Why Do I Need SEO 2

Why Do I Need SEO

Good SEO services are just like the cherry on the cake when used with web design. Nicely done seo will make sure your site drives maximum traffic and has maximum visibility on all leading search engines. No matter how good the design on your website is if your site is not noticed, it is a waste. 

Web design also is important for your site. The motive for web design and seo may conflict at times. The prime focus of web design is to use clear and user-engaging text. Whereas SEO services focus on the use of proper keywords on your website. 

In web design, interactive and creative media like images and videos are used to attract users. While SEO services focus on the excellent use of words in your website content.

Just creating a website will not bring your site visitors. Marketing and advertising is important to make your site in the limelight. SEO services are the best way to do this!

How much to spend on marketing and advertising?

You can set up a separate percentage of your gross revenue for marketing. This way you can easily adjust your budget as per your revenue. The U.S. Small Business Administration gives the recommendation to use 7 to 8 percent of your gross revenue for marketing and advertising. If you have a startup, a budget of 2 to 3% of your revenue will also do. Seo services

Many of us know what SEO is but hardly thought about why we need SEO Services. So, I did the analysis and found that Search Engine Optimization brings online success to my company. SEO helps me in the following ways:

1) To Keep Up With Industry of Search Engines

SEO keeps my company updated with the search engine industry. It is important that my website gets listed on Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Thus, SEO will work on various algorithms and rules of different search engines to get my company at the top of searches. Accordingly, SEO Company takes care of Content Management Services and Website Designing of my Company to improve the ranking. This is a continuous process. For example, if SEO Company knows that Google looks for the actual textual content of a web page and link popularity then it recommends the required changes in my website.

2) SEO Submits My Website Professionally

SEO Company manually submits my website, professionally and wisely. Search engines do not properly recognize automated submission. The SEO runs ranking reports to show where my website is positioned in different search engines. It makes necessary changes to the site and resubmits as per the need, to improve my website ranking.

3) SEO Gives Traffic Analysis

traffic analysis

SEO provides me the detailed site traffic report. The report tells my company the quality of the traffic and where it comes from. This is key information that lets my company effectively calculate Return on Investment (ROI). With online search and sales increasing every year, my company needs an SEO for work efficiency.

4) SEO Services Save My Time and Money

Doing SEO sounds and means doing a lot of work, round the clock. Can we do that? Even when my company hires staff for SEO work, the expenses incurred on the staff including health benefits, vacation, retirement plans, etc are much more than what my company pays an SEO Services provider company for search engine promotion. I would rather save than spend more and buy peace of mind. Moreover, the increased traffic and exposure and, thereby the income generated by the SEO compensate the investment manifold.


You should keep in mind some important points when you decide to go for seo services for your site: 

web design and SEO Services

  1. Good keyword selection is a crucial part. Use keywords in the main sections of your page like the page title, headings, and metadata. Keyword analysis lets you know the best keywords your competitor is ranking for. Choose good keywords because users will find your site with these keywords.
  2. Always use alt tags for all your images. Search engines and blind site visitors can “read” your images with such tags.
  3. Use letters and words in your url instead of any random number to make it user-friendly.

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