Day 29: SSL protect your website 1

Day 29: SSL protect your website

With the increasing use of internet and web related services, the risk to user privacy increasing. Each time you enter a data on the web, there are always chances of it being stolen or misused by someone. This can be prevented by incorporating SSL (Secure Socket Layer) in your website. SSL is a protocol that can be installed on a website as a certificate that enhances the security of your website. It helps in encrypting information so that it is not misused by some false identity.

Day 29: SSL protect your website 2
For the SSL to work, you should have a domain hosted by you. A special key, called CSR (Certificate Signing Request), is provided by the domain host that is incorporated in the SSL certificate for the verification of correct domain and usage. Then the SSL is installed on the hosting server. SSL can protect any kind of data like passwords, text messages, and credit card details while you are sending it from your computer to the server.

SSL works in 3 steps:
1. Encryption– All the data transferred between the user and the server is encrypted so that even if the data is stolen by the hacker in between the transfer, It cannot be misused or decrypted.
2. Data Integrity ensured– SSL makes sure that your data is not modified or changed in between the transfer.
3. Authenticity– SSL ensures that the website or the server you are interacting with is a genuine one and not any fraud or false identity.

Benefits of using SSL:

1. Your data is always safe from hackers because of the encrypted nature of the information transferred.Day 29: SSL protect your website 3

2. Your website ranking increases on search engines. Google considers HTTPS as a ranking factor and always favors the sites that are secure and safe.

3. Transactions can be made easily without any threat to your privacy and confidential details.
4. Users can put trust in your website since they know their information is safe with you. This way you can turn your users into potential users.
5. Safe and risk-free shopping experience.

Importance of SSL for SEO:
When your site is SSL protected, it uses HTTPS as a protocol and not HTTP where S stands for Secure. This acts as a signal for Google that your site is trustworthy and secure. You can see the maximum number of sites in the SERPs have an HTTPS. Google wants its users to have the best user experience. HTTPs is a great way of building trust in your users for your website. IT protects your user’s data from hackers and other fraud identities. This will directly increase your SEO ranking. Example of secure website with SSL

If your site has an SSL, it shows to the users that your site is secure. Otherwise, it writes insecure besides the sites that do not have SSL. This way users will use only the sites that are safe for them since nobody wants to compromise with their privacy. This your site traffic will also increase with SSL. This increases site conversions because you will get more user clicks gradually.

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