Rank and Rent – A Basic Guide

Rank and Rent SEO is a widely used tactic today to generate more sales for local businesses.

Rank and rent is a technique wherein SEO professionals rent websites to local businesses. A website is made, and all efforts are made to rank in local search results. Once the site starts ranking, it is rented to a local business. Many local businesses are already benefiting from this technique and increasing their sales every day.

Importance of Rank and Rent websites:

  1. The money you will invest to hire an SEO professional is much more than the money you will spend to rent a website from someone.
  2. You will get a website that already ranks well on search engines. If you start from the beginning for your own website, you will have to wait for a fairly long time to get the desired results
  3. Get a site that is already optimized. You can further customize it with your company name, logo text, tagline and more.
  4. Your site already will rank on Google and thus you have a fairly good amount of leads.
  5. No pressure of a contract with any separate SEO company and regular follow-ups.

Rank and rent websites are more easy to handle since you have full control over it until it ranks good. You can make money with backlinks. You do not have to give updates to your clients whenever there even a slight drift in rank. It is totally up to you how you make the site rank.


In this blog, we will talk about the best ways to rank to rent websites to local businesses.

1. Choosing the right niche

Choosing the right niche is an important step because that will decide your future SEO tactics. Decide on a niche that is not very competitive because choosing a difficult niche may get you stuck in the middle.

Do not choose a very big city such as New York for your niche. You may have a tough time competing there. If you are a beginner in Rank and rent technique, choose a city that will be easy to tackle with. Choose a city that has a comparatively average population so that you do not have to put in a lot of efforts in the first attempt itself.

choosing right niche

Depending on the city, you can easily find out the most searched keyword or service using tools like Google Keyword Planner. You can choose any of those topics as your niche. While choosing the target market for your website, make sure you have sufficient numbers of businesses for that field. There will be no point in creating the website for which you do not get any buyers. You can also analyze the pay per click rates of different topics to decide what will you be choosing.


2. Choosing a domain name

right domain nameChoosing your keyword as your domain name can give you quick results in your search engine ranking. For example, you have a pizza store in New York, the domain name can be newyorkpizza.com. If any user searches for New York pizza store, chances of your site being in the top 3 search results may be more if proper SEO is done.

If you have a website already made for some other name than your keyword, you can still make it rank with the target keyword.


3. Choosing the best content management system

Choosing the right CMS (Content Management System) is important to manage all your website content efficiently. A good content management system can help you create and modify any content on your website efficiently. Multiple users can work on it making the work easier. content management systems

WordPress is the most widely used CMS today. It is free to install and deploy. It offers a wide range of plugins and schema space.

Advantages of using WordPress as your CMS:

  1. Easy to use
  2. It is browser-based and thus can be accessed from any computer.
  3. No additional HTML software is needed
  4. Easy to customize your web page design.
  5. Enhance site functionality with plugins
  6. Multiple user functionality

4. Competitor Research

Before you start with anything, it is important to analyze the competition in the niche you have chosen. You can start with the search result page for your target topic for the website. Competitor research tools such as SEMrush can give you a detailed report of the keywords your competitor is ranking for.

semrush keyword research
SEMrush: Competitor research tool

You should analyze the core services provided your competition, his target audience, his social media accounts and more. There are many backlink checker tools available that give you the exact view of the web authority of your competition.


5. Keyword research

If you are aiming at targeting your local audience, using the area name in your keyword can be a helpful way.  If you are focusing on your newyorkpizza.com site, your keyword can be “cheap pizza store new york”, where cheap pizza store is your main keyword and new york is the location you are targeting on.

Google keyword planner

There are many SEO keyword tools available that can give a list of keywords you can use in your content. Google keyword planner is a free keyword research tool that you can use. Since it is backed up by Google, you can always trust its accuracy. You can also use the keywords your competitors are ranking for and focus on them. You have to be smart with your choice of keywords.

The central pages of your site like the about us or home page may not get a good rank, but it is important to keyword optimize them as well.


6. Add content to your website

While creating content for your website, try to stay away from duplicate content as much as possible. Unique content is always favored by Google. It should be a keyword rich content but not keyword spamming. If you are planning to use content from a website that ranks good, do not copy it as it is. There are many content spinning tools that can help you with this.

While creating content always use images and videos to make it interactive and user-friendly. Do not forget the use of HTML tags, alt tags, page title and more. Make sure the page title has the keyword your content focuses on. Do proper on-page of your website and include a keyword in meta tags as well. Meta tags play a great role in deciding your site rank.

Google recommends 250-300 words per page as a good SEO practice. The anchor text on your page should be relevant to the page it links to. Do not try to mislead your users by choosing a page title that is completely unrelated to the content. You may lose a fair amount of your target customers.


