The Guide to Roofing SEO

What is Roofing SEO or online marketing for Roofers
If you have a roofing business and own a website for it, then roofing SEO is the process of optimizing your website to appear at a higher spot for your niche related queries in the search engine.

Digital marketing has always benefitted in the growth of many companies through online platforms. From a big company like Facebook to any local business, everyone is now adopting the path of digital marketing. SEO has become the best way for any company to reach target customers. There are several digital marketing companies that have the best solutions for roofers. Apart from search engine optimization services, many companies also offer web design services as an added advantage for those businesses who still do not have a website.

roofing seo - online marketing for roofers

The need for Roofing SEO

The Guide to Roofing SEO 1Let us suppose you have a roofing company in Miami. Now if you realize the importance of roofing SEO, your website will have the potential to rank for all the queries related to “roofing in Miami” or “roofers in Miami” if right SEO is done. Your website will rank for all the related local searches. When your website will appear for the maximum queries, you will have more website clicks and better sales.

Your business might already be having a lot of many customers. Good roofingSEO will help generate even more leads for you and thus more customers. More customers will eventually lead you to better revenue for your business. Roofing SEO will also help to improve your brand awareness among the local audience.

The maximum number of users search for a business online. Therefore print advertisements may not help you much. SEO will help you instantly reach your local audience.

Strategy and keywords for roofing SEO

dentist SEO strategyTarget keywords are the basic elements of any SEO strategy. Choosing the right keywords is the most crucial step towards ranking on the top in Google. Keywords are the terms for which your website will rank in the SERP. Therefore, it should be your first priority to decide the best keywords for your business.

Your target audience will be the most important deciding factor for the success of your marketing strategy. Is your target the local audience of completely different location, the leads that you get will be of no use to you or your business. You should focus on the target audience with the right income levels from the right location. With a defined location it will be easier for you to generate the best list of keywords.

Users nowadays search for the roofers near their area by using a location name in their search query on search engines. Some good examples for this can be-

  • Best roofing company in Doral
  • Roofers in Doral
  • Roofing in Miami, FL

These keywords are of significance to you because-

  • Long keywords with lesser competition. Not each of your competitor will try to rank for such terms and thus you have reduced competition. Take the maximum advantage of this to get the desired sales and profits.
  • The audience that you attract with such keywords will the appropriate to your business. It might be difficult to rank for “best roofer” but you can rank for “best roofer Miami” with comparatively lesser efforts.
  • The main reason is that it is your business location! Your website will have more chances to appear in the search results from your location. This will ensure more site traffic and thus more sales and revenue.

Types of roofing SEO keywords

  • General keywords for roofing service
    This type of keyword will include the most common types of search terms for your roofing SEO. These can be roofing, roofers, roofing company and more. Just mix up these terms and create a list of combinations. You can later add the location either at the beginning or the end of your keyword. This way you will have 2 varieties of keywords for the same phrase. At the end of this activity, you will have a huge list of keywords. But this list may also come with significant competition. Thus to handle this competition, you must also focus on some other search terms as well.You can follow either of the 2 given formats to get keywords- “Miami roofers” or “roofing company in Miami”. You have to imagine what people might use as search terms and take it up as your keyword. These keywords will direct the maximum local traffic for your business.roofing seo
  • Keywords for specific roofing service
    You can specify the service in your keyword. Such terms will attract the users that are looking for certain specific service. Its examples can be “Shingle replacement Hialeah” or “gutter repair in Aventura”. The users that search with these phrases are the ones that are in an immediate need of a specified service. These keywords will ensure more success and sales.You can optimize your page with the content that would have both general keywords and service-specific keywords. For example, you can write about your roofing services in Hialeah and include specific services as well. You can get it done by your Hialeah SEO company itself since many SEO companies also offer content management services.
  • Keywords for specific roofing structure
    You must structure your keywords in a way that you can show what services you offer. This will also depend on the type of customers you provide services to. The best example of this will the roofing company that serves commercial clients and the one that serves residential clients. Depending on this, you will have to target either on the word commercial or the residential in your keyword.

Keyword research tools

The Guide to Roofing SEO 2Including keywords of different categories in your list of target keywords can bring you the maximum sales and revenue. There are many keyword research tools that can help you with it.

