What Is A Private Blogging Network (PBN) And It’s Alternative Options

Blogging is no doubt one of the best ways to get to the top of SERPs with the best use of keywords. But it does not take much time to deviate from the track and follow bad SEO practices to get quick results along with a Google penalty!

What is a Private Blogs Network

PBN (Private blogs network) comprises of a network of websites that are used to build links to a particular website with the motive of altering the search engine rankings of the website. Talking in the terms of SEO, Private Blogs Network service is similar to link wheeling where different websites link to a single website. The websites are involved in a private network where these are not necessarily interlinked but linked to one central site.
This way, the web authority of the central site increases and positive effects can be seen on the site’s search engine rankings.

What Is A Private Blogging Network (PBN) And It's Alternative Options 1 A PBN building service is used by a website with the aim of getting better search engine ranking but it is completely against the Google guidelines. The best way Google considers for a better site ranking is Google Adwords. Therefore, if you want better organic search results, PBN is no doubt an easy blog network but in an unethical way.
For example, you have a business where you manufacture and sell brass products. But, you are putting the link of your website on a site that promotes restaurants. This link will not give you an advantage since your target audience is not the one looking for good restaurants nearby.

Why people use PBN?

Private Blog Networks is an effective way of getting quick results in search engine organic results. Moreover, the main advantage of getting a better ranking is that you get more site traffic and thus increased sales. PBNs are an effective way of enhancing your link building strategy. You can put the link to your website on any website thus enhancing your web authority.
On doing proper competitor research, you will find that most of your competitors have PBNs that are boosting their search engine ranking. It is a cost-effective method because such sites do not charge anything for linking your website. You can decide what will be the anchor text that you will be using to link your site. This way you can include your keywords as an anchor text.

google penalty for pbns

Why should you not use PBNs?

If you are using PBNs, your site is always at the risk of coming under any Google Penalties or any change in algorithm. Your site may be penalized or all your ranking may be dropped instantly as soon as Google comes to know about the use of your PBNs. Hence, all your efforts will instantly go down the drain. PBNs are unethical and totally against Google norms.

If you are keen on getting quick results on your site rank, there are many other options that can help you. Choose ethical ways to rank high on Google, the ways that are approved by Google. This way, you are at zero risks of getting penalized by Google. Such methods might be slow in giving the desired outcomes but these can make your site rank better for a longer time.

Let us see what are the best alternatives to PBNs:

1. Guest Post:

According to Google’s guidelines, guest blogging is an effective way of link building. Do not post just any random content just for the sake of it. There’s no point just using any crap content and posting it guest posting sites. guest posting

Write high quality and keyword rich content. Make proper use of anchor text and keywords. Keep in mind the Google guidelines regarding content word limit. Use a catchy and relatable title for your content. Good content all over the web based on your website is an effective way of getting site traffic. More the site traffic, better the site ranking.
At web Design Plus, we also provide guest blog posting service in Miami and nearby areas. Our SEO services have given satisfactory results to all our clients. You can contact us through our contact number or through the contact form on our site for any details.

2. Link Outreach:

Link outreach is totally different from link building. Outreach is a way of link building. It is the way of reaching out to people through various methods and convincing them to link on your website. Link outreach services may include emails, social media, press releases and more.
You can send emails to people with interactive and convincing content linked to your website. If the user likes your content, he will click on it. You can research on the content quality of your competitors. Look what keywords they are using as anchor texts that are making them rank better.


3. Longtail keywords:

Longtail keywords are just any other keyword you use accompanied by your city or your target location.
For example, if you have a business of plastic products in New York, your longtail keyword can be “plastic product manufacturer in New York”.
Longtail keywords mainly target your local audience. When someone will search for plastic products in NY, your site may appear if you have been on your longtail keywords.


4. Onsite SEO methods:

Do not ignore the Onsite issues of your site. There are many tools that may help you in analyzing and identifying your onsite issues. Use those tools and resolve your issues. Work on the meta tags of your website and make sure they are written under the guidelines prescribed by Google.


5. Niche Edits:

Do proper research on what are some good ranking contents on the web. Use them and make modifications in them according to your website. Write content and paragraphs based on your requirements and add links to it. The text you chose to link your webpage to should be relevant with the link. Niche edits are also known as contextual link insertions, i.e. inserting links to your context or backlink outreach.

What Is A Private Blogging Network (PBN) And It's Alternative Options 2
Contextual link insertion has many advantages like increased site awareness, better site ranking, increased site traffic and sales, and more. Web Design Plus can provide you with trustworthy niche edit services that may give you long-term results. You can contact us through our contact form or call us directly on our contact numbers available on our website.


6. Website design and User Interface:

Hire a good website design company that can give you the best and affordable website design services. Make your site interactive, informative and easy to navigate. Make sure that your responsive website should be easy to use by the users. A good website will ensure a good user experience that may give your some loyal users.
Use proper media items like images and galleries that are related to your business. Include your correct contact details so that users can easily contact you. Including a contact form is also a good way of letting users put across any query.


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