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Ultimate Etsy SEO Shop Help Guide 2019

What are Search Engines anyway and what does it have to do with helping my Etsy SEO Rankings? Keep reading on about our Ultimate Etsy SEO Shop Help Guide and hack your way to higher rankings in the SERPs.

The basic definition of a Search Engine- It is a program that identifies items in a database correlating with certain keywords or characters specified by the user. Some main but not only search engines include Google and Yahoo. There are many other search engines that individuals can use like Bing. Recently Youtube and eBay (there are other sites that perform the same task) have started to run searches that help their users search for what they were looking for. Get here the best Etsy SEO Guidelines.

How do Search Engines Work (A Simplified Answer!)

Search engines make use of automated software that follows links on the website. The software (the little robots or spiders) then start to harvest the information and store it in the databases. So when someone searches for a phrase the search engine algorithms will display the most common results. This is important to know because as stated before there are different search engines. Each of these search engines have their own algorithms to determine what is the most relevant content for a user. For example, Google’s algorithm favors informative content like blogs and videos. Whereas, the search engines that Etsy uses is more focused on finding products the user likes.

What are some of the factors utilized in Etsy search and Etsy SEO?

Tips for Etsy Shop SEO and Etsy SEO

Since Etsy’s first inception the search algorithm at that time was fairly simple. The search engine was geared to analyze recency (meaning how many times an item was viewed). However, they then discovered that this form of search engine offered a substandard experience for their users. So they quickly scratched this search engine for a better one. Etsy from that moment on became much technical in the way they handled their Etsy SEO. The search engine now uses a variety of algorithms to decide the relevancy. They explained this in greater detail on the Easy Help page. The link below is what Etsy had to say about the search engine:


Basic tips for Etsy SEO and better rankings

1. Tag & Title Relevancy

Title and Tags RevisionAll the item in the result must match up with what the buyer is searching for. If the item’s due to matchup then the buyer’s search will not be included in the results.

Let’s take this for example.

If someone searches for “banana backpacks” the search engine only returns items that match with both “banana” and “backpack”. But items that match with “banana backpack” will be considered the closest match out of the three.

When the words or the phrases in a buyers’ search is revealed in both the tags and the titles of a listing in the search engine, then the algorithm will consider the listing more pertinent than other listings that too have the words or the phrases in the tags and the title.

Words used at the beginning of the titles are most often considered much more valuable than words that are used at the end of the title.

2. Listing Qualities

Top 35 Listing SitesIn an attempt to reveal items that purchase are much more prone to buying, the search algorithm that is used by Etsy also considers how well certain merchandise tends to do in the search. This is called “listing quality”.

For example, a person clicks ‘favorite’ or buys an item after they have seen it in the search. Their action will contribute to the “listing’s quality” score.

This is important because of listings at the top of the results usually tend to receive many buyers attention than those results at the bottom. The search algorithm (that Etsy SEO ) adapts to the buyers expected behavior for these various locations.

Something salient is that new online store and listings all start out with what is called “neutral quality score”. In the end, has no impact on their placement.


Ultimate Etsy SEO Shop Help Guide 2019 1

This is a very extensive list of things that help to boost your Etsy rankings. Implementing them is not always that simple. If for any reason you want a personal Etsy review, Keyword Research and training contact us, fees starting at $50. We will put together a customized review, tips, tricks and advice game plan to improve your shop. (note: we also run our own Etsy shops, so we are always following the latest tips)


3. Customers and Marketplace Experience

Marketplace ExperienceEasy want their buyers to have the best experience they can while they are purchasing their merchandise.

To provide the best kind of service to their buyers, they consider the online store’s record of customer service. They determine where it is in good standing or needs some kind of reformation.

Great reviews and completed online store policies all aid in the placement of the search engine. However, recent situation and previous intellectual property infringement case have caused a native effect. This does not affect new shops. This is because a new online store has a neutral score.

4. Recency and Etsy SEO


Etsy’s search algorithm shows how many items were recently listed or delisted. As a result, they are able to keep their search results new for frequent shoppers. Things like updating listings and “paid renewing” gives your products a boost.


5. Shop Location –

Shop LocationThere are many purchasers, specifically in the United States or even down to States, have expressed that they liked buying items from sellers in their own lands of origins because they found it to be convenient and less expensive in the longer scheme of things.
In order to appease the purchasers of the countries, the company takes the local shops and shoppers into account. This is important as other searches do not take other shops into account for their search results.

6. Shop Diversity

Shop DiversityFor the individuals who purchase their merchandise on Etsy’s, they are searching for a marketplace that sells special items. In order to meet these desires, Etsy’s search algorithm operates to show results from numerous shops.

Now we have a clearer understanding of what Etsy is looking for. Let’s now study how we can make great use of this information to help boost your Etsy SEO rankings!

