter-linking
  6. Hidden links
  7. Overuse of HTML headings
  8. Duplicate Content
  9. Using content automation tools
  10. Bait and Switch technique
  11. Spinning article content
  12. Content Scraping
  13. Content cloaking
  14. Malicious software and contents
  15. Clickbait Titles
  16. Web Rings
  17. Spammy Guest Posts
  18. Link farm
  19. Link Bait
  20. Offering free products in exchange for customer reviews
  21. Link exchanging
  22. Spammy blog comments
  23. 301 Redirects
  24. Anchor text with money value
  25. Spamming footer with links
  26. Selling links
  27. Link Buying
  28. Paying for advertorials
  29. Directory Listing
  30. SEO parasite hosting
  31. Google Bombing
  32. Doorway pages
  33. Spamming rich snippets
  34. Automate Google search
  35. Website Mirroring
  36. Private Blog Networks
  37. URL Hijacking
  38. Toxic Sites
  39. Domain Name Squatting
  40. Cookie Stuffing
  41. Negative SEO
  42. Spamming Trackback Feature
  43. Social Network Spamming
  44. Referrer Spam
  45. Blog Spamming
  46. Over Optimising your site
  47. Social Media Automation Tools

1. Keyword Stuffing

If we define keyword stuffing, it refers to using keywords on your page excessively to rank better. It was a widely popular technique for increasing site ranking until 2000. Later when Google observed that the technique of keyword stuffing is not of much user relevance, its importance started falling.keyword stuffing

Google has started being strict for such practices to avoid any bad user experience. According to the Google Panda Algorithm, any site with poor content will not be able to get a place among the top search results of Google. Keyword stuffing is also considered to be a bad technique to enhance your page content.

Avoid using the same keyword again and again in any content. Not only it lowers the user experience but also increases the chances of getting penalized by Google. You can use similar words or words that relate to your keyword instead of unnecessarily filling your content with the same word.


2. Overwritten Alt Tags

Using Alt text for images SEO is a good way of increasing site ranking but using multiple alt tags is not a good option. Using one single relevant content for your alt tag is more than enough.

Using many keywords in the alt tag for one single image may lead your site into some serious trouble. You can not rank for all the keywords all at once. Hence, it is recommended to focus on one keyword per image on your content.


3. Overusing keywords in anchor text for internal pages

Exact match anchor text is a good way to link to a page within your website that has a similar content. But again, as we discussed earlier, overusing anything is not a good idea.

Do not force your keywords in the context even if it is not necessary. Use natural looking text to link to pages. This is also a part of keyword stuffing. And as you know, your site may get penalized for excessive keyword use. Hence, stay away from such bad practice.

Some sites have really good and quality content but do not rank good. Whereas, some sites have very poor content quality but rank better because of the overuse of keywords in anchor texts for interlinking.

Google keeps updating its search algorithm regularly so that truly deserving sites may benefit from it. With such updates, many sites may see a sudden fall in ranking. Whereas the sites that follow the right SEO tactics, do not get affected much.


4. Unnecessary keywords

Suppose you search for red balloons on Google. One of the entries in the search results has in its title “red balloon”, so you click on it. But as you visit the page, it has content on blue balloons. This is a clear case of poor user experience.

too many keywords

The next time, even if the same website comes for some relevant search result, you will not on it because of your poor experience. Thus, stay away from using unnecessary keywords in your content.

Getting site traffic by using unnecessary keywords will not last for long and Google will eventually penalize or shut down your site.


5. Excessive use of inter-linking

People follow all types of unnecessary ways to increase their site rank. Often do we find that websites add a lot of interlinking on their homepage. They add links to their “About us”, “contact us” or product pages on their home page. This seems to be a forceful way of adding links of the page that will anyways rank better on search engines. Webmasters often find such issues with many websites that later lead to them being penalized.

7. Overuse of HTML headings

Many websites write content on their website along with more than one H1 tag just to rank better. No one denies the importance of heading tags for SEO but overuse is no doubt a bad practice.
Using one H1, H2, H3 tags are always a sufficient option.


