Day 1: Register on your Google Business Page 2

Day 1: Register on your Google Business Page

The most important step in your SEO Strategy should be to create a Google Business Page for your website. It is necessary to claim and verify your Google Business Page to increase your chances of being indexed and ranked by Google. It helps in being visible to your local audiences or customers. Merely creating your Business Page is not enough. You must be active on it regularly. Keep posting about your products and services and what are the offers you wish to provide to your customers.

How a Google Business page looks like
How a Google Business Page looks like

When a user will search for your company, the Google Business Page will show up on the right side of the page with the search results on the left.

Benefits of having a Google Business Page:

  1. It is a free service. You do not have to pay anything for creating a business page.
  2. It is mobile friendly. Customers can find you anytime and from anywhere with the help of the map shown on your business page.
  3. If your business is based at multiple locations, you can list them all. When a user will search for you, he will be shown the location closest to him.
  4. Once you make a business page. Google shares your information with all its related services like Google Maps. So it becomes easy to update your information. If you change information on the business page, it automatically changes on other services as well.
  5. You can post the images and videos of your business for your customers to see them.
  6. You can also get insights into your website traffic like views, follows and clicks.  
  7. You can easily share your business page profile on any social platform.
  8. It allows quick access to your company information. The user can easily get any required details like your address or phone number.

How to create a Google Business Page:

  1. First, create a Gmail account for your company.
  2. Once you enter in your Gmail account, you get an option to create a Google+ Page. Click on that and you will get some options for industry types. Chose the one that best suits your website.
  3. Customize your profile. Make changes to it according to your wish.
  4. Not that you have your business page, promote it. Promote it on various social platforms so that maximum people notice it.
Suggest an edit option on a Business Page
“Suggest an edit” option on a Business Page

Fill up all the fields completely and try not to skip any part. Answer all the questions asked while registering.

Because if you don’t do so, Google may give someone else the chance of doing so. In case of any incomplete information, Google shows the option of “suggest an edit” on your business page.

Using this options any random user may enter any details according to his wish. So it is important to regularly check and update your Business Page.

Tips on getting more followers on your Business Page:

  1. Use trending hashtags. Use the hashtags that best suit your business. Hashtags are most widely used on Twitter while the business page is more business oriented. So while posting something on your business page, use 2 to 3 hashtags maximum.
  2. Follow and keep a track of trending topics going on.
  3. Ask people to follow you. While posting something, you can insert a line towards the end like “Please follow us to know more about us and our services”.
  4. Follow other profiles on Google+. Some of them might follow you back.
  5. Attend Google+ events to meet new and potential customers. You may find many like-minded people there or any person who may be interested in your services.

Once you have registered on your Google Business page, start registering for other major citations as well. These help in increasing your business visibility across the web. We will be discussing it in the next day challenge.


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