How much should I pay for SEO services?

The prices for SEO Services vary according to the project. SEO isn’t necessarily a one package fits all. One of the price deciding factors largely depends on the client budget. The budget allotted by the client determines what steps would be taken for their SEO Strategies. If you are looking for SEO prices keep reading below.

How to determine SEO Pricing
Some main aspects that determine SEO Pricing are:

1. Current Situation– If your company is new in its field, your SEO planner will have to start from the beginning. It will obviously cost you more since the SEO work will start from the scratch. If you have an established company which has already undergone some SEO then it might cost less comparatively.
2. Objectives– You will have to make clear that why do you need SEO. You may either want to rank on top or get site traffic, or you just want to get user calls or emails. Your objectives also determine your SEO pricing.
3. Time Given– The time you want to give to SEO also determines SEO pricing. It is pretty obvious that a service that is given for long will demand more charges than the service which is given for a short duration.

When you higher an SEO agency, try to keep trust in them from the beginning. Do not keep negative thoughts in mind that it will take more than sufficient money from you. Hire an agency that you can trust or have heard of. Do not keep any second thoughts in your mind.

How much should I pay for SEO services? 1
About your SEO Needs.

Any SEO agency will keep in mind the following points while deciding the SEO price for your company:

1. No matter how much you have spent on your website development. If your domain authority is not good, nothing is good. If your website is a new one, its domain authority will obviously be 0. Then the SEO agency will have to work from the beginning to enhance it. A website that has been published for a long time will have better domain authority and hence will require comparatively less time.

SEO pricing
2. The number of backlinks your website has online also plays an important role. If there are sufficient and good backlinks available, Google will rank you better than your competitors. Thus, SEO work needed will not be very hectic.

3. It is important to check the site Domain authority. Any site that has a good reputation with Google will have a better Domain authority.

4. The content on your page is good enough or not, will be a challenge in SEO. Your website should have good and well-written content pages. Having a blog page on your website also is important in SEO.

5. You first have to whether you want an SEO plan for a national level or just at the local level. If your goal is the rank better nationally. then prices will obviously get hire because then your competition is also increased.

6. Your current website situation decides the time it will take to get the desired results. Some websites may start seeing the difference in a week while the others may take a couple of months.

7. You have to make your goals clear to the SEO company you hire. You want to get more customers or just increased site traffic, make it clear. Then only the SEO can be planned.

SEO Pricing includes many action plans. Some of them being like your whole website may need a redesign to become optimized, your website may need a lot of backlinks, quality content may need to be added to your website, etc. All these things need a lot of time and planning to give the best outcome.

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SEO prices on an average in the US:

The SEO prices may vary depending on the company. But if we talk about an average SEO pricing, this chart may help you understand it better.

SEO pricing on an average in US

SEO pricing on an average in the US

When you plan to hire an SEO Agency for your business, they will make all sorts of promises of taking you to the top. Those promises might be made to build your trust in them. But you should always be cautious with some over the top promises like:

1. Do not believe them when they say that they can guarantee you 100% success. SEO is a constantly changing field. Google keeps on changing its algorithms in rules. So there is no fixed way to give you a guarantee. All they can do this try their best to give the best possible results.

2. You can not get instant results in SEO. You will at least need one week to see some significant results. There are certainly ways to get instant results, but those are considered to be wrong practices and against webmaster guidelines.

3. It is everybody’s wish to be on number one on Google. You sure can get there someday with continuous SEO efforts. But it becomes suspicious when someone says they guarantee you the number one spot.

4. When someone offers you way too much discount on their services, beware of them. They might give you way too much cheap services, but low prices usually give low-quality output.

5. When you plan to take link building services, make sure they are doing it in an ethical manner. Feel free to ask them that which platform do they use to get links related to your industry.

We at Web Design Plus SEO take up the best and most suitable strategy for your website. Our prices range from $600 per month and up to $10,000+. Most of our plans fall in around $1500 fees. We work with all big or small clients and we understand that not everyone can’t afford big budgets, we work with you within your budget. Keeping this in mind, we rather work with you than against you. Once your business shows results, you will happily take more services from us. Many people seem to realize that SEO is basically an extension of your marketing department and you have to invest to grow.

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How much should I pay for SEO services? 1
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