8. Duplicate Content

It becomes difficult for Google to give the best search result to a user when there is so much duplicate content on different domains. One content that ranks good on Google is copied by many websites to increase their site rank.Duplicate Content Earlier, using duplicate content was not considered to be a big deal. But now, Google has made strict rules regarding copied content. If you want to use quality content as yours, you can use reference sources on your content that you used from different sources.


9. Using content automation tools

Generating content using automation tools for websites is one of the easiest ways to get content for your web pages. It requires zero efforts from your side and you get what you want.

If you write a content manually, you will follow all the guidelines for good content. Using HTML tags, images and videos, paragraphs alignment, font size and many more are some of the good practices of writing a quality content. But content from automation tools provides none of these.

Automation tools do not take the use of keywords into consideration and create just any random content of poor quality. In the case of no relevant content on your website, your ranking may suffer or search engines may even blacklist your site.

Try writing content on your own because you only know best what keywords you want to rank for. This may take time but you will gradually get the desired results.


10. Bait and Switch technique

Many people have doubts that are bait and switch illegal? To make it clear, yes it is!

Many companies have faced the consequences of using this technique and suffered strict legal actions.

There are many bait-and-switch articles that explain what this exactly is. In this technique, first, a web page is created for Google using some keywords. Later when this page gets a good ranking on Google, the content on these pages is changed that is a clear case of misleading advertisement.


11. Spinning article content

Spinning a content is a clever way of escaping duplicate content. It is one of the widely used black hat SEO techniques. 

spinning Content seo

This practice is so widely used that there are many content spinning service providers available online. There are also many paid and free article spinning tools. 

Spun content is generally of no significant value or importance. You can write spun content manually or use content spinning tools. Try to stay away from using such black hat SEO techniques to be safe from any Google penalties.


12. Content Scraping

Content scraping is a technique wherein some content is taken from some reputed sites and little is added to them. This content is usually taken without even considering its relevance. Scraped content SEO is a bad practice for getting ranking on search engines.

There are a number of content scraping tools available online but you should try to refrain from them. It is a clear case of content breaching and can lead you to some serious legal problems.

Web scraping is illegal and thus Google has set up guidelines for content scraping protection. Be cautious while using the “latest news” by Google Webmasters. Do not put in a lot of information from different sites there.

To protect yourself from any legal problems, use some good anti-web scraping software. These tools and software easily give you details of the site that is copying your content.  


13. Content cloaking

Not many Google users are aware of what is cloaking in SEO. Cloaking in SEO is a black hat SEO technique where the content for the web crawlers is different from the content for the users.

black hat seo techniquesIt is like having two different versions of content for the same page. One is made for getting search engine rankings and the other is made for the site visitors. This is a misleading SEO technique.

According to Google guidelines, cloaking violates the Webmasters rules and regulations and may lead to the site getting penalized.


14. Malicious software and contents

When talking about black hat SEO techniques, malicious contents is one of them. Using malicious tools such as adware, bots, bugs, rootkits, spyware, Trojan horses, viruses, and worms is a illegal activity by law and Google also condemns it.

The content of such websites displays media on a website and download files on the computer using the malicious software on different websites, applications, javascript and flash files.

If you want to protect your system from any harmful files, install a good antivirus on your system. Do not forget to update your antivirus regularly.


15. Clickbait Titles

Clickbait is a Blackhat SEO technique where the title of the page is written in such a manner that it attracts the user and he clicks on it. These titles are usually completely different from the content on the page.

Clickbait ads are created with the aim of generating more site traffic. Such titles are written using so much flowery text that the user instantly gets attracted towards them. Then when he opens the link, what he gets is completely different.

Clickbait Titles

This can harm your site reputation for the long run. Next time even if your ad is a genuine one, the user will never click on it because of his poor experience in the past. We often find such titles on various social media platforms such as Facebook. The user gets fooled and clicks on the link and thus has a poor site experience. Good user experience is of topmost priority for Google.