7. Google search console

Never forget to submit your sitemap on Google Search Console. It is a service that Google offers for free. A sitemap is a list of all the pages on your website. When you submit your sitemap, Google can easily index and crawl your pages on search results.


You can also prevent Google from showing any page on your website by submitting it under robot.txt file. Search console makes it easy for Google to access your content. You can also analyze and monitor the performance of your site on Search Console.


8. Create and verify Google My business page

If you want to get more attention from your local audience, set up and verify your Google My Business Page. A verified and complete Google Business Page can help you to rank in the Google Maps and the organic search results for your desired niche.

Google my business page

Having a Google business account is a must for every business that wishes to get a good search engine rank. Your users will easily be able to give reviews for your business. A business with good reviews is always favored by Google. Create your business page but do not forget it after then.

Regular business page posts are important to get user attention and increased site traffic. Use engaging images and post content and never forget to link your related webpage. The business page also helps your target audience to easily interact with you that gives a good user experience.


9. Get Reviews

There are 3 options available with you to generate reviews for your website-

  • Black hat ways- Message your friends on social media platforms such as Facebook asking them to drop reviews for your business. You can add the Google Maps link to your business in the message text. Prevent spamming and avoid more than 5 reviews a day.
  • Grey hat ways- Create blog posts on your website, create a YouTube channel and start publishing videos on it, and much more. Ask your followers to drop reviews for your videos or blogs.
  • White hat ways- Simply ask your customers to review your business. Avoid reviews from same IP addresses. You can fasten up the process by turning on the location extension by Google Adwords.

10. Develop content and Authority

It is one of the most important steps. It is actually even more important than link building strategy. You can develop great online authority with great unique content. Internal linking also can pass on great authority. You must focus on creating content that covers details of your niche.

For instance, if you belong to the tech niche, you can write an article on repairing a computer and title it as Top 20 tips to remove a virus from your computer.

If this content doesn’t rank well, consider editing and adding more details to it. Or you can take help from Google Search console to get the best long tail keywords you can add in your content.


11. Linking your profile

web 2.0Using Web 2.0 to link your website on the best blog submission sites such as WordPress, Tumblr, Weebly and more is a great way to increase your web authority.

Web 2.0 is a social web of websites that facilitate user participation. On these websites, the user can easily comment and interact. You can submit your blogs on such high authority sites that link your website at the right place.

In earlier times, the users can only view or download the content on any website. With the advent of Web 2.0, dynamic web pages can be made that allow user interaction and easy content sharing.  


12. Private blogging network (PBNs)

PBN is almost as same as link wheeling where different websites link to a single website. The websites create a private network and are not necessarily interlinked, but a link to one central site.

PBNs are a good way of getting some high authority links for your site.

One of the best PBN services available is Hatred’s PBN that gives really good results. PBNs are effective in enhancing your link building strategy. You can put your website link on any website thus enhancing your web authority and online presence. Most of the digital marketing tactics today involve the use of PBN as an important method.


13. Niche Edits

Niche Edits are a great way to enhance your web authority. You can also develop authority by inserting niche edits. Niche edit services let you add a link of your website to a well-ranking content over the internet. An old aged article will obviously have a very good online reputation. Thus if you add your links in these articles or pages, you will be highly benefitted. You can contact us for the best and affordable niche edit services. For details, check out our niche edits service page.

14. PPC and Off-Page SEO

off page seo

Off-Page SEO for your site will make sure that your site develops a good web authority. You can submit links in a variety of ways such as documents, PPT, Video, Image, bookmark and more.  Always use good authority sites for submissions and choose the appropriate anchor text for linking.

PPC (Pay per click) is a paid service offered by Google, also known as Google Adwords, that allows you to create ads for your website. Ads are always displayed on the top as well as bottom of every search result and thus commands the instant attention of users. This online advertising service by Google allows you to advertise the services and products you offer.


15. Rent out your site

Contact the local business owners of your area and tell them about the website you just created using rank and rent technique. Tell them about the leads you have generated throughout and what advantage can their business get with it. The price of a website will depend largely on your niche and its competition. You can even run an audit of your site to make sure that you handle the site in the best possible position. There are many site audit tools available such as Cora Audit Services.

Rank and rent is one of the best ways to make money. It is favorable for both, you and the buyer. The buyer gets a website that has a good online reputation and you obviously get money for your efforts. Local business owners use this technique to increase their sales.

Once you follow the above-mentioned steps correctly, you can easily make money. You can make even more websites like this. Local advertising is an important field that you should address if you really want to increase the sales of your business. 

rank and rent

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