SEO and Content 2

SEO and Content

There has long been a myth that SEO is not needed for perfect content. There have been certain traditional beliefs, such as-

  • SEO is for search engines only
  • Content is for human beings only

But in reality, SEO and content are best together!

All you have to do is just write a unique content and optimize it for the search engine as well as users. This is also known as SEO content.

SEO and Content 3

What is the idle SEO content?

Any content that you write should be unique, original and audience engaging. There is a variety of content to choose from:

1. Blogs

Blogging has been very popular over the last few years. A blog is a good way to enhance user-engagement for e-commerce websites as well as bloggers. Many bloggers also earn huge amount of money through blogging.

Some tips to keep in mind-

  • Write original content to stay out of the crowd
  • Do research and use unique data
  • Length is not an issue until the quality of your content is good

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2. Product Pages

If you have an e-commerce website, the content on your product pages should be of utmost importance. The product pages often are used as the landing pages for PPC campaigns and paid social media campaigns.

Some tips to keep in mind-

  • Be simple and descriptive for the product pages content
  • The photos you use for your products should be professional
  • Website speed and UX are equally important

3. Review pages

You can become a trustworthy looked-upon influencer but writing reviews for various products. Once you become popular, you can even gain profit from it by giving sponsored reviews.

Some tips to keep in mind-

  • Write reviews on one particular topic
  • Create your own standard and level of writing
  • You have to be consistent in your performance to become a big name

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4. Case studies

Share the data you have collected on some particular topic. Do various experiments and challenge the standard myths. Case studies are generally unique and give new information to the users each time. For more SEO tips, view this SEO Blog.

Some tips to keep in mind-

  • Take as much time as it takes and comes up with some original data.
  • Also, give your users some behind the scenes insights of your business
  • Be as creative as possible. People do not like to read dull boring content

5. Infographics

These are informative and interactive graphics and images. They are a great alternative for texts. Create infographics in a way that information becomes exciting and comfortable to read and understand.

Some tips to keep in mind-

  • Infographics are shared a lot. So focus both on content and design.
  • Include only necessary data in it
  • Use charts and pictures
  • Also, include transcripts with it for the web crawlers

6. How-to and Guide pages

Many blogs include “How to____ ” posts as a guide to do something. The same topic might already have hundreds and thousands of posts on it. So you have to be creative while writing yours and come up with something new.

Do not copy the content from others. Include new tips & tricks.

Some tips to keep in mind-

  • You can use a video of your own or use custom screen recordings.
  • Get in touch with the owner of the product you are going to review. You can get good backlinks or more social exposure.
  • If you are going to write about your own product, you can include the guide on the landing page.

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7. E-books

E-books enhance your lead generation tactics. There are many websites that ask for a verified email address to download the ebook.

If users are giving their details, they wish to get the best. Ebooks are generally in PDF format and contain lengthy content.

8. Videos

The most important benefits of video content are-

  • High user engagement
  • Social sharing and likes
  • More backlinks
  • Increased leads and conversions

The conversion rate for your website can increase significantly by using video content. As per the reports “53% of users prefer more video content.

Some tips to keep in mind-

  • Write a script and practice it
  • Always include a transcript
  • Make a marketing plan for promotional activities

SEO and Content 7

9. What is the idle content length for blogs?

In the earlier times, content that had lots of keywords ranked at the top. But it is not the case now. User attention is equally important. Focus on your page title, first paragraph and the overall structure of content. Use HTML tags such as <title>, <h1, h2, h3, …>.

According to the data submitted by Medium, the average idle reading time for a content is 7 minutes.

SEO and Content 8

From an SEO point of view, long posts rank better.

10. Duplicate Content

There comes a point where we have to repeat certain keywords and content. If the duplicate content on your website is pretty much, you can use 301 redirects or rel=”canonical”. To know more, read the official article by Google.

Re-using your own content is ok but copying someone else’s content is a totally different case. It is plagiarism and you may face Google penalty.

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