16. Web Rings

A group of similar websites interlinked in a circular structure over the web is known as a webring hub. Being a part of webring is not a bad idea unless you are using it wholly for the purpose of increasing search engine ranking. You need the permission of webmasters to become a part of any webrings.


17. Spammy Guest Posts

Guest blogging is a widely used black hat SEO technique today. People send emails and messages to some good and reputed bloggers to publish their articles on their website. Such articles are usually of no genuine value and contain some dofollow links.

Do not do guest blogging on just any random site. Publishing on a poor site can affect your site reputation as well.

As Matt Cutts says, guest posts were a good way to link building until people started doing it way too much. Adopting the right guest posting strategy can always be good for your site but avoid spamming.

Link farm websites are a group of websites that are all interlinked with each other. It is a way of spamming the search engine index with the links to your website. It increases your count of inbound links. Google considers it to be an unnatural way of creating inbound links for your site and increasing your page rank. Content farm websites have irrelevant hyperlinks on their content all over their website. Google considers link farming a violation of its guidelines and has strict regulations against it. This may even lead to your site getting penalized.

Link farm


20. Offering free products in exchange for customer reviews

Many business owners try to attract their customers by asking for reviews with a link to the site in exchange for some free products or service. This is becoming a widely used way of increasing the links to your site. More links mean more web authority and thus better site rank.

Customer reviews are no doubt a good practice of increasing your site reputation. But reviews with website links is totally unneeded since everybody knows which website is the review for. Adding it unnecessarily is a clear case of spamming Google with site link and getting a good page rank.



22. Spammy blog comments

Spammy blog comments is a black hat SEO technique that happens when you try to insert your link in every blog comment on different sites even when it is not needed. These sites might be irrelevant, but still, links are placed with the motive of getting better web authority.

This method is a poor SEO practice and affects your online reputation badly. If you own a blog you can prevent others from spamming your blog with comments in two ways. You can either directly delete them or keep their approval pending.


23. 301 Redirects

If you have recently moved or changed a page on your website, using 301 redirects is a good way to prevent any bad user experience. But recently, people have started using it as a black hat SEO technique.

301 Redirects

Old and expired sites are used and redirected to a site to get more link authority. It does matter whether the site is relevant to the business or not, it is used to increase your link juice. These links are of poor quality and no use.

Online movie sites also cheat their users each time one clicks on a movie link to watch it. As soon as the user clicks on it, he is redirected to some totally different site that has no relation to the movie site. It gives poor user experience and may lead the site to get penalized by Google.


24. Anchor text with money value

Commercial anchor text keywords are basically money keywords that generate financial value. Your anchor text profile will be nonorganic if the number of brand anchor texts is less.




28. Paying for advertorials

In the earlier time, the sole motive of going for paid advertorials was to enhance the page rank. The Google later declared page rank as of no valuable importance.

But that does not make paid advertorials a good SEO tactic. Anything that involves buying and selling in SEO is considered to be a black hat SEO technique. Generating page authority and links naturally is a better option to choose to rank in search engines. Using Paid advertorial links may get your site penalized.

If you still want to use paid editorials, you can use a “nofollow” with the link. This way, your users will be able to see your link and at the same time, you are safe from getting penalized. This is because, no follow links are not indexed by Google.


29. Directory Listing

Directory listing is an SEO technique where we submit our website links on various business listing sites to increase our page authority. If you really want to list your business online, you should create a Google my business page, or use social media platforms like Facebook, Yahoo, Twitter or Linkedin.

Keep updating these directories regularly.


30. SEO parasite hosting

Just like a parasite enter into a body and gains benefits from it like nutrients, similar is the case with parasite hosting in SEO.

Spamming rich snippets

 Parasite hosting SEO is a black hat SEO technique to get access to someone else’s website and fill it with your keywords to put the link of your website.

It is like getting illegal and unauthorized access to some other website that has a good domain authority. Parasite pages SEO are usually not in the notice of the owner of the authority site. The sole reason for this technique is to get a good ranking on search engines by placing your links on the high authority websites in a fraud manner.


31. Google Bombing

This blackhat SEO technique involves artificially making a page rank for a totally irrelevant keyword. In this, the black hat SEO expert will manipulate the Google’s algorithm to get the desired rank.