Tools such as Ahrefs, Keyword Planners, Spyfu and Longtail pro are widely used by various SEO companies to generate keywords for their clients. All of these tools give you keywords that are most used in your industry by your competitors. The tools will give you the search per volume, clicks, cost per click and more such insights on your keywords.

You can often come across that you could not have thought of manually and have the potential to boost your business sales. Many of these tools come with a trial period after which you have to pay a monthly or annual subscription fee. Because of the money involved, many companies go with the roofing seo companies that know what will be the best keyword research tools.

Just getting these keywords is not the only thing to do. You also have to see how competitive these keywords are. This way you get an idea what efforts will you have to put in to rank for these keywords.

You will have to analyze the backlinks of your competitors to get an idea of keyword competency. There are many backlink analysis tools such as Ahrefs, SEMRush, and Moz that are the most popular. Keyword research and analysis is an important stage in any seo strategy. You must hire an experienced seo agency that will provide the best SEO services in your budget. A good seo company can benefit you with its years of experience in roofing seo. Thus you can be sure to get the desired results.

Website optimization for conversions

Leads are the bread and butter of any roofing company. Some clients may repeat their services with you frequently while some may return after months or years. Thus you have to make sure that you have a constant incoming of new users. Therefore it is important to optimize your website so that new users keep on coming for your business.

In the earlier step, we have discussed the importance of keyword analysis and research. Now you have to optimize your website for the same keywords. This acts as a signal for Google to determine the online authority of your website.

Update your roofing business web design

As soon as you land on a website, you form an impression of whether it is worth your time or not. Similar is the case with your users. Users judge a website with its look even before they go through the page contents.

Google too takes into consideration the user interaction with your website to determine your online authority and ranking. Google can analyze its browser, Google Chrome, to check when does a user click back from any website. The bounce rate for a website plays a great role in your rankings.

Before you start to work on your website content, make sure your site looks good. Good web design can improve your conversion and guarantee more revenue.

NAP on Homepage

NAP for websitesNAP here stands for name, address, and phone number. You must include these important details on your home page so that your customers can easily reach your contact you. If you do not include your basic details on your home page it will difficult for your customers to find ways to contact you. This will also adversely affect your conversion rate.

Add a CTA on the website top

Many times, customers will think twice or thrice to hire you as a roofing company for them. You have to make sure that you remind them to contact you with service requests at regular intervals while they are on your website. You can offer them free consultation and personal quote for their requirements. You can include 2 such buttons as CTA that will link to the respective 2 pages on your website.

Include your staff images on the homepage

Including a picture of the owner or the team members of your roofing company will instill a trustworthy feeling on your website visitors. Visitors will be assured that the business is actually run by some genuine people and not some people who want just money.

Include your roofing certificates

If you have some certificates from some authority in your niche, you must showcase it on your website. If you have ever been published in a newspaper or a reputed business directory include it as well. This acts as proof that your company is real and trustworthy.

Include images and videos

Add images and videos from your office, work locations and how you do your work in your website. You can also add your work sample so that the users get an idea of what they can expect from you. This will also give them an insight into your service quality.

Include your customer reviews

When you provide good services to your clients that might give you reviews through email, during a conversation or on your Google Business page. There are many review sites for different niches where your customers may review your services. Never forget to include these reviews on your website. When the users will read reviews of your past customers, they are more likely to be able to trust you with their roofing work. This, in turn, will hugely impact your conversion rate. This will also boost up your roofing SEO.

Mobile optimization

In today’s times, the maximum number of people use their mobile phones to access the internet. Therefore you have to make sure that your website is optimized for mobile users. They should easily be able to access your website, read your page contents and contact you when needed.

optimise your website for mobilesGoogle always favors the website that satisfies its users. And when the majority of people are mobile users, their satisfaction is of most priority. Therefore the sites that are not mobile friendly are penalized by Google. Google penalty can lower down your website rank. To see if your website is mobile friendly, use the mobile-friendly test tool by Google.

Google Analytics and Google Search Console

When the web traffic to your website is boosting, it is essential to maintain a track of it. The accumulated data will help additional improvements as well as optimize your website. Install Google analytics and also Google Search Console to evaluate how the customers are reaching your site and also which key phrases are most used.

Secure your website

It is your duty to protect and safeguard any user data on your website. Some leading web browsers like Chrome show warning signs along with the websites that do not have an SSL enabled. Since July 2018, Chrome has started showing the status “not secure” to non-https sites.