We now have all the information about how to rank efficiently in Etsy search engine and bring more traffic. But how are we supposed to utilize this information?

7. Break it down and get keyword focused

KeywordsI will guess that at this point in the project you have made a highly useful and well-crafted product line and that you have some notion of what you are trying to sell along with who is willing to buy the merchandise.

Firstly, Produce a long list of keyword.

Secondly, It is imperative that you RESEARCH to ascertain the most useful keywords to use in to get your product in the relevant searches.

Lastly, it is imperative to use the keywords in the correct places and provide a better experience for the shoppers.

Fairly simple, right? So let us begin with Stage 1 of the plan.

In order to have better use of your listing, you will need to target specific keywords which are relevant to the items. There are different types of keywords you could use to describe what you are selling, so I have decided to split them into two categories to make this easier to understand.

Long Tail Keywords to boost CTR and rankings

In short, the most efficacious type of keyword to utilize would be “long tail Keywords”. What this means is instead of using a single word such as “Ring” or “silver” you will then use a phrase like “ “silver wedding ring”.

Why bother doing this, you may ask. The reason is simple:

First, the people most often tend to use phrases when they are looking for a specific item online. By correlating these phrases in your listing the search engine will then start to think you are relevant and thus bring people to your site. Words that only use single word search can be very generalized whereas long-tail phrases are more specific. People who desire to purchase most often will search specifically for the item that they are searching for with the long tail keyword.

Lastly, it is very strenuous to rank highly for one-word search terms. This is because there are many results to compete with. Niche search terms and shares get searched far less but they are much more noticeable. You are much better off being on the first page of a niche keyword which has been searching about 1000 times across the month than to be on page 500 of a brand phrase which has 100,000 searches a month. I think it is quite obvious why the former is much better than the latter.

Your aim if possible is to try and rank first, second, third, fourth or fifth page for the niche searches that are significant to your merchandise. Focusing on long-tail words means less competition with better rankings for Etsy SEO.

Brainstorming a variety of Keywords for Etsy SEO

Every one of the search phrases should contain 2 or more words.

When using your keywords you should always be mindful of the kind of things buyers search for when they go online to purchase something. For example “DIY silver ring” is not something you’d look for if you were looking to purchase a ring. However, “Men’s Silver Wedding Ring” would be something that someone may be looking for.

Keep this in mind as it will greatly aid you.

Listed below are a few alternate types of words you could mix together to form “buying keywords”:

Synonyms: Think, if there are the other words that you may use to describe your merchandise or items? For example, there are some people who say “wedding rings” instead of “wedding bands”. Another example would be that some people might say pillow/cushion, hat/beanie… you get the idea.

Materials: These are the words that will describe the material the item is made of. For example “ Silver Rings”, “cotton shirt” or “wool blanket”.

Style: This entails the words used to describe the design or the style of the item that is being purchased. An example being “Silver stacking rings” or “Rustic oak table”.

Creation Method: This will outline how the item that the person is buying has been made. An example being “Hammered silver rings”.

General Descriptive Words: General Descriptive Words is very self-explanatory. This is words that describe the general appeal and feel of the items. An example being “Textured silver rings” or “Soft yellow blanket” you get the idea.

How is the product used: This explains how the items will be used, for example, “Silver engagement rings” or “Cozy blanket”.

Etsy and Google suggestions:

Etsy-and-Google-suggestionsAfter you have gathered your listing for the Easy search bar the next steps requires you to type the keyword phrases. You will notice that Etsy SEO will start making proposals in their drop-down menu. These are very common search terms which have been used in the past by people so it would be very beneficial to add a few relevant search terms to the list as well.

8. Scope out the competition:

Scope out the competitionSearch Etsy for two items that are similar to yours. Then take notes of the tags and titles. You will be able to take a few keywords and can add them to your list.

The best SEO tool out there currently that you can get for your ETSY SEO store is Etsy Rank or Erank. This tool will be able to describe all the SEO work in about a fraction of the time. I have used this for my shop to get the listing ranking to go higher and to appear higher on the upper pages for my main keywords phrases. This has become a great advantage for me.

9. What is Marmalade? The best-kept secret Etsy SEO secret (see Erank in 2019, much better tool)

Start an EtsySo what is Marmalead? It is a website for Etsy sellers looking to get to a higher and much more successful level. The website offers all the necessary tools that you can use this to determine the most affordable pricing structure for the items. In addition to this, it can also determine the best keyword research to help better optimize your shop.

So what do you have to spend for this service cost?

This amazing site offers two types of membership, which are:

“Dabbler” membership which is completely FREE!

“Entrepreneur” package which will run you about $19 per month.

So How Can I go about to use it?

Both the free and the paid membership provide a great level of value to the online shop and the website makes it easy to do keyword research.