There have been many cases of Google bombing in the past that have led to some serious penalties from Google.


32. Doorway pages

Doorway pages, also known as gateway pages, is a black hat SEO technique somewhat similar to redirected pages. It is a form of cloaking wherein the content created for web crawlers is totally different from the content displayed to the users.

The website is altered for some search engine query and the user is sent to a page that doesn’t have any connection with the query whatsoever. This is an unnatural way of getting ranked for your page. When the user visits that website, he gets nothing related to his query.


33. Spamming rich snippets

Rich snippets are the search results for some query that has some additional information such as ratings, votes or any relevant information for the query. Rich snippets can be designed using structured markup data. It is the way to code your data in such a way that it appears in a rich snippet. It is a good way of getting your site indexed by Google.

But recently rich snippets are being created in an irrelevant manner just for the sake of getting Pagerank.  You may get manually penalized for spamming rich snippets.


34. Automate google search

There are many software available to increase the number of queries for your desired keyword. Its motive is to get high ranking on search engine result pages. This is an unnatural way of getting more site traffic.


35. Website Mirroring

Website mirroring service is a good option to reduce the load on your existing site. If your existing site gets too much traffic for the server to take the load of, you can get a mirror site made. This will also increase your site speed.

But it is now being used as a black hat SEO technique to increase the SERP rank of a site.


36. Private Blog Networks

Private Blogging Network comprises of a network of websites that are used to build links to a particular website The motive is to alter the search engine rankings of the website.

If you are using PBNs, your site is always at the risk of coming under any Google Penalties or any change in algorithm. Your site may be penalized or all your ranking may be dropped instantly as soon as Google comes to know about the use of your PBNs.


37. URL Hijacking

URL Hijacking, also known as typosquatting attack, is the practice of using a well-established brand name as your domain name with a little variation in spelling.

URL Hijacking

If you have a question- is typosquatting illegal?- The answer is yes!

There are many typosquatting tools available online that do this.

The main motive of using it as a black hat SEO technique is to generate more benefit from the well-established brand name. There are many typosquatting examples that have all been penalized by Google.


38. Toxic Sites

The only motive to create a toxic site is link building. Stay away from such toxic sites and do not put your links on them. Also, make sure that no toxic site points towards your site. This may harm your site reputation.

You should know how to identify a toxic site. There are many ways to do this like analyze the domain name, anchor text, HTTP or HTTPs status code and more.


39. Domain Name Squatting

Domain name squatting is a black hat SEO technique where a domain name is registered similar to a popular brand name. It is done to gain financial benefits from the brand’s name.

If you use this practice to get better SERP ranking, be ready to face legal actions from the brand name you use. The literal meaning of squatting is to use someone else’s property or name as your own to gain benefits.



41. Negative SEO

The main aim of SEO is to get more site traffic and better SERP ranking. Negative SEO is completely opposite of it. Website owners falsely report their competitor sites to get them penalized under Google guidelines.

The main motive to use this black hat SEO technique is to lower down the SERP ranks of your competitor. Your competitor might now even come to know who did this to them unless they use some tool to analyze this such as Google Webmasters, Monitor Backlinks, Google Alerts and more.

Black Hat SEO Techniques You Should Avoid When Doing SEO 6


42. Spamming Trackback Feature

What is trackback must be the first question on your mind right now if you are new to the field of SEO? Trackback on WordPress sites involves notifications every time a user tries to put his link on your blog. Also known as WordPress pingback, it is not a spam unless you are creating a link for some new article. WordPress trackback spam occurs when notifications come just to increase the site traffic. You can disable pingbacks WordPress to avoid such notifications.


43. Social Network Spamming

Since Web 2.0 is introduced, spammers have started using as a black hat SEO technique. Spammers put their links almost everywhere and anywhere just to increase their web authority.

Put usually put their links in the comment section of completely irrelevant posts to get site rank in SERPs. Spammers also use private message feature of social media platforms for this purpose.