SSL is a security protocol that protects any data transferred. This is most important for online payments made by customers on a website. When you install SSL, you are also likely to get a better rank on Google and therefore better conversion rates.

Local Roofing SEO

When you have a roofing company, it is important that you focus on the clients that are at a driving distance from you. This brings in the importance of local roofing SEO. here you do not have to worry about the keywords that are now used by your local market.

Include your firm in Local citations

local citationsEvery big or little city has a local listing where different regional businesses of that area register. When you register your service on such citations, your brand name understanding will certainly enhance together with your search engine placements.

Register your organization on best service citations internet sites. Google takes into consideration such sites which link back to your company website. You ought to take right treatment of the keyword phrases you place your site web link on. There are numerous industry-specific citation sites that can raise up your business.


As discussed before, it is necessary that the Name, address and phone number for your business is the same on all the citations.

Google Business Page

Getting your Local Google Map and Google Business Page ranked for every industry related query is one of the most crucial parts of digital marketing. Enter all the possible details of your business to get a spot in the local map pack. Also, your potential customers will easily be able to contact you and go through your business reviews.

Add images and videos from your business or client sites. Include call-to-action buttons like “call now” or “learn more” so that users can instantly contact you when interested. Your business page also shows the number of reviews on your business along with some recent reviews. Therefore you must motivate your clients to review your business on your business page.

Link Building

Link Building is extremely vital for any kind of business. It’s not just the quantity that matters but quality also. Backlinks to your web site from local services inform Google that you are a reputable participant in your particular niche. Thus the ranking for your site gets higher as a result of online authority.

Take active engagement in neighborhood events in your neighborhood. These occasions may consist of food or cloth distributions, donations and also more.

On Page SEO

Use of keywords

on pages seoThe best place to include your keywords in your page is the header tags. Most used header tags are H1, H2, and H3. Search engines give most importance to the header tags since they define the page content to search engines.

Title tags and Meta description

Define unique title tags and meta description for all your pages. Just writing them is not sufficient, you also have to optimize them according to your keywords. Make sure that your keyword is used in both these locations with variations.

Location pages

If you provide roofing service in multiple locations, create location pages for each of them. This will give your site visitor more details on what services you give in each location. You will also create opportunities to get ranked for local keywords.

Service pages

Create separate pages for each service your roofing company provides. As explained above, separate pages help in creating more ranking opportunities for your website. You can further optimize your service pages for specific locations by using keywords such as “roof repair in Doral”.

Optimize site navigation

Poor site navigation not only makes it difficult for the users to go through your website but also spiders have difficulty in site crawling. Include a detailed menu. Fix all the broken links and remove any 404 pages. Include internal links on your pages.

Off Page SEO

Link Building

off page seoIt is good to get backlinks from various websites to yours. But that website should have some relevancy and good online authority. The relevancy, quantity, and quality of the links to your website are important factors. Google uses them to evaluate your site authority and decide your rank.

Create unique content

Hire a company that gives affordable content writing services. Creating unique content is a great way to earn backlinks. Create blogs and guest posts that are worthy of share on social media platforms to reach a broader audience.

Guest posts

When you have good quality content written for your website you can post similar content on other websites of your niche. Request the site owners to publish your content on their website with a link to your site. This will be a win-win situation for both of the websites. Guest post services Miami are given by any leading SEO company.

Social Media management

Social media is a great way to engage and interact with your target audience. Social media management is a big driving force for SEO. Connect with your users and followers, increase your audience and post unique and interactive content on various social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, LinkedIn and more. Share your customer’s feedback and service videos on Youtube to attract maximum users.

Roofing SEO company

There are two ways to do SEO- Black hat and White hat. All that matters is what method does your SEO company adopt in your roofing SEO services. Black hat SEO shows quick results but also results in the Google penalty. White hat SEO is what WEb Design Plus SEO does for its clients. We strictly follow the rules and guidelines prescribed by Google for each our client website. We create links on genuine websites and post attractive content on your social media accounts.

Being one of the best Miami SEO agencies, we provide expert roofing seo services. We have always got the best SERP ranks for all our clients. We can cover all of Miami, so feel free to contact us for any location. Call us today for a free quote!!

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