link building strategies in 2018

5 SEO link building strategies in 2018

No matter how advanced your SEO training or expertise is, online success will depend on the content you put out and the links that point to your website for link building strategies in 2018. We all work hard to create high-quality content, but without high-quality backlinks, our websites will simply not rank.


Can a website rank high without backlinks?

We are 110% sure that the answer is no! Below is why:

  • Backlinks are Google’s key ranking factor;
  • They connect the internet;
  • It refers to great content that deserves to rank high;
  • They are a symbol of trust;
  • Use of Backlinks helps Google discover authoritative websites.

We’re almost entering the year 2018 and many digital marketers can’t help but wonder how to get backlinks and what changes to expect moving forward. What SEO techniques will work and what won’t? Keep reading how we can help with your SEO Services in Miami for local rankings.

When it comes to link building strategies in 2018, there are some full-proof methods that you need to stay ahead in today’s competitive digital marketing landscape. Below are 5 strategies:

1. Invest in original data and research

Link buildingOriginal data and research are valuable and one of the best ways to build high-quality links. Most digital marketers know that this is the most efficient way to ensure that their content ranks as authoritative and trustworthy.


When you have creative rights to your original content, the number of links to your website and blog will be higher than those with unoriginal content. This type of asset is a Cornerstone article.

The word “Cornerstone” is key because the data and research help to build several other posts. Many online marketers and bloggers can create infographics, shareable posts and so much more just from a single Cornerstone article.

Tips on creating a Cornerstone asset as part of Link Building Strategies:

• Choose a topic that your audience will value and want to read about.

• Research and compile your findings. Your research should be original and the structure must stand out from all others on the same topic. Basically, you want to look at the same topic from a different perspective.

• Publish your work but remember to add elements like graphics, videos, and share it with the world.

• Develop new content from your research and create a series of posts, videos, and much more.
• Promote and share all content of your research.

2. Paid and sponsored links

Most whitehat SEO practitioners will tell you that getting paid backlinks are a really bad idea. This is because if done wrong, you could get banned from Google and the penalty might take years to recover from. However, there are some paid links techniques that are legitimate.

Paid and sponsored links

Don’t just go out and pay a company to give you a backlink, rather use methods like customer reviews, event sponsorship, guest posting etc.

Using the above methods will earn you some valuable links depending on the referrers credibility. Paid links are illegal in Google’s books, so if you decide to try it, bear in mind that it is a high-risk venture. Only those who know how should attempt it.

In some situations, your links can seem spammy even when you have done everything right. This generally happens if you rush the link building process. It is best to slowly build your backlinks and keep it between 1-20 every month. But, if you are just starting out with building links for your website, you should keep it between 1 or 2 and increase the links over time.

Also, the websites you choose are important. Some domains and web content are low quality and when you are linked to these websites, the link juice you receive will generally be low quality. If the website has a lot of spammy outbound links, it may not be the best choice for your website. Keep reading for tips on link building strategies in 2018.

3. Brand mentions and social networking

Shareable content on social media is the newest way to promote your links. The more people that like the content you post and share it, the faster it will be to grow your brand.

Social Networking

Because content sharing is what people do on social media, great and valuable content will usually get you the attention you deserve. There are some strategies that will help you with link building strategies in 2018:

Monitoring and analytics

These tools will help you know when you are mentioned when your content is shared, and when you get new followers. Keeping an eye on your social metrics will point out the content that is doing well.

Research shareable content

The best content for your social media campaign is the one that is shareable and engaging. Always create high-quality content that is tailored to your audience and keep it authoritative.

Publish share and spread the word

The great thing about social media is that you don’t have to wait for others to share your content. You can simply publish, share and generally toot your own horn!


This is a great way to share your content on multiple social networks. Because you posted it last month does not mean that you can’t post it again. Measure the engagement of every post and reuse those that worked well. You can change things around a bit, but remember they did well the first time for a reason.

4. Video marketing

Many Miami SEO agencies now understand the value and importance of videos. Link Building Strategies in 2018 involved video marketing and the same method will be even more effective in 2018.

Many digital marketers have jumped on the bandwagon. Granted that many of our links are attributed to YouTube, but you can still create valuable links with brand mentions and from posting videos directly on your website.

Video Marketing

It’s easy to get started video marketing with self-hosted videos on social media. Simply create the content and post it on your website before sharing. Remember to always mention your website URL in your videos and request for comments and feedback.

5. Industry-specific interviews

This might not be a popular strategy or even plausible in your industry. But, if you are a brand who is claiming authoritativeness and expertise, then an industry-specific interview will help promote your business and build links.

It is a great Cornerstone asset that many will help you create more content, increase user-generated content (UGC), and increase engagement.

As long as it is original, people will link back to the interview just make sure you have valuable things to say on the topic.

First though, research the topic, make sure you are being interviewed by the right person (like an influencer or a major customer), and provide insightful, engaging and valuable answers to their questions. Providing people with new insights on a topic is a great way to rank your content.


Not all backlinks are equal, so you need to be very careful when building links to your website. Make sure that your links are relevant and that people will want to share or create UGC. Most importantly, associate your links with great content. Your website users will be happy and Google will reward you by placing you higher in the search results and your business will grow.

If you need help in creating Link Building Strategies in 2018, contact us here. We are a Miami SEO firm that can make sure that the links you build are natural. You don’t want Google to conclude that you’re trying to manipulate its search algorithm, so unless you are skilled at link building, SEO help from an experienced internet marketing services company is the best strategy.

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