44. Referrer Spam

Referrer spam is a type of spamdexing that contaminates a website with fake statistical information. The main aim of the spammer to do this is to increase the site rank.

This black hat SEO technique increases the site data such as traffic, the number of visitors and more.


45. Blog Spamming

There are much software available that help to create just random blogs for the given keywords. These irrelevant blogs are then posted on different sites just to increase the link juice of the respective site.

Instead of adopting this black hat SEO technique, try to create your own blog. Such blogs will not only be of good quality, you will also be safe from any Google penalty.


46. Over Optimising your site

To overdo anything is always a bad idea. Optimising your site is a good idea to get noticed by Search engines. But over optimizing is certainly not.

If Google gets a hold of this, your site may be penalized for this.


47. Social Media Automation Tools

There are many tools available that can automate your social media tasks. This may pose a great threat to your brand reputation.

For instance, there are some tools available that help to follow people on social media platforms. These tools are now being used to follow just every random user to increase the count of your social media followers. A lot of automation makes it looks like that all the work is being done in a robotic way with no human intervention.

Social Media Automation Tools

The Black Hat SEO techniques listed above may give you quick SERP ranking. But it will take no time to bring you under the radar of Google and face Google penalties!


What Is A Private Blogging Network (PBN) And It’s Alternative Options

Blogging is no doubt one of the best ways to get to the top of SERPs with the best use of keywords. But it does not take much time to deviate from the track and follow bad SEO practices to get quick results along with a Google penalty!

What is a Private Blogs Network

PBN (Private blogs network) comprises of a network of websites that are used to build links to a particular website with the motive of altering the search engine rankings of the website. Talking in the terms of SEO, Private Blogs Network service is similar to link wheeling where different websites link to a single website. The websites are involved in a private network where these are not necessarily interlinked but linked to one central site.
This way, the web authority of the central site increases and positive effects can be seen on the site’s search engine rankings.

What Is A Private Blogging Network (PBN) And It's Alternative Options 7 A PBN building service is used by a website with the aim of getting better search engine ranking but it is completely against the Google guidelines. The best way Google considers for a better site ranking is Google Adwords. Therefore, if you want better organic search results, PBN is no doubt an easy blog network but in an unethical way.
For example, you have a business where you manufacture and sell brass products. But, you are putting the link of your website on a site that promotes restaurants. This link will not give you an advantage since your target audience is not the one looking for good restaurants nearby.

Why people use PBN?

Private Blog Networks is an effective way of getting quick results in search engine organic results. Moreover, the main advantage of getting a better ranking is that you get more site traffic and thus increased sales. PBNs are an effective way of enhancing your link building strategy. You can put the link to your website on any website thus enhancing your web authority.
On doing proper competitor research, you will find that most of your competitors have PBNs that are boosting their search engine ranking. It is a cost-effective method because such sites do not charge anything for linking your website. You can decide what will be the anchor text that you will be using to link your site. This way you can include your keywords as an anchor text.

google penalty for pbns

Why should you not use PBNs?

If you are using PBNs, your site is always at the risk of coming under any Google Penalties or any change in algorithm. Your site may be penalized or all your ranking may be dropped instantly as soon as Google comes to know about the use of your PBNs. Hence, all your efforts will instantly go down the drain. PBNs are unethical and totally against Google norms.

If you are keen on getting quick results on your site rank, there are many other options that can help you. Choose ethical ways to rank high on Google, the ways that are approved by Google. This way, you are at zero risks of getting penalized by Google. Such methods might be slow in giving the desired outcomes but these can make your site rank better for a longer time.

Let us see what are the best alternatives to PBNs:

1. Guest Post:

According to Google’s guidelines, guest blogging is an effective way of link building. Do not post just any random content just for the sake of it. There’s no point just using any crap content and posting it guest posting sites. guest posting

Write high quality and keyword rich content. Make proper use of anchor text and keywords. Keep in mind the Google guidelines regarding content word limit. Use a catchy and relatable title for your content. Good content all over the web based on your website is an effective way of getting site traffic. More the site traffic, better the site ranking.
At web Design Plus, we also provide guest blog posting service in Miami and nearby areas. Our SEO services have given satisfactory results to all our clients. You can contact us through our contact number or through the contact form on our site for any details.

