Search Engine Optimization and Security tips for Wordpress Users 2

Search Engine Optimization and Security tips for WordPress Users

WordPress runs 4.5 percent of the entire Internet. It is a platform that hosts between 50 and 60 percent of the global content management system market. Hence, it makes it the most popular CMS service. Even though WordPress is popular, there are still some people who may not know how to properly utilize it or how to protect their content. They’re many ways that your content and even your privacy may be in jeopardy if you do not use WordPress appropriately. Here, we have the best WordPress Security tips for all WP users.

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Viruses, Trojan horses, and keyloggers are one of the most popular ways that a third party can have access to the information posted on your website. It’s an opportunity for you to lose all of your hard work and your search engine optimization efforts. With more than a 15 million websites using WordPress, many incredulous groups target WordPress users. Here is how to reinforce and protect your online presence through these WordPress security tips.

WordPress Security Tips:

  • Back to the basics –  Make sure you regularly update your WordPress and your plugins.

WordPress Security tipsWordPress is well aware of its platform and how it is a target for many viruses and Trojans. WordPress is a platform self-sufficient platform. It releases regular updates to patch up any potential holes that a third party can leverage. Something as simple as regularly updating your WordPress account and its associated plugins can be effective at preventing opportunistic hackers. Whenever you log into your WordPress dashboard, you will see an “Update Available” banner at the top. It is best to click on the prompt and update your website as soon as possible. You will also be notified whenever there is a newer version of your plugins. Always make sure that you are downloading plugins from an authorized source. Stay away from software from third-party websites or those who do not have reliable reviews.

  • Don’t Forget to change your username and password.

When you first create a website with WordPress, you will be given a default username of “admin”. This is a default username that is shared with anyone who creates a website on WordPress. It is essential that you change it as soon as you install WordPress. You can alter login credentials on PHPMyAdmin page.

  • Vulnerabilities also exist on your computer.

Make sure that your computer is free of viruses, and infections that can potentially gain access to your WordPress. Regardless of how reinforced your WordPress login credentials may be, viruses on your computer can still compromise your website. Make sure that you regularly run an antivirus and anti-spyware scan, also making sure that your software and the operating system is regularly updated, especially your web browser as it is a direct link to you and your website. Also get here Local SEO Services.

Implementing Search Engine Optimization

  • It’s about being social. Major search engines like Google has put an emphasis on “social” websites. These are websites that are intuitive, with a fluid web design that can easily be shared on smartphones and tablets. Long gone are the days of injecting WordPress sites with many advertisements and codes – the major search engines will penalize you.
  • Exchange backlinks that are relevant to your topic. You want backlinks from authoritative websites that share similar interests. This will ensure that the transfer of web traffic is one that can relate to your web properties and call to action. You can also backlink from webpage to webpage, improving click-through rates and conversions.
  • Stay away from black hat techniques. Over the years, Google has released algorithm changes that have penalized bloggers and website owners that have tried to use black hat techniques. Stay away from these methods.

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