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Developing the Action Plan


Site- Level Optimisation


On – Page Optimisation


Off – Page Optimisation

If you choose us your Miami SEO company, you will get the following benefits:

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Our team will make your site easily indexed by the search engines with the best On page and Off page services. Developing the web authority of the sites of our clients is our main aim.

Productive Results

We are well versed with the latest tools and techniques to handle all the work load. We can scale up your site performance.

Cost Reduction

Our on page services are sometimes so fruitful that your link building charges might be saved by half.

Quick task

The SEO is a process that may take time to show the desired results. We try to give you the best outcomes as quick as possible.

Hassle free contract

We abide by our privacy policy. We never disclose the data or any details about our clients


We are always all ears to understand your requirements. We can be easily reached by call or email.

Progress Reports

We give our clients from time to time reports to give our clients a glimpse of the progress.

In-House team

All our team member work from US only.

Phase 1

Developing the Action Plan

Before starting with any thing, our team develops a action plan. We run site audit for the client as well as the competitors. We collect data for all the significant points to get good SERP rank. It is important to collect information on where your site is lacking. Then only can we work on it.

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image credited from site audit tool https://seomator.com

The process includes the following main steps:

  • Analysing the current status of your site

    We broadly cover the site audit for our clients. There are more than 100 data points to be analyzed but we give the following points priority-

    • The technical issues for your site
    • How much is the site optimized for each target keyword
    • How relevant is the content on your web pages
  • Analysing your competitor’s site optimisation

    We take into consideration the top competitors for your site. We collect all the information about what is making them rank better than you and their strong points.

  • Choosing better keywords for you

    We will make the best use of tools such as Ahrefs and Google’s Keyword Planner to get the best possible list of keywords for you. We use only the relevant keywords that we feel will help you rank. We take into consideration the LSI keywords, synonyms and long tail keywords.

  • Establishing the relevance for keywords

    After we choose the keywords for you we see how we make make your site rank for it. Brainstorming with several questions is done to see what steps will be needed to increase the relevancy.

  • Combine the collected data and step into action

    We prepare separate tasks based on the audit data and keywords collected. All the tasks are shared with our team through our project management software.

Phase 2

Site- Level Optimisation

Our main goal here is to improve your site performance at the technical level. We take into account 5 key performance indicators (KPI) to be sure that no aspect is left.

Our main tasks include:

01. Improve site indexing and crawling

The main key points included in this are

  • Creating and updating robots.txt and xml sitemap files
  • Pagespeed
  • Site link structure
  • Redirects

03. Using important plugins

The main key points included in this are

  • Yoast SEO
  • W3 Total Cache
  • WP Smush It
  • WP Optimise
seo services

02. Correcting site errors

The main key points included in this are

  • 404 errors
  • 301 redirect
  • Duplicate content
  • Long URLs
  • Empty or duplicate tags
  • Control external links

04. Site settings

The main key points included in this are  

  • Taxonomies
  • Block spam comments
  • Tags and media
  • Remove footer credits

The 5 essential KPIs

Phase 3

On – Page Optimisation

This phase is where the data collected by us for your site and the competitor site. We focus mainly on the target keywords for your site and how can we increase the number of keywords for site.

Competitor data average

We take average of the competitors that rak on the first page. This helps in analysing how we can make your site out do your competitor. The top 5 competitors and their ranking factors are checked and matched with your site factors.

Relevant Page

On page is all about page relevant i.e. making your web pages relevant for the keywords. Our content writing services can give you a relevant content so that your rank starts getting better.

Managing Optimisation

The main issues in On page are keyword density and duplicate content. Our SEO services observe your site issues at a deeper level and resolve all the issues.

The process includes the following main steps:

  1. We place your target keywords in the most important places of your website i.e. Titles, URL’s, H Tag’s and the first 100 words of page content.
  2. Based on data collected from site audits we improve the page relevancy for target keywords and get the most out of LSI keywords, synonyms and long-tail keywords.
  3. Only the best practices are used to optimize the images on target pages.
  4. JSON-LD Schema Markup improves the way search engines read pages. It tells the search engines what the content means.
  5. Fixing user flow for the site with proper interlinking gives ranking easily. We increase relevance of target pages with interlinking “other related” pages and using anchor texts.

Phase 4

Off- Page Optimisation

Now that your site is optimised for all the technical and On-Page errors, we move towards improving the web authority of your site. We make sure your site link reaches the maximum number of people by our link outreach technique and handling your social media accounts.

  • Link Outreach-

It simply involves reaching out to the best authoritative websites to link back to your article or any blog post. Outreach is a way of link building. This not only will increase the reputation of your site but also tell search engines your site credibility. We do this in two ways:

  1. Guest posts- Writing guest posts is an effective way of link outreach. Do not post just any random content just for the sake of it. Our SEO services can give high quality and keyword rich content. We focus on proper use of anchor text and keywords. Good content all over the web for your website is an effective way of getting site traffic.
  2. Niche Edits- We find some good quality content form the web related to your target keywords. We then modify them according to your website. Links are added to the content that direct to your site. Niche edits are also known as contextual link insertions, i.e. inserting links to your context. Niche edits promote site awareness, better ranking, increased site traffic and sales, and more.
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  • Social Media Posts-

Our social media management services can help you increase the follower base on your major social media accounts. Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest content can increase your traffic in a short period of time. You have to actively post on them to reach the maximum audience. We can do it effectively for you. Including creative and attractive infographics along with a link to your site can increase your site ranking.