2. Link Outreach:

Link outreach is totally different from link building. Outreach is a way of link building. It is the way of reaching out to people through various methods and convincing them to link on your website. Link outreach services may include emails, social media, press releases and more.
You can send emails to people with interactive and convincing content linked to your website. If the user likes your content, he will click on it. You can research on the content quality of your competitors. Look what keywords they are using as anchor texts that are making them rank better.


3. Longtail keywords:

Longtail keywords are just any other keyword you use accompanied by your city or your target location.
For example, if you have a business of plastic products in New York, your longtail keyword can be “plastic product manufacturer in New York”.
Longtail keywords mainly target your local audience. When someone will search for plastic products in NY, your site may appear if you have been on your longtail keywords.


4. Onsite SEO methods:

Do not ignore the Onsite issues of your site. There are many tools that may help you in analyzing and identifying your onsite issues. Use those tools and resolve your issues. Work on the meta tags of your website and make sure they are written under the guidelines prescribed by Google.


5. Niche Edits:

Do proper research on what are some good ranking contents on the web. Use them and make modifications in them according to your website. Write content and paragraphs based on your requirements and add links to it. The text you chose to link your webpage to should be relevant with the link. Niche edits are also known as contextual link insertions, i.e. inserting links to your context or backlink outreach.

What Is A Private Blogging Network (PBN) And It's Alternative Options 8
Contextual link insertion has many advantages like increased site awareness, better site ranking, increased site traffic and sales, and more. Web Design Plus can provide you with trustworthy niche edit services that may give you long-term results. You can contact us through our contact form or call us directly on our contact numbers available on our website.


6. Website design and User Interface:

Hire a good website design company that can give you the best and affordable website design services. Make your site interactive, informative and easy to navigate. Make sure that your responsive website should be easy to use by the users. A good website will ensure a good user experience that may give your some loyal users.
Use proper media items like images and galleries that are related to your business. Include your correct contact details so that users can easily contact you. Including a contact form is also a good way of letting users put across any query.


SEO Basics for beginners to rank your website in 2018 – 22 tips

a website without seo is like a billboard in the desertWhat’s SEO and is it needed to rank your website in 2018?

Search engine optimization can be regarded as an umbrella term describing all the methods of increasing your website’s visibility and ensure the contents of the site are easily found on the search engine results pages (SERPs). It involves on-page SEO activities like technically making adjustments to the website behind the scenes to make it more visible. The other methods are the off-page promotional activities used to raise the visibility of your websites like social media marketing and link-building. Visibility, in this case, means how high your site ranks in the SERPs for certain search terms in the organic results section rather than the paid sections. Professional SEO services Miami can help you achieve very high organic SERPs to drive more traffic to your site. The paid results also form part of search engine marketing and play a significant role in generating traffic to your website.

Why you need SEO

When you build a simple yet robust site with easy navigation, search engines will index your site very fast without a struggle. This site also provides users with a pleasant experience when using it hence repeat visits. User experience is gaining importance since Google now considers it as a factor in its site ranking algorithms. SEO has played a significant role in driving traffic to sites that have employed its use indicating its importance in today’s website ranking. A study done in 2014 suggested that 64% of all traffic originated from organic searches whereas 2% came from social media, 6% from the paid searches, 12% from direct searches while the remaining 15% came from other sources. In general, between 70 to 75% of website traffic come from organic searches.
As at 2015, Google accounted for 90% of all organic traffic globally hence the need to have a strong SERPs on Google. To achieve this, professional social media management services are required to help you design a strategy that can result in increased traffic organically. Those websites that dominate the internet appear between position 1 to 5 in the SERPs on Google and account for 67.6% of all clicks with those from six to ten accounts for only 3.73%. This means your site should be found in the top five results for you to dominate Google.

