5 Best SEO Tips for your Facebook Business Fan Page

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Web Design Plus SEO 5 Best SEO Tips for your Facebook Business Fan PageCreating a Facebook business fan page might seem simple, but there is more to it then hitting the “create page” button and filling out spaces. Your Facebook business fan page represents your business online, is an extension to your online marketing, and it counts greatly towards your online ranking. You Facebook business page is important and should be treated accordingly.

1/ Pick the best name for your Facebook page

Choosing your name for your Facebook page may sound simple and like a no-brainer but there is a science to it. Your Facebook name is a part of your SEO and should relevant to your business name and also try to include a keyword in it. What you want is to avoid making it too spammy; it should be an organic extension to your online marketing.

2/ Claim your Facebook business’ page URL

Claim your Facebook URL because it is heavily weighted in search engines algorithms. Same as your name if possible; it is best but if not, use the same concept with your company name and a keyword. Many people do not think of claiming their Facebook’s page name and lose increase in search engine’s ranking because of it.

3/ Optimize your Facebook page

Just like any online marketing efforts your Facebook page needs to be optimized. Add your keywords to your Facebook business fan page in the description, about section, mission, and services. These sections are searched as SEO components and need to be written accordingly.

4/ Backlink your Facebook page

Use backlinks back to your Facebook business fan page by adding your URL online. This can be simply done with basics such as on your website, your other business social media channels, your business blog, and anywhere else you can. Creating backlink for your Facebook page works the same as for your website; it creates organic links and increases your SEO efforts, ranking you higher.

5/ Optimize your Facebook’s page status

Just like on your blog and any marketing efforts, the beginning of your Facebook status updates must contain keywords. These are the first words to be crawled by the search engines and being used as your Meta words. For example, if you share a blog post, always use your SEO friendly title (as it should have been figured out already) and link it back to your blog with a backlink. For example, Quick blog preview with a read more “your website URL” sending the reader back to your blog. Bonus: The more people click on the link, the more organic credibility it gives your website.

All your online marketing efforts should be optimized and include SEO practices; keep your keywords consistent and do your research. It should seems natural and not spammy; don’t seem like you are trying too hard to throw in keywords in random places. If you have any questions or comments share them with us on our Facebook business fan page: https://www.facebook.com/WebDesignPlusSeo.

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