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Latest Google Ranking Factors for 2018 Regarding Quality Content and User Experience

There is a lot of debate over the Latest Google Ranking Factors for 2018. This debate is never-ending and usually evolves with some form of updates. Google uses more than 200 factors while ranking a site in 2018. These are some very important factors, but Google’s preferences are always changing. There have been many recent studies to examine the factors that matter the most.

According to Google ranking factors, content is one of the most crucial factors. Content is undoubtedly an essential ranking factor for Google. In the recent times, the focus which was on keyword content has shifted towards naturally imposed relevant content.

Latest Google Ranking Factors for 2018

Tips on increasing the Google ranking using Google Ranking Factors-

  • It is essential to insert the keyword in the title of the tag. The title is the most important space where the entire relevancy stands. It is the strongest space for search engines. This is the space where you can get the correct description of the things you are searching for. The search engine uses this space to show the main title of a result. When you include a keyword, it indicates to the search engine what rank your page should get. Most of the times, the beginning of title tag should contain the keyword.
  • The significance of Meta description is unavoidable. Their importance is usually discussed in the Search Engine Optimization groups. Undoubtedly, it is a very relevant part. It is easier to get clicks by users from the search result pages. It is always advisable that you include a keyword in the Meta description.
  • Google uses another relevant factor that is the H1 tag. It serves as a follow up to the content of the page. It is always a better habit to include the keyword in a specific H1 tag on a page in spite of an ongoing discussion about how it works.
  • Until recently, using keywords more in your page was a definite way by which you can increase the ranking for a specific keyword. But now when you use the keyword on the page, it sends a good signal to what that content contains. But the only task that remains is how you are going to place it.
  • The researchers now want to receive more education rather than being satisfied with the fundamental information. You should rest be assured of the fact that Google ranks informative and authoritative pages first. Naturally, when you cover more topics, your content is automatically going to get long. So, you should not be restricting yourself from writing long content.
  • When there are multiple pages with same information then it is for sure to harm the ranking. This is one factor that you must always keep in mind before writing your content. Try not to copy paste everything and focus on creating original content that is going to make your ranking good.
  • There are times when having two or more URLs with the same content is not very unusual. You can prevent such a situation by the help of a canonical tag on your site. Now, what does this tag do? The simplest thing that this tag can help to do is that it informs Google that there is another similar URL and making it clear that though there are two pages they are but one.

Google Ranking Factors for 2018

  • Along with optimization of pages, you can optimize media as well. Like for example, images, which actually helps in sending the search engine as to how much relevant that is by using alt text, description, and caption.
  • Google always looks for fresh and updated content. It obviously does not refer to the fact that you ought to always keep editing your page. But for commercial sites, like for descriptions of products, Google understands that these are not as particular as the blogs that cover current events. Still, it is essential that you update the content of your page every twelve months.
  • When you try to link to pages of authority, trust signals are sent to you through the search engine. You would want to send your user to others site on Google only when you want the user to get more about the subject matter. Google plays an issue of trust here. If there are many outbound links then that would automatically decrease the ranking by diminishing its visibility. You should always try to utilize in particular ways.
  • The slug of the URL is a space where Google notices. It is advisable that you include the keyword there too.
  • The interlinking pages may be passing strength among them on your site.
  • According to Google ranking factors, Using a sitemap is essential as it is the most effective way to convey it to Google about the pages that you have included on your website. The sitemap allows the search engine to clip all the pages on your website.
  • It is essential to building the trust in Google. Why should Google trust your page? Building factors regarding your domain would obviously cater to be beneficial in the future.
  • The location of the server is important to many SEO as they think that it helps boost the ranking of that particular area or country.
  • There was a time when less than half of the users used mobile entirely to do research. The number has definitely increased over the period of time and the optimized mobile site is a huge thing. It affects the rankings in every other way.
  • Google Webmasters Tools: You should be verifying your site at the Google Webmasters Tools which in turn helps to index your sites. The tool is also said to provide valuable information that can be used by you for optimizing your site for the best.
  • There are always some links that appear on your site and are seen to be related to your domain. According to Google ranking factors, it is always much better to have multiple links in your domain than just having a single one.
  • You must remember that every page is not equal. There are some links that can take you to a higher domain which is a plus point than just sticking to lower domains. You should always look for higher domains.
  • If you have links that are similar to your page, then that is automatically a thing of more relevance for the search engine than just carrying useless and irrelevant links on your page.
  • The importance of a domain and its authority is an important thing to keep in mind. It helps in the ranking. So, when you send a link to a highly authorized site from a low authority then that will be considered more worthy.
  • According to Google Ranking Factors, it is mentioned officially that follow links are not considered by them. The links that you follow are automatically going to affect your ranking.
  • The kind and type of link that you carry on your site are important. If you have multiple links from the same genre then that may be considered as a spam. This might affect your ranking as well.
  • Another strong factor is the anchor link. It can be used as a spam indicator and have a bad impact on your rankings.
  • You should remember that Google considers the domains that are registered for more than a year as domains that are worth looking out for.
  • If you have accidentally had a situation where your domain has been penalized, then sorry to say but it might affect your present rankings.
  • You should check out for a country-specific TLD, for example, that is going to help you to receive better rankings specific to that location.

So, remember these points to accentuate your Latest Google Ranking Factors 2018. These are the most effective ways to get higher in the ranks.

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