Search engines look for the following:

SEO Tips Visualized1. Relevance
When a user keys in a search query, the search engine tries to look for the most relevant result to display no matter how simple the query, like “who is Ryan Gosling?” to the more complex ones like “what is the closest steak restaurant from me?” using their own unique algorithms search engines decipher your search terms and provide the results. These algorithms are designed differently to consider particular factor among them relevancy in the page and content of your website. This means your web content should be created to solve specific user problem in a specific way for it to be found by Google.


google wants quality content

Google doesn’t care about fancy images, they want well written, updated content.

2. Content quality
When you regularly publish useful and helpful articles, and other popular media meant for regular people not just for search engine bots then your site will rank high. Google is moving more towards content that helps a visitor rather than just keywords that lead to poor materials. Google is moving deeper towards longer-form content in its ranking. Keywords need not worry you so much, instead focus on user experience since the quality content is getting more weight in 2018 over keywords.






user experience for SEO3. User experience
Providing excellent user experience is a sure way to encourage more visits and a better SERPs ranking. A searchable site with internal linking relevant to the user can keep the visitor longer on your site and makes them hungry for more. Miami web design services can help you achieve this success with your current or new website making it very navigable and exciting to use.


page speed is important for seo4. Site speed
Search engines are becoming more interested in how fast your web pages load. Very soon Google will start labeling search results from Accelerated Mobile Page hosts. This may spell a death knell for a slow website which may not see rankings anywhere near the top 100 pages in searches due to slow loading.


Mobile-friendly-or-not-mobile-friendly-for-seo5. Compatibility across devices
Optimizing your website contents across all devices is an excellent way to improve your site ranking. When the site is compatible with any screen size, it is referred to ass mobile optimized, and Google is supporting the responsive designs as a preference to the non-responsive sites. With professional Miami web design services, your website will be designed in a way that both users and the search engines will like.


internal linking for seo

Internal linking passes power or “juice” for page to page boostering the overal power of your website and intern helps google rankings.

6. Internal Linking
To gain more trust, you need to build linkages with other relevant sites. In addition to designing an easy-to-navigate site, you need to have internal linkages can help bring more traffic and have Google trust your site more. This has advantages including:
– providing your visitors with further reading that are relevant and easy to click and follow to.
– Help improve your site ranking for specific keywords. Linking an article from other posts will tell Google that whatever content you have is helpful to users as long as you use different anchor texts.
– Helps in crawling and indexing of your site. The Google bots that are sent every so often will find your content to be helpful to users, therefore, marking your site as trustworthy the more your internal links are crawled.


search engine ranking factors pie chart7. Authority
When users, search engines, and other websites trust your website, it becomes and authority in the area it specializes in or in the industry. And when your site has a link from a reliable internet site, you have their vote of confidence, and the more of such links you have and the more the high-quality content you publish, the higher the chances your site will be viewed as an authority.
Things are however changing, and each year something shifts in the search algorithm Google uses and these backlinks may not be as relevant as they have been. However, it is still a good practice for improved rankings.



8. Title tags and meta descriptions
Our Miami SEO Services focus on all aspects including meta descriptions to make your website rank better in SERPs. It may not improve the rankings but will definitely increase the chances of a user clicking on your results. The Meta tags appear below the URL in the search results and can help the user to find what they are searching for.
Something under 156 characters will be enough as long as it is clear and relevant to the content and the headline. It tells the visitors and search engine that your site is the right one with the desired content in the shortest way possible. When you place keywords in the title tags and meta tags they will show up in search results highlighted, this means your site has higher chances of being clicked. Write the tags with keywords for the search engine as well are ensuring relevance to the user.

meta-description and title tags for seo 9. Schema markup
Adding schema markups to the pages HTML makes your search results appear attractive. This helps turn the search results into a vibrant media campaign with images, customer ratings, and star-ratings among other valuable information to entice the user. Schema is a straight forward method to markup for Google search engine.

what is schema markup

Above examples show how schema markup can help your listings stand out.

