Social Media Info-graphics Facts

Social Media Infographics Facts: Such as Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

Infographics provide many facts and ways to understand the social media platforms like Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Google+ and LinkedIn. Here you will find some nice social media infographics.

What are Social Media Infographics:

Infographics are a way of presenting any information or knowledge graphically.  Also, Infographics are a compelling and attractive way of putting forward any information. It makes it fun for the readers to go through such Social Media Infographics. At the same time, they also get information about any particular thing. Infographic has an attractive look. Thus, people share it more on social media. Anyone who visits a website will first notice its graphics and then move forward to the content. So the web pages have to be interactive enough to attract more users. Infographics serve this purpose well. The company logo is embedded in an infographic. It helps to create a brand awareness and make a place among the users.

Today the craze for social media is spreading hugely. Every other person is a part of one or more social media platforms. Thus, people who are new to the world of internet want to know more and more about the different social media platforms and what all services they provide.

So here in this section, we try to give some facts and tips about these social media platforms with the help of variously related infographics.


Social media infographics facts info grapics facebook instagram pinterest linkedin twitter

According to the recent Hubspot Survey, 34% of marketers agree that visuals are the most important assets in a content. Infographics look attractive and are informative at the same time. There are many reasons to use them, like-

  • Appearance

People love facts, figures, and statistics. Having an attractive graphics or image acts as the cherry on the top.

  • Easy to view

Human eyes are easily get attracted to some visual treat, and infographics serve the purpose. They immediately catch the attention of the viewer.

  • Viral Capabilities

Due to its attractive look and feel, users tend to share it immensely and thus it becomes quickly viral on the online platforms.

  • Vast coverage

Since the infographics are present on a digital platform, they have the capacity to reach out at a global level. This is something print media cannot do.

  • Brand Awareness

If you have an infographic for your brand with the logo and brand name embedded in it, you will get a larger audience coverage.

  • Increases traffic

The attractive look of an infographic helps in driving in more traffic. More potential customers will visit your website.

  • Compliments Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

When more people visit your website, you automatically get ranked high on the search engine page rankings.

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