All that is needed is to start to punch in one of the keywords into the Keyword Search.

With the free Dabbler membership, the software performs a search on Etsy and brings back a list of the top 100 ranking results. This “Word Cloud” will reveal to you the top tags and pricing data.

From all of the information, you have gathered you can get a great idea of what you will be facing.

The Different Plans

So what is the difference between the two plans? why pay for the Entrepreneur plan? Well with the purchased plan you get many other features that you will be able to use at your disposal. These features include:

The ability to know where your listing ranks against others. This is salient as you can try and change the keywords to see hat’s working.

You will be able to analyze up to 500 listings. This is beneficial in helping to assess the competition and generate keyword quickly.

You will be able to compare 4 keywords and see how many views/favorites they received. This is great so you can now know how many views/favorites they have received as well as the average pricing information.

Further on in this tutorial, I will reference some features that are only given to Marmalead “Entrepreneurs”. I’d like to recommend signing up for a free membership just to try the services and once you have gotten a taste of the website can offer, I am quite certain that you will want to upgrade to the “entrepreneur” membership.

Here is a link to Marmalade’s website:


Marmalead Spreadsheet: Choose between 20 to 30 of the most significant keywords and then from their head over to the Marmalade website to bring together a spreadsheet with a number of views, favorites er feel and completing listings.

Narrow it Down

Now that all the research is taken care of, and you have spied on your competition’s listings along with crunching all the information for relevant keywords it is now time to narrow down the results and then choose 13 best phrases.

You will want a mixture of these to ensure you have the best keyword phrases:

High monthly views and great interaction: You should target the keyword that all have a decent amount of numbers of views along with favorites per week to show that buyers are searching for and really interacting with the listings.

  • Mediocre competition: It will be extremely difficult and trying to rank with over 25,000 competing listings. So in an effort to make things less difficult try and especially target super niche phrases that have 10,000 listings if possible.

Important to your listing: Very obvious but needs saying all the same. make sure that the keywords all make sense and that they are important to your item.

  • Not too broad: Again it is very trying to rank high on broad searches, some to keep from eating a headache and driving yourself mad do your best to avoid these searches.

After this choose 13 keywords that are a long tail, descriptive and not too broad so that you may stand a chance of ranking on the first page. Keep this in mind that you are better off having a ranking on the first page for a keyword with low searches than page 900 for a popular search.

10. Descriptive Titles for Etsy SEO

Descriptive TitleThe titles you use should be packed with keywords. So be sure to include as many as possible.

The beginning of the pages must have an especially strong pull that will grab the viewers eyes. Keep words that buyers are more prone to like and thus choose from among the many other searches. Niche keywords like “Mens silver ring” or “Funny greeting card” are very good.

Save the type for a buyer who is more likely to search for it. If you are listing art then put that in the title of the piece towards the finality of the title or in the description alone.

Include Keywords First

It is equally important that you come up with those reach terms and keyword, it is good practice to use them at the very beginning of your titles. If you use a funny and cute name for the product you are selling and then clarify it at the end of your listing title, your product is likely to show up in search results after all the other listing that actually includes the search term at the very begging of their title.

If they have to scroll through pages after pages in order to get to your products, you most likely will lose many buyers. And this makes sense as there are many other websites that offer the same product but are conveniently on the first page.

Think About Different Names for your items

It is a good idea to have that one main keyword or search term that you include at the beginning of the product title. However, it imparts to think of antihero name that shopper might use to search for the products like yours and include those either later or in the items description or tags.

Stay Away from the cutesy names

You may think that in adding a cutesy name that you are making your title unique. However, the truth of the matter is that buyers are not looking for cutesy names. The buyers know exactly what they want. Your titles should always be very straightforward and should not stir people away from what the product actually is.

Don’t Use Crafting terms for Etsy SEO

Lastly, try not to use crafting terms for the items when creating your listing. This is because you buyers aren’t the makers themselves. They aren’t likely to search for those items and you will potentially lose the buyer and the sales.

11. Tags

TagsUse 13 tags for every listing: While listing an item can add up to 13 tags. We recommend that you use all of them! That way you can finer more words buyers might use to find you.

Use the tags in exactly the same order as you did in your item title.

If you have a series of facsimile items it is best to use them moderately different in the time and tags in each of the listings. Doing this will better raise your chances of increasing the number of search phrases you can rank for.

For example:

[Boyfriend gift] [Gift for him] [Husband gift] [groomsmen gift ideas] [Personalized razor] [Razor for men] [mens wood razor]

12. The first paragraph of the description

Meta DescriptionThe initial paragraphs of the items description from the “Meta description” on Google. A search engine result page uses Meta description to preview snippets of the clicked page. On Google, the Meta description usually is 160 characters of black text on the blue page site and green website address.