Use alt text to describe images10. tag images accurately
Social media packages from a good firm should include the services of tagging all your pictures and adding alt attributes as they are uploaded. Google does not see the images you upload though it reads the alt text to include. This text should, therefore, be as accurate as possible to increase the chances of the images appearing in search results. This can also help those using screen reader applications as the images have been described properly.


long-tern-seo-content-which-is-evergreen-content11. Evergreen content
When you publish advice based articles instead of quick win news, your site will benefit from the long-term success that drives traffic for a long time and makes the site visible in SERPs. Content that helps people solve their problems will earn you more trust and high-ranking more than the gossip or perishable news articles.



12. Domain names
Miami web design services usually advise their clients on the best and affordable ways to increase rankings. Among these is choosing the correct domain name. Using sub-directory root domains like for your website design is better in accessibility and overall site architecture compared to using sub-domains like category.seo.mysite. com. Also, avoid hyphenating your website domain like If possible, stay away from the top-level domain names such as .info, .name and .biz as they are considered spammy.
Google can closely scrutinize a domain name with keywords for quality and relevant content. Using keywords in the domain name is beneficial, but the scrutiny may result in your site being de-prioritized therefore suffer negatively. Using a site without the www prefix may lead to Google assuming that the when the user types the prefix then that means a different website. Make sure it redirects even when the user types the prefix to prevent your site visibility being compromised.

seo url optimization perma links13. Using headlines and permalinks
To ensure your headlines are completely visible in the SERPs, they should be under 55 characters in length. Snappy and attractive headlines that completely describes the contents will give you more traffic. Stay away from click baits; headlines that are so attractive but do not deliver what they promise regarding content. There are social media management services to take you through 2018 ensuring your site ranks high on the search engine results.
The URL or permalinks can always be altered even after it has been automatically set. They don’t have to match the headline and Google allow three to four keywords to be used in the permalinks with the most important one coming first. It is time you maximize on every available option to push your website to the top and dominate Google without spending much.


Use Comments Section in your posts14. Comments
Have your comment system turned on to encourage your community to engage and dialogue with you under each post. This is another way of creating new content for Google. It also shows that visitors care enough for the content and value the quality. Google will regard the article as helpful depending on the engagement it generates, and you can actively remove spam comments that pass through the filter and add a nofollow value to the comments that are no helpful to your article so that Google will ignore it.


local seo services in Miami15. Local SEO
Google is increasingly serving users as per their location especially when it comes to businesses. When you register your business locally with Google My Business, use an accurate and updated information to catch the user’s attention. Include details like opening and closing times, working days, customer reviews, contact information and the correct business category.






social media marketing services16. Social
Social media marketing plays a very significant role in increasing your site’s visibility in SERPs. Having social media packages that work for your website can improve significantly on the results page through these non-technical SEO methods. An effective social media strategy includes being present in all the relevant social media channels. Use the content as a customer service opportunity and interact with your audience genuinely in an entertaining yet helpful manner.



What to look out for to avoid search engine penalties on your site and wastage of resources that may not elicit any response from Google search engine ranking:


keyword stuffing is harmful for the website1. keyword stuffing
When you overuse keywords on your pages and article, it affects the readability, and no one knows if Google still uses keywords as a tool to rank sites.

2. Link buying
Excessive linking to sites may not earn you any benefit after all. So spending on buying links may be a waste of money. The best links are those from authority sites in your industry or niche.

3. Annoying ads
Too many ads that keep popping up when a user is reading something can be so boring. They also slow down your site speed resulting in low repeat visits.

4. Mobile App
When you present your mobile visitors with the option to download your app to read the content, then Google will not consider your site as mobile-friendly hence lower preference since Google prefers hosting from accelerated mobile pages.

5. Duplicate contents
Google will index only one page from several similar contents in different websites. Some sites scrap your site content and republish them, therefore, stealing your traffic. Ensure your content is original to contribute to your better ranking on Google SERPs.

hidden-seo-links6. Hidden links and texts
Some people hide links in a single character like a comma or hide text by using white font against a white background, positioning texts off screen or using a zero font size. These can be used to manipulate rankings but can results in Google punishing you for these tricks. SEO services Miami have all the skills and expertise to help you strategize for and develop a practical SEO plan that can be effective in 2018.