13. Throughout the items description

Items DescriptionUse 3 or 4 of your chosen keywords while describing your item. This isn’t always a factor in the Etsy’s search engine but the keywords you have chosen will have been searched by buyers so it makes sense to include them in places.

Do not load your titles with the keywords. It will not work forever due to how Google operates. So it may be a good idea to limit the number of keywords in the site and make it naturally readable.


14. Renew Items regularly for good Etsy SEO

Renew ServicesTo keep buyers coming back to the site it is important to constantly supply new items. To keep search results fresh, Etsy’s search algorithm will review how recently an item is on the list.

A new listing has a neutral quality score, which has no impact on their placement. Take advantage of this by renewing your items regularly. We recommend that you renew every 2 to 7 days.

Whenever you make changes to your item sites or tags you should renew the item.

15. Focus Keywords at the beginning of your listing

KeywordsJust like the beginning of your title is instant, the beginning of your item description is just as important it comes to getting found. You can include a lot of o information in an item listing. But that should all go toward the end so that you can fill the descriptive rate reps with the first few paragraphs.



16. Include Keywords in Tags

Include Keywords in TagsThe tags also offer another opportunity for you to pack in some relevant terms. Etsy SEO gives you the ability to add up to 13 tags to your items. With each of these tags, you can add up to 20 characters. So think of how many terms you can possibly place in the tags. they can be related to your exact product.



17. Don’t Spend Time Optimizing Photos

Don’t Spend Time Optimizing PhotosIf you are familiar with the SEO services then you will know how important it is to add relevant sites and tags to the images. However, Etsy photos have titles that are a random assortment of letters and numbers when you upload them. So it is not worth the time to add relevant titles to each of your images.


18. Master Photography – Your customers will love it

Master PhotographyThis may go without saying but the are interaction your listing get from the customers the more likely they are to show up early in future search results. So if the merchandise you are seeing is relevant, has a good price and is eye-catching than the customers will be more likely to click on the site. 

If you sell at events, fairs or retail stores, a customer is able to touch and feel the product. When selling merchandise online to is incumbent upon the owner of the website to be capable of taking very high-quality photos of the item they are selling online. Something that catches the attention is all you will need to pull the customer in a bit closer. There are two major tasks that have worked wonders for my Etsy shop.

First, when taking a photo of the merchandise it is imperative that you get a tripod! The tripod will aid in taking better shots at different angles. The tripod has an added benefit. It keeps the camera steady and eliminates the blur that comes from small motions in the hand.

Second, it is crucial to master the lighting. Becoming a master of lighting will nearly dramatize the merchandise and keep the purchases gaze. It I highly recommended taking clean photo shots using natural lighting. This is because the natural light will show in greater detail the texture of the merchandise.

As mentioned previously, what differentiates seeing in a market and online is that people can feel the merchandise they are willing to buy. In taking the perfect shot, you will be able to capture the look in its entirety and the person will be able to feel the item with their eyes.

19. Consider re-listing and promoting popular items

Listing and promoting popular itemsRe-listing popular products can aid in keeping the listing fresh and have a small impact on your sea ranking. What drives many people to come back to a website and visiting the same site is that the site offers is that the site provides the buyers new content to look from. So, the product content should be good for ranking and user engagement.

This is crucial in managing a strong website ranking.


20. Syndicate google shopping

Syndicate google shopping

If your merchandise is being found on Etsy, it doesn’t just optimize for people who search within Etsy’s platform. Plenty of sellers on Etsy make sales by getting their products found by people searching on Google.



21. Focus on Creating a Great Customer Experience

Create a Great Customer ExperienceCustomer service is truly where a website can either make it or break it. To keep the ranking high it is a must that you keep the site fresh.

Watch what your competitors are doing and add what you find useful to your site. Show items that will grab the purchasers eyes and will keep their attention. Have titles that will make buyers interested in purchasing the item.

And lastly, provide customer service. If a buyer has some level of complaint, strive to resolve this issue. This is basic customer service lesson. It, in the end, can really make the website stand strong and can raise the ranking of the site overall.

Creating a pleasurable shopping experience for your customers is a good practice. It will build a loyal support base for your site. Do everything according to the tutorial. Then, you will be sure to get positive reviews and better performance of your site. This is a guaranteed method.

Here is a link to the official etsy seo guide on Etsy: www.etsy.com/help/article/34234144469

Hope you liked this list and if you do please share!!


Ultimate Etsy SEO Shop Help Guide 2019 1

This is a very extensive list of things that help to boost your Etsy rankings. Implementing them is not always that simple. If for any reason you want a personal Etsy review, Keyword Research and training contact us, fees starting at $50. We will put together a customized review, tips, tricks and advice game plan to improve your shop. (note: we also run our own Etsy shops, so we are always following the latest tips)


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